Vector8 Journals

Monday, February 14, 2005

Exploring the Presence as Healing

"We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord." (2 Corinthians 5: 8)
I've been feeling lots of pins and needles in my body and also a lot of itching. I have applied truth principles and been in inner silence. I find when I call out for help I am released from the irritation or pain. But they haven’t completely gone away. I know there is no cause to pain or irritation. I know there is nothing but the Presence of Love and yet the illusion can feel very much real sometimes.

Then I had another realisation: when I ask for help, the help I receive makes me “absent from the body, and…present with the Lord.” In the Presence/Lord there is only freedom. This goes against teachings that suggest one should experience one’s body and stay with the feelings etc. The body is a symbol only and not the real me, thus, identification with the body gives me a false perception of Self; that I have a separate self. I realise it is important for me to be in the Presence not the body which is pulling me away from the Presence. For the “I”/Presence is everywhere not just in a body.

Yesterday while travelling on the bus, I used the opportunity to practise being the Presence. When I felt the pins and needles again I withdrew from the physical body and explored my I-ness within the bus. My I-ness awareness expanded to outside of the bus and beyond. The body immediately felt lighter and free of all sensations.

You see, when I practise being the Presence I am in effect animating, bringing to life, all that I am. It reminds me of the story of The Snowman. A boy builds a snowman which comes to life and takes him on a trip to the north pole. Practising the Presence is bringing the Presence to life. Though the snowman melts at the end of the story, I like to see the snowman as returning to its innate nature as formless just like the Presence is also innately formless.

Earlier, I wanted to explore by bus a part of London I hadn't been before, but it didn't go according to plan. I felt a force pulling me in another direction. I surrendered and let it happen. I ended up in a part of London I didn't intend being in and saw a man I recognised. The previous day I had a thought about a friend I worked with last year. The man at the bus stop reminded me he was my friend's neighbour.

While I was exploring my Presence on another bus I heard a passenger speaking on her mobile phone. I thought about how people have no qualms now about discussing personal details in public. Then my I-ness continued exploring the bus. Guess what happened? The woman on the mobile swapped seats and sat next to me for two more stops before getting off. It would seem that while I was exploring my omnipresence, I had activated my Presence within the passenger which magnetised her to the seat next to me. Thoughts are therefore very potent while exploring the Presence and should be avoided at all costs unless absolutely necessary.

Since the Presence is omnipresent, it also makes it omniscient. I decided to test this out on my way home. I was already on one bus and needed 3 more buses to get home. I put out a call to the Me at bus stop no 2 to advise what bus I am about to catch. There were a choice of three buses. The Me flashed back an image of me getting on a particular bus. I then sent a message to the Me at bus stop no. 3 to prepare my bus so I didn’t have to wait. The Me at bus stop no. 3 flashed a picture to me showing me on that bus. Then I sent another message to the Me at bus stop no. 4. The Me at bus stop no. 4 suggested that it was much quicker to walk and flashed a picture of me walking home. All Me’s advised me I could follow their advice or do my own thing.

The Me at bus stop no 2 was right of course. When I arrived at bus stop no. 3 it took a while for my bus to arrive. I sent a message to the Me in that bus wondering where my bus was. The Me on that bus said that everything was going according to plan including taking into account the driver's freewill as humans are not always willing to play the game. She assured me my bus was on its way. Two buses arrived. Isn't that typical? You wait for ages and two buses turn up at once! I got on the one in front. At the next stop our driver finished his shift. He complained to the driver taking over that his colleague driving the other bus was 20 minutes late. So that’s what the Me had meant about the driver’s freewill. What a wonderful demonstration of omnipresence in action. When I got off the bus I walked the rest of the way as I had already predicted I would.

Last night, I spent hours exploring my identity as the Presence. I let the Presence take me on a journey in awareness to other dream realities. I was like the little boy in the The Snowman when the snowman takes him on a trip to the north pole. As for the body, it was perfectly at rest while I explored my real identity as Presence. Oh, what bliss!

Here's a thought. I've observed that when babies start walking they tend to explore every nook and cranny. They seem to be into everything. I wonder whether it's because they are finally getting the opportunity to explore their Presence which is everywhere.

When I identify myself as only human with flesh and bones, I am limiting omnipresence that might be experienced as pain or disharmony in areas of one's life. When I am present with the Lord, the body feels lighter and stops behaving like flesh and bones.

I am the Presence,