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Monday, February 07, 2005

The Gift

All of us has been given a gift to experience life: Universal Energy. There is only Universal Energy experiencing life. All is Universal Energy.

Since there is only one having life this means there is no one else having life but me. My identity as Universal Energy means I am infinite power, love and wisdom. I am the totality of Life expressing through me and as me.

I have written in a previous article, Are You Dreaming Again?, that all of life unfolding in forms are dream states. The One Universal Energy contains dreams of beauty and magnificence on the one hand, and dreams of sheer terror on the other. Neither of these are real- they are simply dreams. In order to be free of duality, I must remember that there is only Universal Energy that is pure consciousness without thoughts, beliefs or rules. With unlimited energy to play with, I can unfold grander dreams of Self.

In every moment I am being supported in my journey, depending on how I want to play it. If I choose to live dreams of limitations and illusions, I as Universal Energy, manifest the tools to unfold that dream. If I choose to be the fulness of I am that is unlimited good, I as Universal Energy give myself support on my journey.

There are times when life seems like a total nightmare and disaster. This is because I am identifying with a false Self; I have forgotten that all there is is me, Universal Energy, Love. Unfolding grander dreams is a matter of being mySelf. When I am in silence I automatically have access to unlimited Energy because all is unconditioned Energy. I trust in silence. I can then put out an intention and witness myself as Universal Energy unfold the equivalent dream.

All that I have ever dreamed of is available right now as Universal Energy. It's a matter of being constantly vigilant or awake to my identity as Universal Energy.

I am Universal Energy.
All is Universal Energy.

With all my love,

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