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Thursday, February 03, 2005

No Matter What the Appearances, Harmony Is

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." (John 7: 24)
There is only one Self having life as all. Self is harmony. Therefore, harmony is always present in any situation. How one uses one's freewill will never change the truth that harmony is. Since harmony is always present, what appears to be disharmony is nothing but a false representation of reality. Put another way, there is no disharmony.

Let's say you've been thinking of someone you had "issues" with in the past and would dearly love to set aside your differences and be friends. Your desire is intention. Intention is the equivalent of a script. Since there is only one Self having life, Self manifests the right situation in order that the drama of reconciliation can be played out in a harmonious way. While the opportunity to demonstrate your love is present, Self respects we have freewill. Self cannot, therefore, violate one's freewill so it is up to us to choose how to act out the drama: from a place of Self or false self (ego); ego meaning that one is identifying with a false image of Self. If someone is in a place of ego, he might feel prompted to get in contact but will do so in a form of conflict; or he might ignore the inner prompting to connect. If he's in a place of Self, he might either choose to contact you where your communication will be harmonious; or he might acknowledge you by thinking loving thoughts about you. Whatever choices one makes will never change the truth of reality: harmony is.

Years ago, a friend and I discussed someone she believed I should meet. She said he'd just written a spiritual novel and I might get on well with him. She also reminded me of a ball she'd been pestering me to attend. I didn't give it much thought. A few days later I went to the bookshop. Eckhart Tolle's book, "Power of Now," had just come out. I read a few pages of the book and couldn't decide whether to buy it or not. I decided to buy it the next day. The next day I attended a spiritual talk. While I was queueing up to buy a ticket, I noticed a young man in front of me. I thought he was cute. When I got into the venue I found a seat in front. The same cute guy sat in the only available seat next to me because he knew the lady on the other side. After a few minutes I had a strong desire to talk to him. We got into a conversation. I asked him what he did etc. The moment he said he was a writer, I knew he had to be the same guy my friend had spoken of days before. It also turned out he was the one organising the ball my friend had invited me to.

After the talk he told me someone had recommended a book and he was going to the bookshop next door to buy it. I accompanied him because I wanted to buy the Tolle book. It turned out he was also buying the same book: "Power of Now."

At the time he was unsure about why we'd met. Could it be we were destined to have a relationship? As much as I fancied him, I knew there wasn't going to be a relationship of that sort. I assured him we'd met because of the conversation I'd had with my friend. Our meeting was a demonstration of the "power of now."

Self manifested the perfect situation for us. The man I met and I were willing to play our part in that play because at that moment we were being true to Self. What if we were both misrepresenting Self or identifying ourselves as the ego? We could very easily have taken an instant dislike to one another and we may either have missed the opportunity to connect or we could have connected through conflict. It wouldn't have changed the truth that harmony is.

Years later I went for a walk in a park. I had only been there once before with the same friend I mentioned earlier. I hadn't seen her for quite some time. While I walked I wondered how she was doing. I decided to explore the park. I got lost but I didn't care. After a while I needed to have a rest. I followed the sun's rays pointing to a bench in the distance. Just before I sat down I noticed there was a name on the bench dedicated to a local resident who had passed away. The woman's name was the same as my friend's. Was it possible Self was acknowledging that my thought about my friend had been received?

Self is harmony. She works in secret through all to bring about harmonious circumstances. Whether there is harmony in the human reality depends on the individual whether he is in a place of Love or ego. Imagine people being abusive to one another when underneath they are being love.

How can one experience the evidence of harmony in the human condition? How can one make heaven and earth, Spirit and flesh, one?

I deny any human cause. Denying the human cause is going beyond appearances, behaviour, thoughts and emotions and realising unlimited Universal Energy.

I deny that there can be any other reality but Self.

I deny that there can be any power but that of Love.

When I deny the cause, I am also affirming that all there is is Love. When there is only Universal Love there is harmony on all "levels." Then I trust in harmony to be manifested as human situations.

No matter what the appearances, harmony is.

I am Harmony.

All my love,

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