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Saturday, December 11, 2004

World without Beginning or End

The wonderful thing about life is that I can experience the infinitude of Source in any thing I do, even on a bus journey.

I'm sitting by the window on a particular bus journey. There's a rail next to me. I have my eyes closed. I feel someone sitting next to me. I open my eyes. The passenger, a woman, has one arm crossing over my body, holding on to the rail next to me. I feel slightly uncomfortable that her arm is so close to my body. It's like having someone standing up very close to you and you feel the other is encroaching on your space. I close my eyes again. This time, I lose all sense of the woman's presence. I am no longer confined to a cramped body in a little seat on a bus, my awareness has expanded to include the woman beside me, the passengers, the bus, everything. I am everything. There is no beginning or end. The moment I open my eyes again I'm back in a confined body feeling uncomfortable about having my space encroached by a fellow passenger. I keep my eyes closed for the duration of the journey.

That's the problem with the senses, they make me feel defensive. Maybe, I should go around with my eyes closed. This is why I practise being in silence because there are no senses to make me feel defensive. In silence there is no beginning or end.

In the bus when my awareness had expanded to include all passengers, it felt as if I had infinite bodies. In the Hindu scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita, when Arjuna has a dialogue with the God, Krishna, there is a point when Arjuna asks Krishna to reveal himself as he really is.

Thou canst not!- nor, with human eyes, Arjuna! ever mayest!
Therefore I give thee sense divine. Have other eyes, new light!
And, look! This is My glory, unveiled to mortal sight!
Sanjaya. Then, O King! to God, so saying,
Stood, to Pritha's Son displaying
All the splendour, wonder, dread
Of His vast Almighty-head.
Out of countless eyes beholding,
Out of countless mouths commanding,
Countless mystic forms enfolding
In one Form: supremely standing
Countless radiant glories wearing,
Countless heavenly weapons bearing,
Crowned with garlands of star-clusters,
Robed in garb of woven lustres,
Breathing from His perfect Presence
Breaths of every subtle essence
Of all heavenly odours; shedding
Blinding brilliance; overspreading-
Boundless, beautiful- all spaces
With His all-regarding faces;
So He showed! If there should rise
Suddenly within the skies
Sunburst of a thousand suns
Flooding earth with beams undeemed-of,
Then might be that Holy One's
Majesty and radiance dreamed of! The Bhagavad-Gita, Chapter XI

I like this view of infinity. Imagine having a body where everything is you? I don't wear a watch now but if I want to know the time and I can't be bothered to ask my inner voice, I ask the time and wait for the answer. What always happens is one of my many wrists, from someone nearby, shows me the time, or someone nearby says the time out loud. This way, I have a body that has no beginning or end.

The way I see it, if something has a beginning there has to be an end. But if there isn't a beginning, it has to be unlimited. I marvel at how unlimited each of us is. I marvel at how my mother prepares meals all the time. I marvel at the unlimited ideas I have. If I didn't limit myself by taking breaks and doing other things, I would be in front of the computer screen forever.

Have you never wondered how you can work and produce lots of stuff all the time? That's because you are using unlimited Energy. If you think of Energy as limited that needs to be replenished, then you have unlimited energy "that needs to be replenished." You end up needing to renew your energy by sleep, eating or whatever method you have dreamed up that replenishes one's energy. What if you were to see yourself as unlimited Energy? You could keep going for ever!

Visit the shops and shopping centres, do you see what I see? (I'm speaking from a western perspective, of course). I see unlimited stuff - clothes, shoes, food and stuff. Granted, in this reality you have to pay for them but there is so much stuff. There are different shops catering to the tastes of different customers. It is all Energy manifesting according to people's expectations. They are all made of the same stuff, unlimited Energy.

There is one snag about unlimited Energy - it works in reverse. Let's say you have a tendency to make yourself "miserable" according to one's definition of misery, what do you think happens? You create unlimited misery. If you're of a joyful nature you create unlimited joy. If everything is fun, you experience the world as unlimited fun, no matter what. If you are in lack and don't know any better, you experience unlimited lack. Either way, you're unlimited.

Imagine living in a reality where there is unlimited peace, love, wealth, joy, freedom, fun; or unlimited fear, anger, sadness, pain, suffering, poverty, depression etc. It is already happening now. We live in a reality of unlimited Energy which we use to create according to our beliefs.

We already live in a world without beginning or end. We live in a world of endless Energy to do as we choose.

Life is unlimited!

I am Unlimited Energy,

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