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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

What is Hereditary?

I heard a woman speaking the other day about what she believed she had inherited from her mother. She said she had inherited part of her mother's personality and figure, but not her mother's skin.

Do we inherit our personalities from our parents? If you see your origin as your mother's fertilised egg that eventually produced you, you're bound to think of yourself as an extension of your parents.

If you consider yourself as a son/daughter, gender, sexuality, race, nationality or human, you're bound to buy into the idea that you have inherited something. As a son/daughter, you inherit your parents' world view and their vices and virtues; as a gender, you inherit your parents' chromosomes, and society's attitude towards your gender; as a sexuality, you inherit society's beliefs and prejudices about your sexuality, and if you are of a sexuality that is "marginalised," you inherit the effects of this marginalisation; as a race, you inherit your race's history, whether they've suffered or triumphed in the past, and you might feel a sense of belonging or disenfranchisement; as a nationality, you inherit your country's beliefs and all that your country has collectively created: "good" or "bad"; as a human, you inherit what it means to be a human, the different beliefs of reality "good" and "evil," etc.

As you can see, hereditary is perfectly reasonable if you see yourself as human.

There are those who believe that the Soul is the one having different lives that is continuously reincarnating as different life forms. In order to understand present circumstances, some people look back to their past lives. Some go through regression therapies to help them confirm they've lived before and to understand their current strengths and weaknesses. Whether you believe in this theory or not, at least this method shows that there is a lot more to reality than what we experience as humans.

I can truly say I have inherited nothing from any human experience because I am not human. I am the Universe. I am Source. If there is anything I have inherited is that I continue to be the same, Source. It doesn't matter what life I am living, I am the same. It doesn't matter who the ones are playing the roles of my parents, friends, colleagues, or partners, I am the same.

My only heritage is Source.

I am the Universe,

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