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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What is Freedom?

"Freedom of thought is the most powerful freedom. What kind of evil creature-god would enact rules and laws that actually restrict freedom of thought?" Amminadab

“Space, the final frontier; These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise, its continuing mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.” Star Trek The Next Generation

"The genetic mind is the equivalent of a universal belief system that penetrates, to varying degrees, the human instrument of all entities. In some, it immobilizes their ability to think original thoughts and feel original feelings. In most, it entrains their belief system to harmonize with the accepted belief systems of the Hierarchy. In a few, it exerts no significant force nor has any bearing on the development of their personal belief system." Wingmakers

What is freedom? We all want to be free. How do we know when we have freedom?

Have you ever read a book in an objective manner? You find yourself interpreting the material through a filtering system of your own choosing. The filtering system comprises your beliefs or teachings you're following, which determine whether you accept what you are reading as truth or reject it as false. I like how Esther Morgan puts it in the following poem, Lost Word

She stands racking her brains
for the last time she used it
but all that comes to mind
are failed attempts
when her mouth was full
of someone else's tongue. Lost Word

When I have followed a particular school of thought, my mouth was "full of someone else's tongue." The irony is that the teaching one follows is supposed to help set you free from concepts and paradigms, but if you take the teachings literally, you are caught in a web. Are you free if you are still seeing through a particular world view? That depends what one's definition of freedom is.

What is my understanding of freedom? I believe freedom is tied in with one's ability to create one's experiences. I see all possibilities existing now. If you can think it, it is possible. Creation is the art of transforming what already exists as a possibility into a reality that can be experienced as a form. In other words, making the invisible into the visible. In order to create you need to be free. Freedom is being able to see all possibilities as existing right now and the ability to experience a reality of your own choosing.

You could argue that one's preferred world view is a way of expressing freedom, allowing a possible reality to be made manifest. On the other hand, one's preferred paradigm can suppress other possibilities. One is likely to try and impose one's world view on another. I'm sure you know people who think their way is the only way of perceiving the world and do their best to get others to experience life from their perspective.

As I see it, the dominant view of the universe is student versus teacher. "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." People are even looking to a World Teacher to show them the way. Can you be free when you are relying on someone to show you how? Even if the teacher means well, what about the possibility that the teacher is being selective in what s/he teaches.

Being selective is inevitable. In a universe of infinite possibilities one has to make choices. I am making choices all the time. Even as I write this I am making choices. While the words are being expressed effortlessly, there is a part of me that is choosing these words as opposed to others. My writing is a manifestation of my world view - keeping things simple. Simplicity is my inspiration. Nevertheless, I am still choosing. A teacher, therefore, has to choose how she expresses herself, which means you are never getting the ultimate truth, only someone's belief.

You could argue that following someone else's teachings is still a version of expressing freedom. People express realities based on what they believe to be true or possible. If your idea of possibility is to follow a teacher, then you are expressing the "mandate" of Freedom: to express life the way you choose.

On the other hand, if someone is not aware of what is best for her and is being misled by another, who claims to be a teacher, can this individual be free? Who is to say what is best for another? Who is to say what is right or wrong for another individual? Just because something is right for you doesn't make it right for another!

This leads to another aspect of freedom, as I understand freedom. Freedom is letting people be. Freedom is letting people choose, no matter how much I might disagree with another's behaviour. How far do you take this notion of freedom? Would you allow a baby to put her hand in the fire? If it was my baby, I probably would. Controversial? Not really. I believe with all my heart that babies exist in a state of consciousness that is pure innocence. Babies don't know good or evil like adult humans. Haven't you seen babies eat dirt? They don't think of dirt as good or evil, they are simply (that word again) curious to experience life. A baby puts something in her mouth and her mother screams at her and takes the dirt out of her mouth. She programmes her baby that the dirt is bad and should not be eaten. There starts the programming of good and evil. I eat tissues and serviettes and I'm still OK. (Time for a tissue break I think!)

If a baby puts her hand in the fire and her parents don't make a fuss, the baby will not be injured. Injury is the outcome of beliefs. I have had experiences of healing after realising that whatever it is has no reality. See an article I wrote called If it's not Love it's not real. Now, I wouldn't recommend my way to others. If a mother believes fire or dirt causes injury, she has every right to stop her baby because that is her reality. I wouldn't impose my way on her. I'm simply stating that in my reality things are different.

Freedom is letting others be, letting others choose what is right for them. I have found that with this type of freedom comes discipline. It is very tempting to want to point out another's error or to try and teach what you believe others are lacking. I have said that the universe is predominantly experienced in a student/teacher manner. Thus, it is very easy to want to put yourself in the place of being someone's teacher. In order for me to let people be, I had to be disciplined, remembering to let people be.

Now I don't give discipline a thought. I have turned my attention from worrying about other people's beliefs and opinions to being only concerned with my relationship with and as Universal Energy. Anything else is way too much effort.

Freedom is an interesting concept. I understand freedom to be the practice of doing and expressing life how I choose. When I practise freedom for myself, I also practise freedom for others. I let people be. There is however another side of freedom which one mustn't forget - the freedom anomaly. Here goes:

If freedom is the "practice of doing and expressing life how I choose," what if someone takes it upon himself to be the world's saviour/teacher? While he may appear to be coming from the premise that "others don't know and it is up to me to teach them," isn't his choice, as world teacher, his way of expressing freedom? I think so. There you go!

What is freedom? Freedom is the practice of expressing life how I choose. Freedom is trusting in my choices. Freedom is letting others express life how they choose.

I am Freedom,

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