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Friday, February 18, 2005

Know Thyself

It has been my observation that one can spend many years chasing phantoms. You could spend a long time trying to "wake up" to the truth of being whatever that is, since people have different ideas of spiritual awakening. Or you can spend years following a teacher or spiritual discipline. You can spend a long time trying to understand the universe and the physical cosmos. You can spend years trying to figure out what your purpose in life is. You can spend a long time trying to be like someone else. What a waste of time that doesn't exist! Why not focus on getting to know who you are now?

Life for me boils down to one question: Why am I having this human experience? In a previous article, The Gift - Part 2, I talked about two gifts I have been given: Universal Energy/Spirit and my life as human. I wrote that the problems I've had as humans have contained the very gems that revealed the purpose for my life here on Earth right now. The recurring theme in my life is to consciously live as Spirit where I have no thoughts and let life unfold in silence. Through this process called human life, I get to know my true nature as Spirit.

Getting to know myself as Spirit is so simple. The ego, that false personality passing itself of as real, would have me study esoteric texts trying to understand reality; the ego would have me follow a teacher; the ego would have me follow rituals and dogmas; the ego would have me try to save others before I can save myself; the ego would have me act like an android as we are all clones, right? How can we all act the same when our very human lives are different? Even if we are all expressing Spirit, they will be different attributes of Infinite Spirit because our expressions of life are diverse. We are all Spirit and Spirit never changes; but the way we express Spirit is always uniquely individual.

As I see it, there is only one job in town and it is about "being about the Father's business." By this I mean my life is always about expressing Spirit. It is my job to be Spirit. It is my job to let the human give way to the divine. It is my job to know myself as Spirit. Anything else is meaningless.

It seems that on the search for the truth of Self, I started off from the outer circle and been working my way into the centre of my being where truth is. Within this core is Self. Self has all I need to experience life. Knowing myself is knowing all there is.

I am Truth,

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