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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Loving What I Love

There is a television advert for a particular fast food restaurant that do breakfast rolls. A young man gets his girlfriend a bagel from this restaurant. She is still in bed. She doesn't believe that a fast food restaurant does such fine bagels. She is so overwhelmed that he cares so much about her to have bought her breakfast she blurts out "I love you." The ad ends with a look of panic on the man's face.

What is so scary about saying "I love you" to someone. You say that to your boyfriend/girlfriend and s/he needs to take time out. Why are people so scared to love and be loved? If someone loves another out of wanting to just love without expecting anything back, you're considered to be dysfunctional. Love is reciprocal, the experts tell us. It's a dance that you share, not one person giving all the time and the other just taking. Giving without receiving suggests you have a low self-esteem. I guess psychotherapists, counsellors and analysts need to make a living, don't they?

What's wrong with loving and giving just because you want to? Does it matter if you love someone with all your heart and the other person doesn't feel the same way? Loving someone is a game we play anyway. Since there is only love, everyone is already love. I need never be concerned about being loved as I know I am love. To love someone is to pretend the other needs love or that you need to share love which is already infinite. I am perfectly happy loving in whatever way I choose to express it.

Now, I love the chocolate bar, Sneakers. I could eat it all day. The supermarkets have a special offer for a pack of ten. I've bought those a few times and found myself scoffing four or five bars in one sitting. The more I have the more I love them and the more I love them the more I love them. The human programme will have me believe that I will feel sick or get a headache or whatever. The way I see it, Love can only be love. A headache or pain is not how I define love so I don't expect to be sick from eating what I love. Nor do I expect to get fed up with them. I may try other chocolates but if I want to eat Sneakers forever, that's my business.

I don't need permission to love. I love what I love and I love what I love. If someone finds my loving overwhelming, that's perfectly OK with me. There are supposed to be 6 billion other humans on this planet, not forgetting animals, birds, fauna, books, chocolates, buses, raisins...

I am Love,

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