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Monday, February 07, 2005

Are You Dreaming Again?

“Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.”
There are some topics I have insights on but I don't jump to a conclusion until I have observed for quite a while. I want to now discuss an experience I'm sure many of us find fascinating - synchronicity. Here are two case studies.

Last week, a Christian Science practitioner who I admire immensely though I have never met her in person, came to mind. I had a strange desire to link up with her. I also thought it would be nice to have a copy of Science and Health, the Christian Science textbook, as my copy is in storage. Two days ago, Saturday, while I was riding by on a bus I had an urge to get off the bus and go to the Christian Science reading room. I knew that practitioner wasn't based there but I figured it would be nice to say hello to old friends. The reading room was closed. There was a notice on the door announcing there was a talk going on at the local hotel about the Tsunami and where God was when it struck. As I've written about this, I thought I would attend. Then I did a double-take on the notice. The practitioner I was dying to meet was the speaker! I attended the talk. The first friend I saw handed me the textbook for free. It was good to see other old friends. At the end of the talk I introduced myself to the speaker. She had heard about me through a mutual friend so it was good to finally meet in person.

Yesterday, on my trip into London I saw my face reflected on the bus glass panel. I don't know about you, but I've always preferred my left profile to my right. I wonder what my face will look like if I had a face that was totally symmetrical, where the two halves of my face were the same as my left? Hey, where did that thought come from? I immediately dismissed it.

I changed buses twice. On the third bus I saw a man reading a Sunday newspaper. He rifled through the pages of the magazines that come with the paper and didn't seem impressed with them. He dropped them on the floor. When he got off I picked up the mags. In one magazine there was a makeover experiment about what celebrities would look like if their faces were made up of the same profile! In each case there were three photos: one showing how the celebrity currently looks like; one showing a face made up of left profiles; and one showing a face made up of right profiles. The pictures looked bizarre. I reckon it's because we are not used to seeing faces in symmetry. What was even more bizarre was that I had had the same thought about an hour ago. This is just too spooky. It's time to knock synchronicity on the head once and for all.

Now this is what I know is happening when I experience synchronicity. People are forever thinking up ideas of how to live. In other words, people are always dreaming up new ideas of being. These dreams exist as a mass of energy which expresses through individuals. Some have referred to this mass of energy as the matrix, carnal mind or mortal mind. Many of these dreams are of love, goodness, harmony, peace and joy; while many of them are beliefs about diseases, pain and suffering. These dreams are made manifest as the way people live, resulting in a life of happiness or misery. All of life's experiences are dreams. If you are very open, you end up channelling the entire dream energy. The dream energy lives as you. The problem with the dream energy is that it can keep you in bondage whereby you are not able to have original ideas. There is one way to get out of this dream energy - to have no thoughts.

Those who are considered to be spiritually "awake" have realised that to be totally free of this dream energy you must live in silence. To be at one with God/Spirit/Source one must be still. Thus, in every moment, you are either dreaming or you are awake. You are either thinking, planning, fretting, loving or you are in silence. Let me give a few examples of what I mean by dreaming.

When I am indulging in chocolate, I am dreaming.
When I am eating, I am dreaming.
When I am communing with friends with similar beliefs, I am collectively dreaming.
When I am pondering over life and the universe, I am dreaming.
When I am in love, I am dreaming.

(The way I see it, all there is is Love. How can one love another when there is only love? To love someone is to dream there is someone apart who needs to be loved).

When I am in a relationship, any type of relationship, I am dreaming.
When I am writing, I am dreaming.
When I feel pain or have been ill, I am dreaming.
When I am healing another, I am dreaming.
When I think someone needs my help, I am dreaming.
When I make mental connections or associations, I am dreaming.
When I am having an internal dialogue, I am dreaming.

As regards how I know I am awake, they are very simple.

When I am going about my affairs in silence I am awake.
When I am observing the world without judgments or thoughts, I am awake.

When one is awake one is not creating any thoughts.
When one is awake one is not attached to dream experiences.
When one is awake one can erase dream experiences that no longer serve any purpose.

I wrote in an article I Love You Just Because that I had a crush on a guy I see on the bus. That crush is a dream. I saw him this morning and I was unaffected; I remained in inner silence. So having a crush on someone depends on what state I am in: dreaming or awake.

On average, I tend to spend chunks of my days dreaming. The good news is when I am dreaming I am aware I am dreaming. That's the thing about dreams, many of them are so pleasant that you want to remain in that dream forever. The problem with dreaming is that it distracts you from being the real You that is in silence. Some people go through their entire lives dreaming. When they pass away from this dream realm, they realise they are still alive. Some wake up to the truth that "life is but a dream" and others don't. They move from one dream realm to another.

Back to the experiences I had at the weekend. I am saying that there is a mass of energy that is the amalgamation of dreams of humanity in all time and space. This dream energy unfolds through humanity and is made manifest as the life we experience. When I have a thought, or I am dreaming, the dream will attract like-dream energy and manifest as like-dreams. Obviously, the higher your ideal the more beautiful your dream. No matter how beautiful the dream, you are still stuck in the dream energy matrix. In this reality, the dream energy can only express what is collectively believed to be possible. Otherwise, I could be expressing a reality where it's raining diamonds. If you wish to have dreams where anything is possible, you have to free yourself from the collective dream energy.

To free yourself from the dream, it is not sufficient to dismiss the dream energy or matrix as unreal. Sometimes when you are in pain you can deny it all you like but you will still experience it. To step out of the dream energy matrix you have to be in silence. Where there are no thoughts there is no cause/effect. You are free. In another article I shall discuss...hey, who am I kidding? Why don't I just call a spade a spade? In another article I shall dream up why being awake is the most important work of humanity.

For goodness sake, if you are reading this, please bear in mind that these words are dreams so don't go taking them too seriously!

Remember, if you're going to dream, make it a beautiful dream. Enjoy...

With love,

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