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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Healing by Declaring "No Cause"

I have been focused recently on the principle of "no cause," which reveals that there is no cause and effect. In the realm of God which is the uncaused that has no beginning or end, everything is. On the other hand, you could be living in a caused universe of time/space, cause and effects, birth and death, and mortal beliefs.

I knew the uncaused to be true at an intellectual level. I was even being pushed from "within" to realise the uncaused as truth. I stalled for time as I knew it would blow so many of my theories apart. But I didn't have a choice in the matter and I've accepted the truth, in my world at least, that "there is no cause." (I have attached previous articles which will give readers an idea of the thought processes behind it).

There's nothing like having an opportunity to apply a principle in "real life." Before I give you details, a digression.

It's all very well talking about oneness, we are all one, only one exists etc, but there is a catch to this idea. I know I am one with all life and yet if I'm not careful I am prone to the beliefs within mind: the "good" the "bad" and the "ugly." While I have been protecting myself by trusting that Love is all there is, there have still been times when I've been caught out by the ebb of human emotions and beliefs.

Take yesterday for instance. A student asks me to help her to print out her spreadsheet on Excel so it will all show on one page. I try my best to help her. I can feel she's getting stressed about it because she says it's a college project. (I know the feeling about leaving things till the last minute). I can feel her emotions as a burning sensation on my forehead. I back off and suggest she asks the librarian, beside I don't have much time. She receives the help she needs, my head is sorted and it's all hunky-dory. See, I was so at one with her, I felt what she was going through. Not good.

Last night I was waiting for my last bus home when the world suddenly went black. Well my eyesight went and I knew it was the first symptom of a migraine. I couldn't see far enough to determine when my bus was coming but I trusted other people were waiting for the same bus. I managed to get on the right bus and walked the rest of the 10 minute journey home unaided. I figured I would wait till I arrived home before doing any healing. In the meantime, I amused myself seeing the world as shadows and glimmers of lights.

When I arrived home I told my mother I could feel a migraine coming on. She said she had been watching a news item about migraine sufferers. I went to sit down quietly. My mother has learned that her ways are not my ways so she left me to it. In thought I declared: "there is no cause." Previous symptoms have meant losing all meaning of the world. This time I could understand what the documentary my mother was watching was about. I even gave myself some mathematical problems to solve which I was able to. I opened my eyes and saw that my vision was back to normal. Another symptom was that I would get a stomach upset. I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich and a cup of tea. I ate them and felt OK. The final stage is the actual headache. While I felt a slight thud on my right temple it was nothing like it used to be. It felt rather like my body going through an old programme but fast running out of steam. I knew I was already healed. I had an early night and a good night's sleep.

For the last two days there have been news items on migraine sufferers. They reckon they've found a cure for migraine. To find a cure they have to find a cause, naturally. They say migraine sufferers have a small hole in their hearts which directs excess blood to the brain. The experts intend to block the hole with some implant. Yeah right. Maybe I should volunteer as a guinea pig. Wouldn't it be a hoot if they open my heart only to find nothing but Duracell batteries. There has to be a cause for my heartbeat, right? Hahaha!

Anyway, this is the problem with oneness. I've been writing about migraine and there is stuff going round about migraine from the materialist perspective. Previously, when I had a migraine I was healed by realising I am Energy. While my method of healing seemed different from the medical method of surgery and pills, there was no real difference between us. What do I mean? We both believed there was a cause to the migraine. I believed some causes were my thoughts, excess energy or picking up on someone's symptoms. The medical cause is that there is a fault in one's heart. So you see, there was always a cause.

But the breakthrough for me has been that there is no cause. Where there is no cause I can have no migraine. To explain it another way, when nothing causes a migraine it can only mean that the migraine is an illusion, a nothing. Once the migraine is recognised as nothing, it becomes a nothing = no migraine.

There is no cause to illness
There is no cause to aging
There is no cause to pain
There is no cause to suffering
There is no cause to lack
There is no cause to death
There is no cause

I know that my life is the uncaused and what the uncaused never created is nothing. The migraine doesn't exist in the uncaused reality therefore it is a nothing. Now it makes no difference being at one with all because I am no longer affected by it. I live in a causeless realm.

I wonder whether this idea will catch on? I daresay it's too much of a leap of faith. We appear to be living in a physical universe so people continue to look for physical causes or a cause for a physical universe. I watched a hospital drama the other night. A couple who are Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to let their new-born baby have a blood transfusion because of their religious beliefs. The doctor argues that God has given man the idea for the use of technology. The hospital gets a child order from the courts and they do the transfusion. The couple are devastated.

Is God responsible for medicine? That depends on your God, doesn't it? If your God is a God of cause and effect then of course God is responsible for medicine and technology.

The God I know is uncaused. The God I know has no idea about medicine and technology as it is Uncaused Spirit. You could argue that all is Spirit. If all is Spirit then there won't be any need for medicine. Those who have realised their identity as Spirit do not need hospitals.

I have found that it is not enough for me to realise that I am Spirit, I have to realise that I am uncaused. Spirit knows no cause and effects. Spirit is.

So I don't expect people are going to get excited about this idea of "no cause." Where would doctors be if everyone went round declaring "no cause." As for me, I am under a new management, that of "no cause."

I am Uncaused,

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