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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

On Earth as In Heaven

“Spirit is substance, and is not subservient to natural law. (Christ in You, by Anon, p. 86)
“As man evolves, the whole material plane is lifted into a higher condition. The season depends on God in man, and are according to the inner mind. The world is wild and lawless in some regions, so much so that man is subject to the nature or world spirit." (Christ in You, by Anon, p. 108)
“The physical world is governed by its own forces and passions, and not by the spiritual, the only real. For the teaching of this very lesson Jesus stilled the storm with the word “Peace,” since He had control over His own natural and physical self, and afterwards used the God-given right of dominion. You are the channels through which the divine will and energy manifests is one self. To effect this you must become selfless and at one, for the Lord thy God is one Lord and not many." (Christ in You, by Anon, p. 109)
I have been thinking of the climate. I see every moment as emerging from the Eternal Now that is unchanging. Can the unchanging produce different climates? I don’t think so. This means that the change in seasons and climatic conditions are not of Spirit but man-made according to their misuse of universal energy.

The weather forecasters seem to take such glee in announcing "bad weather" and how people must prepare etc. Does Divine Love expect people to live in fear of the weather? Some people might enjoy the weather changes and snow storms but what about those who want to live in an unchanging climate? Besides, the one that is unchanging cannot create a weather that is forever changing.

In the book Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda's guru Sri Yukteswar is resurrected and returns to tell him about various realms in the "after life."

"The astral world is infinitely beautiful, clean, pure, and orderly. There are no dead planets or barren lands. The terrestrial blemishes—weeds, bacteria, insects, snakes—are absent. Unlike the variable climates and seasons of the earth, the astral planets maintain the even temperature of an eternal spring, with occasional luminous white snow and rain of many-colored lights. Astral planets abound in opal lakes and bright seas and rainbow rivers."
I have also read various accounts of people who have had near death experiences and have described the realities they've been in as peaceful and the weather as constant. If we are meant to bring Heaven on Earth, surely it is about realising that if the unchanging Spirit is the substance of all, this must be reflected in our reality. There can therefore be no weather changes.

Earlier today I was waiting for the bus. It started to snow and it felt pretty cold. An elderly woman joined me at the bus shelter. She commented how cold it was. I smiled at her but said nothing. I focused on Spirit as the unchanging substance that fills all space. Snow doesn't reflect the unchanging nature of Spirit; it is nothing. The sun came out. The woman beside me pointed out that the sun was now shining brightly. It stopped snowing and the temperature got milder.

I recall a story in John Hargreaves' book "As "I" See It" when he was travelling on a ferry to France. He described the waters as choppy and fellow passengers were being sick. He and another Christian Science practitioner realised the truth that Harmony is the substance of all. The sea immediately calmed down and the rest of their journey was calm. The other passengers returned to normal. Another passenger who wasn't a Christian Scientist noticed that while their part of the sea was calm the sea was still choppy around them, no doubt reflecting those who believe in rough seas. Reminds me of the line from Psalm 91:

"A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked." (Psalm 91: 7-8)
Making Heaven on Earth is making the choice to live with the truth that Spirit is the substance of all life and Spirit is the only power. Spirit is my identity, therefore I am in all and all is in harmony with me.

Those who choose to make fear their Lord and Master will reap the rewards of their beliefs.

Heaven is right here on Earth.

I am Spirit,

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