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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Seeing Reality As It Is

"Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law." (Psalm 119: 18)
It's another morning. I'm staring at my face in the bathroom mirror. What do I see? The same face. It hasn't changed. If it had I wouldn't be seeing those tiny moles on my neck. Surely Perfection can do a lot better than this mug (face)?

What I'm seeing is the past. I'm seeing a face from my memory. It is a face of habit. It is a face of faces past. What if I woke up tomorrow and my face had drastically transformed to such an extent that I couldn't recognise it? I'll probably think I've woken up in another reality or I am dreaming, again.

On the one hand, I want my face to retain a recognisable visage. On the other hand, retaining this visage doesn't allow for a new face to emerge. It's not that I want a face that looks so different that it freaks me out, not forgetting my family and friends, but a face that is the image and likeness of perfection. I mean I wish to look like the real me.

Saying that, I'm aware that my physical body has changed. I saw my older brother the other day. He hadn't seen me for some time. He said I was looking even younger. What was my secret? I said it was due to Source, not me.

There is a template that this body and face is based on. The template is analogous to the mould people use to bake biscuits. You can create hundreds of biscuits from the one mould. Some biscuits turn out as exact replicas while others do not. In the same way, there is a perfect template that is a guide for this body. This template is my unique personality and body that is already perfect. I also call this template my Energy Light Body. This template exists in Mind. The substance of Mind is Universal Energy. My body is a projection of Mind, therefore, my physical body is visible energy.

What happens when a body appears imperfect or varies from the perfect template? Let's say a gingerbread man biscuit loses an arm during the baking process. Is it the fault of the mould? No. Something happened during the baking process to make the biscuit lose its arm.

Mind and the template are innately perfect. The template/Energy Light Body is one with Mind. Can perfect Mind project what it is not? No. There must be something going wrong. It must be the way Mind is interpreted.

Let's return to the gingerbread man that hasn't got an arm. You examine the mould and see that the mould is perfect. You also notice that the other gingerbread biscuits are perfect replicas of the mould. So you pay no attention to the faulty gingerbread man which is an anomaly. You can choose to eat the biscuit, give it away or throw it away. Your decision will not change the fact that the mould is always perfect.

It's another morning. Before I look at myself in the mirror I look at my Energy Light Body instead. In my mind's eye, I see myself as pure white light. Aha! Now I see my perfect self. I look at my visible energy body/physical body in the mirror. Hmmm! Right now, this visible energy body is not a complete image and likeness of my Energy Light Body. No matter. I can see my Energy Light Body as perfect light; that's all that matters. It is what I give my attention to.

I read an interesting story about healing in the book "Jesus Christ Heals" by Charles Fillmore. This woman had a mole. Her daughter was giving her healing by realising the truth that there was only one Mind, the Christ Mind appearing as her. She was advised to pay no attention to the mole. Because she had stopped giving the mole attention/energy, it withered away and disappeared. About a year ago, a mole appeared around my stomach. It started bleeding. I decided to pay it no further attention. It eventually vanished.

My physical body/visible energy body is only a memory version of my Energy Light Body. What happens when I give attention to the physical body? Attention is nothing but energy: "where attention goes energy flows." When I give attention to my physical body, I am making the visible energy body more tangible, therefore, the scars or moles are bound to stay put because I'm effectively giving them more energy. However, when I focus only on my Energy Light Body as reality, this is what is magnified. My Energy Light Body projects an image of itself as my visible physical/energy body that people see as human.

It doesn't matter what my physical body looks like at any one time, just like it doesn't matter whether the gingerbread biscuit has lost an arm. The main thing is to focus on Reality, my Energy Light Body. I leave all visible energetic forms alone as they are mere effects that are constantly changing.

Reality is Energy.
Reality is my Energy Light body.
I see Reality as it is.
I focus only on Reality.

I am Energy,

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