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Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Answers are Everywhere

I haven't been to the cinema in a long while. I tend to watch old movies on television. Yet I like to keep up to date with what is going on at the movies, which actor is playing what role. I noticed recently a poster for two movies out: one starring Barbara Streisand and another with Brad Pitt et al. They might be interesting movies to watch; if not, at least to read about.

I've also noticed a poster for the British actress, Jill Halfpenny, marketing her new role in the stage musical show, Chicago. I've seen Chicago at the theatre, which I think is excellent. Good on you Jill for landing that role! Will be interesting to read about her.

I'm on my way into town on the bus. It's a long bus ride and I'm settling into either falling asleep or falling asleep. A man behind says, "excuse me, would you like a magazine?"
"Er, yes please," I say.
"Here you go," he says. "Have a good read."

On the cover of the magazine are pictures of Jill, Barbara and Brad Pitt with reference to his latest movie. I spend my bus journey reading about the movies and about Barbara Streisand's perspective on her latest role and about Jill Halfpenny.

Isn't it wonderful how you only need to have the intent and Source arranges a situation where the need is met?

After I finished reading the magazine I left it on the seat. There must be someone else out there who is just as curious about Brad Pitt et al.

As for me, I feel so much happier now that my desire has been fulfilled. (smile)

With love,