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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Is Forgiveness Really Necessary?

You get into an argument with someone because you have misinterpreted what another has said or another's behaviour, or someone was in a mood and they took it out on you, or for whatever reason. You are the injured party. You believe the other should apologise and you might consider forgiving him.

On the other hand, it is possible you have a belief that was reflected back at you in the form of a disagreement or aggression with your loved one.


Now this is how I see things. When you're coming from a place of the ego that claims to be your personality, you see others as against you, therefore, you feel sensitive and on guard and ready to attack; or you get defensive. You are likely to react to others based on your inner state only. You are not seeing reality as it is.

Let's say someone has verbally attacked you for no reason, as far as you can see it. What do you do? Do you withdraw and start thinking of vengeance? Do you project into the future various realities how you're going to make the other pay? Do you dream up more arguments with the other and vow you will never forgive the other for hurting you? Do you stop communicating with the other?

This is how I treat a disagreement. I see it as nothing. What do I mean by nothing? In my reality, Love is all there is. Anything that is unlike love manifesting as disharmony has no existence. It is a dream pretending to be real. So I dismiss the incident as nothing.

I had a similar situation with my mother recently. It was a verbal "attack" which came out of nothing and yet it was tempting to make this apparent disagreement into a lot more than it was. What did I do? I knew that Love is and I am Love. In my mind I dismissed it as nothing. I withdrew for a while into silence.

The next morning I treated my mother as if nothing had happened. I got her newspaper for her, which I usually do before going out. When I returned home that evening we spoke like old friends, watched television, and everything was back to normal. Neither of us referred to the incident.

In order for a disagreement to continue both parties need to be in agreement. When someone dismisses the disharmony as nothing, it cannot continue. Dismissing the ego as the nothing that it is, is purely for my benefit in order for me to see reality as it is, that only Love exists. The other might choose to bear a grudge, that's up to the individual. As far as I am concerned, there is no other reality but Love. If the other wishes to keep the drama going she is going to have to find someone else to play with, not with me. When the other is ready to communicate with Love, I am always open.

I believe forgiveness is irrelevant when you understand everyone's true identity. Forgiveness is only relevant if I believe someone has done me "wrong." How can someone hurt me when the ego doing the injury doesn't exist? Being hurt by someone's behaviour is as meaningless as being offended by an actor's performance! Both are inventions that have nothing to do with reality.

The reverse is also true. If I ever forget who I am, when I return to my right mind I realise I as the false personality do not exist, therefore, I cannot hurt anyone. Love is.

I cannot be injured by a nothing. Forgiveness is irrelevant. All there is is Love.

I am Love,

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