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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

To Have All Give All

The principle of giving has now become very popular among the collective consciousness of humanity. There are even tax incentives to encourage people to donate money to charities. There are many shops now with a "buy one get one free" policy. Giving works on the principle that what you give away is increased and returns multiplied as in tithing 10% of your income which is multiplied. This is not the type of giving I am referring to in this article. "To have all give all" is a spiritual principle that has a deeper meaning beyond tithing.

I have recently been experimenting with signing my articles off as "EJ" instead of "Enocia" out of wanting to be more anonymous, if that is at all possible. I even considered making "EJ" my nom de plume. A friend who reads my blog left the following comments yesterday:

"I've noticed lately you are signing your posts as EJ. Please! go back to Enocia. It is much stronger. It is much more you.
They may be hundreds of EJ. But I know only one Enocia."
I could very easily have been offended and respond that how I sign my name is my business but I knew she was right. Not in terms of "Enocia" being me but I realised there was a bigger issue at stake. Enocia is not my birth name but the name I was inspired to choose after I was "born again" of the Spirit. Enocia also represents Vector8, which is the consciousness of Perfection. Perhaps one day I'll write more about Vector8.

The Journals represent how I apply spiritual principles and live as Truth and yet I am also aware that the website is not just about me but about us. The articles are copyrighted to indicate that I am the channel, but really anyone could have had these experiences and written these articles. Thus, my stories are our stories. My ideas are our ideas. There is only the one Source after all.

I am also aware that using a name that represents Vector8 is what Jesus means by the following:

"He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." (Matthew 10: 39)
In other words, to have all you have to give all including a name. Giving up my life means that my identity is not just confined to me but I am all. I don't just have my family, everyone is my family. My friends are not just people I know, everyone is my friend, though I may not consciously have met or spoken to everyone. My home is not just the UK, everywhere is my home. My name is not just my name but it belongs to everyone. What I write is not just for me but for everyone.

"The Master has no mind of her own.
She works with the mind of the people."Tao Te Ching, 49
When you have all it means you've effectively got access to Infinity. You are Infinity.

You are going for a walk and know that Infinity is taking the walk, can you get tired?
If you are a writer and know that Infinity is who you are, can you be stuck for ideas?
If you are Infinity can you ever be in lack?
Can Infinity be sick?
Can Infinity ever age?
Can Infinity cease to exist?

To live as Spirit is to give up all sense of personal identity and will and take on the Will of Infinity. It doesn't mean you won't have your own preferences and choices but you'll find what you love everybody will love, and it will therefore be in superabundance.

I want to thank you dear friend for reminding me that to have all I must give all. I am happy to be Enocia.

I am Infinity,

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