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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Unity is Beyond Belief and Synchroncity

In a world where all is Source unfolding perfectly, it seems pointless having beliefs. The only law seems to be that whatever you have in thought already exists as formless ideas which is made manifest. I find that when you focus on doing what you love, things flow effortlessly. There is no longer any need to think about synchronicity, just Mind expressing Self.

A couple of things caught my attention yesterday. First of all, while reading about advertising on the Internet, I saw an ebook about self-made millionaires. While I was waiting for my bus into town, an extremely tall man walked by. I wondered what it felt like seeing the world from that great height. Then I saw someone who reminded me of an ex-boyfriend.

I went into town and bought some mince pies my mother wanted. I went into my favourite bookshop to browse. While I sat there, I scoffed three mince pies, well I do love mince pies. They played two of my ex-boyfriend's songs; he is a music producer. A few teenagers sat beside me and in front of me. One boy was reading the Guinness Books of Records and commented about the tallest man ever, what big feet he had etc. He said by the time the man was 11 years old, he was already as tall as the American basketball player, Michael Jordan; and Michael ain't no dwarf! Another boy got up and went looking for books. He returned with a book called "Self-made millionaires." And then they left. Interesting!

A week ago I was in the same bookshop. The book that caught my eye was called: "Everything You Know is Wrong." Minutes later a young man asked a sales assistant for a book called: "Everything You Know is Wrong." The curious thing was the book I saw was in the Mind, Body, Spirit section yet the sales assistant pointed the customer in the opposite direction. I wanted to know why so I followed them. I discovered a book of the same title existed under Media, written from a media perspective.

Back to my evening yesterday. On my way home I decided I was going to take the first bus as far as Euston, then get another bus home. A young man I sat beside asked me how long it was to Euston station as that was his destination. We got chatting and he told me he's got a website business which you can check out called CuffLinksWorld. (Hi M!) He said he lived in north west London. We parted company at Euston.

I let two buses go by because they were packed and I didn't fancy standing up. An empty bus finally appeared. Someone had left a local "Hendon Times" newspaper on a seat; Hendon is in North West London, not far from the guy I had just met. I flicked through the pages and found a story that was very interesting.

I have noticed how the pavements in London, particularly in Oxford Street, have dark spots from discarded chewing gums. Looks very unseemly! I read an article called Painting a Gum Trail about an artist who "intends to paint pictures faces, animals, suns, name it and he will do it on pieces of discarded gum all the way from Barnet to the West End of London." What a task! I was glad to read about someone who is making the marks look more interesting. It was definitely worth waiting for a later bus. I not only got to travel in comfort, I also got the opportunity to read this charming story. In any case, my bus overtook the two buses ahead.

And to top it all, the driver of my last bus was dressed up as Santa Claus! What fun!

It is my experience that when you let Life unfold, it is magical and so much fun.

Have fun!

Love Enocia

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