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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Father and I are One

"And he that seeth me seeth him that sent me." (John 12: 45)
"I and my Father are one."
"Everything comes from Intelligence. There is nothing but Unity; there is nothing but Freedom; there is nothing but Completeness; there is nothing but Totality." (Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes)
For me, waking up to Reality is an ongoing process of discovery. It started off with the simple question: Who am I? The question started me on a "quest" of trying to figure out what I'm doing here. Am I playing at being human? Am I indeed here? If I'm not here, where am I?

The following have been my findings.

There is only the One Energy appearing as forms or behind the scenes as the formless. No matter what appearances suggest, it is the One Formless Universal Energy appearing.

Universal Energy is Universal as well as specific. By "specific" I mean I am an individualised "son/daughter" Energy and the Father/Mother Principle is the Universal Energy. It's like a foetus starting with one cell that multiplies and eventually becomes the many organs, yet the Source is one and the same.

Universal Energy is infinite and infinity cannot be divided. And yet, Universal Energy gives the appearances of being in parts. No matter whether these parts are appearing as human or whatever, the part is always the same, Universal Energy. My individual presence as Enocia is the out-picturing of the Infinite Universal Energy. Therefore, when you see me you are seeing the Infinite Universal Energy.

When one realises one's identity as Universal Energy, then the Energy is experienced in its Totality. One experiences harmony in all aspects of one's life.

When Universal Energy is experienced as dual, when one interprets Universal Energy as good/bad energy; light/darkness; hot/cold or other beliefs then it is only natural that Universal Energy will appear as experiences that are dual. Dual experiences are not the image and likeness of the Harmonious Universal Energy but it is Universal Energy's nature to act in accordance with the intention directing it, whether you experience them as "good" or "bad."

How does realising one's identity as Energy work in practical experience? If you've ever seen the movie, Terminator 2 the Terminator is composed of liquid metal. In order for the Terminator to impersonate another, he reverts to Source, the formless liquid metal, which transforms into whoever he is impersonating. If he wishes to simulate a simple object like a knife, he makes his hand formless then the formless becomes the knife.

I believe I am like this formless liquid metal, but as Energy. To become formless energy, all I need do is acknowledge my identity as Universal Energy i.e. the Father/Mother and Son principle are One. I am then the formless energy which is whole and in total unity with all. Provided there are no thoughts to the contrary, wholeness is expressed as harmonious experiences.

Experiences are like a kaleidoscope changing all the time, while the Universal Energy remains the same - formless. It is therefore necessary to live in a constant state of awareness as Universe Energy.

I've been on a "quest" trying to understand who I am and I've come back full circle. "I am Energy, Universal Energy." Does this statement remind you of someone? No? OK I'll tell you, it reminds me of the following: "My name is Bond, James Bond." (smile)

I am Energy - Universal Energy (but you can call me UE),

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