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Monday, January 10, 2005

Why One Should Never Judge

My mother has had the flu. I've given her the option that I could give her healing, you know be a channel for Energy, but she's having none of it. She prefers to use the old tried and tested remedies that her friends have recommended. Curious. I've noticed that the more remarkable healings I am experiencing for myself through Energy, the more she's shying away from me practising on her. I respect her decision.

Day by day she's grown worse and I hear her coughing. I would so like to offer her help the way I know how but I have to respect her choices. She says she aches all over, but she doggedly takes her cough mixtures, ginger and honey and lemon remedy. The only snag is when she coughs at night, I end up being woken up, which is disturbing my sleep pattern. Fortunately, I have been using those opportunities to retreat into inner silence, so it's not all bad.

Yesterday I offered healing again but she wasn't keen on the idea. I went out on my usual gallivanting, as my mother would put it. I ended up in a bookshop and browsing as per usual. Then I noticed that someone had dropped an almost new packet of sweets. It was one of those honey, lemon and eucalyptus type that people use to help them with colds and coughs. Come to think of it, I'm sure my mother usually sucks that particular brand to help with her cough. I thanked the source, picked them up and put them in my bag.

Later I gave my mother the sweets. She said she'd been thinking of buying some the next day because she believed they would help her. Universal Energy obviously heard her cry. Isn't it interesting how my mother's needs were taken care of? Universal Energy doesn't judge but gives according to one's belief.

Last night before going to bed I prayed that I would be able to sleep without having my sleep disturbed by my mother's coughing. I went into a deep sleep. After what seemed like hours of sleep, I woke up but it was only 3 am. I listened in for my mother but I couldn't hear anything. I went back to sleep. I heard her coughing this morning. I checked the time. It was time to get up.

I asked my mother how she was feeling. She said she must be getting better as she didn't cough all night until this morning. Interesting. All the same, she's off to her doctor's this morning.

As tempting as it is to want to help, I know I should let people live their lives according to their beliefs. If Universal Energy doesn't judge, why should I?

I am Energy,

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