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Friday, January 28, 2005

The Mortal is Immortal

I wrote in a previous article that man is Spirit Man but he is dreaming he is a natural man/mortal, who can go through pain and suffering. Many of us have been programmed since birth to take on various beliefs about life in order to be able to survive in this world. We are constantly looking for a cause of our suffering. Is it my thought that created this? Who do I blame? My social conditioning, my past life, what? Blame is irrelevant. The one Self that is Spirit having life is uncaused. In Him all that is good exists for eternity without beginning and end. As I am one with Self I am also uncaused. Therefore, my life has to follow the same pattern as Self.

Over the years, I have trained in many of the healing modalities in search of a cure for myself. The method that has worked for me has been realising that I am Spirit.

When I first started studying the book Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, I soon had the opportunity to put what I had been studying into practice. I scalded my finger while cooking. At first the finger was red and very painful. My beliefs/programming dictated that I should put the finger in cold water. Then I remembered who I am. I declared "I am Spirit." The finger stopped hurting and the redness disappeared. I was both a mortal and immortal in the same body: I was the natural man programmed to act in one way and the Spirit Man realising her identity which erased the effects.

Realising one is Spirit is one thing, but there is the tendency to blame one's thoughts or beliefs as the cause of one's experiences. For instance, last summer on one of my walks, I was stung by nettles. While I didn't accept I was responsible, I still apportioned blame to mortal programming in me which caused the redness and swelling. I was able to reverse the effects and my hand was healed. (For the full story see If It's Not Love, It's Not Real). That was my level of understanding at the time. Now I realise there is no cause in Spirit. I live in an uncaused universe that is Love, therefore Love can only be Love. I'm sure if my hand was to brush against nettles now I will have no reaction.

It is so easy to apportion blame. What were you thinking before this happened? Maybe there are negative energies around you. Maybe this or maybe that. I say there is no cause. Life is Love in manifestation.

You are feeling sick. No cause. The Uncaused is all there is.
You are in lack. No cause. The Uncaused is all there is.
You are depressed. No cause. The Uncaused is all there is.

Imagine a world where we stop blaming beliefs and society, we stop judging others, we stop judging ourselves, and simply say "there is no cause." No matter what our beliefs and programming, there is no cause. The Uncaused is all there is. The Uncaused is eternal, infinity, love, truth, freedom, abundance, harmony and Good. We trust in the Uncaused to manifest a reality that is all Good

I am Spirit living in an uncaused universe. All there is is Love. No matter what is happening around me I blame no one. I simply affirm that there is no cause; meaning the uncaused eternal Spirit is the substance of the universe and what is of the uncaused is eternally good. What is not of the Spirit is a nothing, like the nettle reaction disappearing into a nothing.

I know this Reality exists now. Call it forth. Right where you are is Spirit. You could act like a mortal or you could be Spirit. What do you choose to be?

I am Spirit,

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