Vector8 Journals

Saturday, February 05, 2005

In Deepest Gratitude

As you all probably know by now if you read my stories, I travel a lot by bus. I often wonder how many people it takes to get me to my destination. How did the idea for buses come about? How many people helped build those buses. What about the general day to day upkeep of all buses: cleaning, engineering and other general maintenance? What about the bus drivers who give their time to drive those buses? And then there are the office staff of London buses who play their part. There are also the road engineers who ensure that there are bus lanes. There are also those who maintain bus shelters and ensure there are tickets in ticket machines. The list goes on and on. So many people play a part in my bus journey.

Let's take what I'm wearing right now: jumper, top, jeans, coat, scarf, boots, socks, undies. How many people did it take to manufacture them so I can buy them in the shop? I can't even begin to think.

What about the computer I'm using now. Think of what went into producing it. Think about the ideas behind the Internet.

By the time I've finished I can safely say that for every journey and every time I post a story or article on the web, it takes the whole of humanity for this to happen. What is the driving force behind humanity? Source/Universal Energy/Love. It is Love that is expressing through all.

We are never alone. We are always being helped.

Every morning when I thank Universal Energy, I am also thanking every human for helping me do what I do.

To anyone reading this piece, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

With all my love,