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Monday, December 13, 2004

What Keeps Us From Having Unlimited Energy?

"But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." (1 Corinthians 13: 10)

I read an article yesterday about the actress Joan Collins, who is 32 years older than her current husband. She said she doesn't understand why people make such a fuss about aging. Her husband said Joan has got so much energy.

I have been thinking why people age or get tired. What makes people like Joan Collins appear ageless? I believe Energy is the key. Is it possible we experience sickness, old age and death because we believe we lack energy? We can top up by eating the "right" food or drink lots of fluids, as experts tell us we should; or we could connect to chi/prana (universal energy); or we could do lots of exercises, etc. If you have to do something to have more energy, doesn't this suggests that we have energy that gets depleted? If you were to follow this rationale, you might even argue everyone is given a particular quota and once that runs out, it's bye bye baby! I don't believe this for one minute. I believe we have access to unlimited energy but something gets in the way of us realising this. Our senses.

I believe all is Source/Energy. I look at my body and think I am Energy. And yet my senses are telling me "my arm is itching, I have a pain on my back, I have a spot on my face." Which way is the correct way of seeing? Am I a body or am I Energy appearing as different parts? In truth, the parts do not exist, they are illusions.

Here we go again about illusions! What's all this talk about illusions? Why do people who study metaphysics constantly jabber on about the world being an illusion? Get real! How can the world be an illusion when it feels and looks so real? When I hit my head against a brick wall, it bloody well hurts. How can the wall be an illusion when the pain feels so real? Don't take my word for it. I have proved to myself many times that what is experienced through the senses is nothing more than special effects. There is a lot more than what meets the eye.

A quick digression which will illustrate what I mean by illusion.

One of my favourite Star Trek Voyager episodes is called Persistence of Vision. The crew are encountered by an entity from a species called Botha who are a "race of powerfully telepathic beings, [and] the Botha have the ability to cause intense hallucinations in other beings." Nearly all of the crew end up being trapped in their hallucinations, when each crew experiences as real a secret desire in his subconscious mind that the Bothan has cleverly evoked. Captain Janeway sees her fiancé who she misses very much. Tuvok, the Vulcan, sees his wife. While the crew are distracted with their hallucinations, the Bothan intends to take over the ship. Only two crew members are immune to the Bothan's influence: Kes, the Ocampan, whose telepathic powers enable her to resist the energetic force; and the Doctor, who is a hologram. Kes manages to block the energy field by seeing beyond the illusions and is able to rescue the crew. The Botha entity commends Kes for being so powerful and before he could get captured, the entity tells Kes he's not really there. He then vanishes.

I thought that episode was a perfect illustration of how, under particular circumstances, one can experience illusions as real. People who have gone under hypnosis experience their fears or wishes as real.

Back to how my body appears. My body appears to be in parts such as muscles, skin, flesh, bones, blood etc. On the other hand, I know for a fact that these parts are only manifestations of Energy. Water, for instance, appears as solid, liquid and gas. None of these states are ultimate reality, they are Energy appearing as various states. What if I were to ignore appearances and think of myself as formless Energy? This sounds mad, doesn't it? How can I be formless Energy when the body is clearly visible and tangible? I completely understand where you're coming from. I believed my body to be solid for a long time until I opened myself up to another possibility. The only way to prove whether there is another way of seeing is to test it.

For years when I saw my body as flesh and bones and in working parts, I used the equivalent technique to heal what was broken. I saw doctors who helped fix the broken parts and I took medicines. Then I started seeing myself as Energy that is whole. I have healed migraines by simply realising that I am Energy. The reason why, I believe, I got sick is because I let the senses fool me into believing that my body is solid and in parts.

This happened yesterday. I was about to get off a bus. There was a sudden jolt and I hit one finger hard against the bus. At first it hurt. Then I remembered that everything around me is formless energy, no matter how they appear. The pain vanished.

Like in the episode cited in Star Trek Voyager, I believe there is a "force," which leads us to believe that the illusions, we see around us as forms, are real. The senses play a huge part in this illusion. You see people animals and things around you and you are fooled into thinking that, because we all look different, that is how things are. Underneath, we are one and the same stuff, Energy.

When we are deceived by our senses, that we are in parts, we lose access to our true identity as the whole, infinite Energy. Imagine a drop of water dissolved into the ocean. Will you be able to tell the drop of water from the ocean? No. Realisation that one is Energy is the equivalent of the drop of water realising that it is the ocean. You can let the senses define for you boundaries and limitations, or you can realise that appearances are only special effects. I am not flesh or blood, or any form. I am the One ocean that appears to be split up into oceans, seas, rivers, streams...drop of water.

The senses will try again and again to distract you into believing that the form is the real you. There is always only one way to fight back: all is Energy. The Bothan in Star Trek Voyager says in the end, "I'm not really here." Similarly, the senses, and what we perceive as parts are not really here. All there is is Energy.

What keeps us from having unlimited energy? Nothing.

I am Formless Energy,

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