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Friday, February 04, 2005

Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies

In a previous article, Spirit Man, Natural Man and Gifts of the Spirit, I compared Source/Self to the ocean. I wrote:

"Imagine if a drop of water in the ocean was to start asking questions about what it is and where it came from. Would that question arise? A drop of water is meaningless in the ocean. Only when a drop is separated from the ocean does it appear as a drop of water...Does a drop of water have existence outside the ocean? Even if the drop had some kind of existence, does it change the nature of the ocean?"
I am putting this analogy into practice. I am Spirit, the infinite ocean of being and experiences. Why question anything when I already know? Why defend myself when I already am? (Damn I am asking questions, aren't I? That's the problem with language, too restricting! (smile)) The moment I ask questions I am doubting Self. The moment I look for validation of my truth I am doubting Self.

We all know what's right for us according to the way our lives are unfolding. I know what is right for me. When I fancy a chocolate do I ask anyone what I should have? Do I deliberate over whether it's a good or bad thing? No. I simply have it. Nor do I think of any consequences because in my reality all my choices are good.

One can spend so much time defending or affirming what is. What's the point? I am the vastness of the infinite ocean. The ocean knows what It is. It can be nothing else but the ocean. Any other reality is meaningless.

"Your life is a gift. If your life isn't going according to plan then you need to let the real life come into existence. To achieve this you have to be yourself. Being yourself is your purpose in life; it is your gift to humanity. You give yourself ideas about how to stay true to yourself. You are your own guide. You witness life transformed around you to one of joy, love, peace, freedom, truth, harmony and abundance. You witness what is not of Spirit erased as the nothing they are. As you remain true to Self and be yourself, you help to raise the "vibration" of earth, which is lifted to that of Spirit. You trust in yourSelf."Spirit Man, Natural Man and Gifts of the Spirit
My decision in every moment is perfect. I question nothing. My life is no longer open for debate, nor am I interested in questioning other people's choices.

Ask me no questions and I promise you, I'll tell you no lies.

I am the Infinite Ocean,