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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

There is No Cause

"Spirit is immortal Truth; matter is mortal error. Spirit is the real and eternal; matter is the unreal and temporal." Science and Health
For the last two weeks I've been hearing the Inner Voice telling me to let go of the idea of a cause. I know this intellectually that there can be no cause in Ultimate Reality. I believe I've been putting off exploring the idea because I know it will turn my whole world upside down. At the same time I know this idea holds an important clue to areas where I believe I've been "stuck." Still, there's only one way to deal with these types of situations - procrastinate. Actually, I've been mulling over the idea. (smile)

Two days ago, I was inspired to pick up a book I have been aware of for ages but never read called "I Am That: Talks With Sri Nisargadatta" by Nisargadatta Maharaj, et al. I opened a page at random and it was again reminding me that there is no cause. Bugger! Maybe it's about time I took this idea seriously. It's going to be fun exploring this idea.

It's this morning. When I arrive at the bus station I notice my bus leaving. Great! The next one soon arrives. Miles down the road, we are stuck in a traffic jam. I notice the bus I missed earlier is about three buses ahead of us. I can see myself already at my destination so I know there is no traffic jam, though there appears to be one. I wonder what the cause of the traffic jam is? The moment I have the thought I dismiss it. Why should there be a cause? There is no cause.

Yesterday evening at another bookshop I read an article called "Things you haven't done since you were dating...(but might be worth doing again)" in February's issue of Good Housekeeping magazine. I went through the lists and mentally ticked off all the things I did with my last boyfriend while we were dating, including of course the hugs, snogs and going on "long walks together whatever the weather." I thought about how much I missed that part of being in an intimate relationship. Hey presto a guy sits besides me. Soon we are chatting and having a laugh. We end up going for a meal. He asks me if I would like to go for a bus ride. Giving that I spend most of my life on buses, I jumped at the opportunity. We also went for a lovely walk holding hands, hugging and just enjoying each other other's company. I had got exactly what I was thinking of - a romantic evening with a lovely man.

Did we get together because of the longing I felt after reading that article? Was the article the cause and the brief interlude the effect? Would we have connected without my longing? It may very well be the case.

Returning to my bus journey this morning. As I pondered over the idea that there is no cause, the traffic jam melted away. In the mortal realm there was obviously a cause to the traffic jam - there were men working on the road. It would seem that in the mortal realm of duality, there is always a cause. To change something one has to root out the cause. But in Ultimate Reality there is no cause. Everything just is. What really happened when I realised there was no cause to the traffic jam? It meant there cannot be a traffic jam when nothing is causing it. If nothing is causing something then nothing is the result i.e. 0+0=0. Nothingness is then manifested as no traffic.

If I had continued with the thought that there was a cause to the traffic, I would be trying to delete the cause in thought; trying to create an alternate reality that has no traffic; or trying to speed events so that the effect disappeared quickly. In other words, I would be acting like a mortal.

I've got into the habit of believing that there is always a cause. Think of the freedom of not having a cause. Let's take a recurring illness or condition one could have. If you think of it as having a cause then you naturally want to root out the cause. The cause could be hereditary, in your belief system, a past life or wherever. But when you realise there is no cause, there cannot be an effect. The condition is therefore a nothing and so it is in appearance.

Surely there has to be a cause? Would I exist if there wasn't a first cause commonly called God or Source? I say Source is causeless. In order for there to be a cause there has to be an effect. For there to be a beginning there has to be an end. Source is beginningless and endless. Therefore, there is no cause or effect in Source. Cause and effect manifests in the mortal realm as birth/death; beginning/end; sickness/health; all forms of duality that makes man mortal. Source is immortal.

But how can one attract a relationship or experience without a cause? In the mortal realm of cause and effect one's desire or intention is always the beginning and the effect is the desire unfolding in time and space. But an intention in causeless Ultimate Reality has no beginning or end. Therefore, it rises out of Source and does a dance for however long. I have some friends that seem to drift in and out of my life. I haven't made a conscious decision to end these friendships, the relationships continue even though I don't see them from one year to the next. I might meet up with some of them after a few years or I might never see them again in this human experience. But in my heart we are forever friends.

There have been other friendships that have been cause and effect types. They were in my life at a particular time when I had a particular belief or had a particular desire. When I let go of that particular belief the friendship dissolved of its own accord.

It seems that when something has a cause one has a set mind about what is expected. The effect is a situation that has an ending. That is the nature of cause and effect. On the other hand, when a situation is experienced as causeless, it emerges from a Source that has no beginning or end. Such a relationship is unlimited and the people involved have freedom to be.

{I am aware of course that we are all one in Spirit and that all friendships in Ultimate Reality are eternal. The friendships I'm discussing here are human experiences).

As a being without beginning and end I can live every moment as unlimited and timeless. I can also use the same idea of "no cause" to deal with situations I have interpreted previously as restricting. An illness, for instance, can only have a reality if it has a cause. When I give it no cause, or that its cause is nothing, the result is there is nothing. And this nothing appears as the equivalent human experience - nothing.

I wonder why I have been resisting exploring the idea of "no cause." What has been the cause of my resistance? Er...nothing.

I am Causeless,

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