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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Seeing Reality As It Is - In Practice

In the last article Seeing Reality As It Is, I wrote that I see Reality as Energy which is what I focus on. I pay no attention to forms which are mere effects.

How can this principle be put into practise in our everyday reality?

By realising that everything is energy. All that I experience through the senses as solid are energetic forms. All energetic forms are effects. By this I mean they are thought projections. This computer I'm typing on now was once an idea only. Now it's a solid idea or energetic form. The process of bringing this computer into form, the materials used, are nothing but energy forms. Just because they go through the long-winded process of production doesn't mean that that process is the only way a computer can take form. It could very easily be projected instantly as a thought form.

This computer is an effect. We know that technology is moving so fast that computers are quickly out of date. That's the nature of effects, forever changing. Why focus on that which is forever changing and are only effects? If you see your mirror image with an outfit you don't like, you wouldn't ask the mirror image to change its outfit, would you? You, the one in front of the mirror, have to change your outfit and this is reflected back at you in the mirror.

I understand people mean well by wanting to find out the truth of what is going in the world. Why bother? The world is only an effect.

You want the truth, focus on the Source of Truth.
You want peace in the world, focus on the Source of Peace.
You want love, focus on the Source of Love.
You want supply, focus on the Source of Supply.

Does this mean you don't help others who are in dire situations? That depends on the individual. I have no judgments on what people should do or shouldn't do. I only say focus on the Source. My experience has been when I focus on Source, things around me change to reflect Source Reality.

Just because I focus on Source doesn't mean things are always perfect. Far from it! It's an ongoing process I find of seeing things in a different way. Every moment is another opportunity for the world of effects to tempt you into believing they are real. Every moment is another opportunity to focus on Source. Some people might argue that they don't have time to focus on Source when they need to work etc. I say there is no greater priority than keeping one's eyes on the Light/Source. The good news is there are other ways to remain focused on the Light. By doing what you love; by staying in the present; and by being in silence.

When you are doing what you love, there is no space in mind to imagine fearful thoughts.

When your focus is 100% on what you are doing, you're in the present. Your mind doesn't have time or the opportunity to wander and imagine fearful thoughts.

When you are in silence there is no mind to create fearful thoughts.

Where there are no thoughts to create fearful realities, Source is manifested as experiences in Its own image and likeness.

When I keep my eyes on Source, It pervades all of my experiences.

I see Reality as it is.
I focus only on Reality.

I am Reality,

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