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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Where Do You Put Your Faith?

"Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."(Hebrews 11: 3)

I am curious. Why do some people find it so hard to trust in the unseen when they are already such experts at trusting in the unseen? If you have ever listened to the weather forecast, you will know what I'm talking about.

A weather presenter stands in front of a map of your country. She puts symbols and numbers on the map, which represent temperatures and climatic conditions. She waffles on about what the weather has been like and what we should expect to experience in the next few days. What do people do? They believe the weather forecast because the meteorologists are always right, aren't they? Some people even plan their wardrobes around the weekly forecast.

If you can believe in something that hasn't happened, surely you can believe in the unseen? For me, the weather forecast is no different from treasure maps used in creative visualisation. In creative visualisation, you imagine yourself in situations you wish to experience and if you believe, the situation is made manifest. A treasure map is another version of visualisation. You create a collage of pictures you wish to manifest, or you can draw symbols representing what you wish to experience. The way a treasure map works is when you focus on the pictures on your map and believe in them, the map attracts to you the equivalent experiences. Shakti Gawain's book, "Creative Visualisation," has a chapter devoted to treasure maps.

Treasure maps come in different forms. In the corporate world, people use treasure maps all the time, but they call them presentations. You want to persuade your staff or colleagues about an idea, design an equivalent presentation. Put lots of graphs, figures and pictures on the presentation and they're sold. You want someone to invest in your company, design a presentation that will dazzle prospective clients; and if they are convinced, you've got their business.

The map a weather presenter uses is basically a treasure map and works on a similar basis. The presenter get her audience to focus on the symbols and temperatures. She tries to persuade her audience by reminding them of previous temperatures that have come true, and then give a forecast. Once people believe, manifesting the physical conditions is easy. You shouldn't be surprised to see snow the next day if millions believe the presenter's prediction of snow.

What if you were to superimpose different figures on whatever the forecast says. If the forecast says it's going to be 2 degrees Celsius, why not put a zero next to the 2 and make it 20 degrees. Just because a presenter is talking about isobars doesn't make what she is saying real. She is only making it up as she goes along. There's no difference between the forecast and what you have on your treasure map - both are possible realities that will manifest when you believe. I reckon everyone should create their own weather forecasts. That will baffle the meteorologists. Can you imagine in deep winter, when it's supposed to be cold, to have days that feel like summer? It will happen when people stop believing in the weather forecasts.

Someone must benefit from weather forecasts. There are the clothes and shoes manufacturers and the energy companies. I bet the share holders of energy companies love it when it gets "cold" so people will turn up their heating. As soon as the season changes, people rush off to the shops to buy new coats, jumpers and boots to keep them warm; or lighter clothes when it gets warmer. Naturally, it is the minority, the owners of these companies, who are going to benefit from weather changes. I wouldn't be surprised if the meteorologists aren't funded by clothes manufacturers and energy companies.

I'm all for people experiencing choice. Where is the choice when a minority is controlling the masses to create a weather that would benefit them? When everyone has equal amount of wealth, you can play the game of weather changes. You can create different climates so you can experience what it feels like to wear warmer clothes or to have heating or whatever you prefer. You can afford to play any game you like. If you don't feel like playing that game, you can always create your own weather. Right now, it's not a level playing field at all. People are being fooled into creating a reality that benefits the few.

The way to fight back is to use the skills we already have. In an article called It's No Big Deal, I wrote:

"Every new experience I have had, I've gone from feeling a sense of wonder to appreciation and then indifference. In other words, when an experience becomes a habit, it makes it feel natural; and when it's natural, I feel indifferent. I believe habit is the key to experiencing 'miracles.'"

Let's say, I believe in the weather forecast, which suggests I believe in the unseen. The unseen is made manifest, thus confirming the weather predictions. I have got into the habit of treating the forecasts as natural. In other words, I see the forecasts as cause; the effect is the actual weather conditions the following day. Why not use the technique of believing in the unseen to one's advantage? If I can help to create a reality by simply looking at a weather map and believing in it, surely I can create my own "weather" map in my mind and manifest what I have in thought. It's a skill everyone already has. Where you put you faith is what you will create.

Why let the minority tell you how you should live your life? Why not take responsibility over how you perceive the world and your outer world will change accordingly.

Where do you put your faith? I put my faith in the power within me.

I trust in me,

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