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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Relative Truth versus Absolute Truth

"And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors." (Matthew 6: 12)
Someone recently asked me to help with healing. I asked Spirit to know what was appropriate for this individual. The answer I received was that she should let go of all grievances and tendency to judge and to forgive everyone and herself.

This seem like I am contradicting myself because in a recent article, Is Forgiveness Really Necessary, I wrote:

"I believe forgiveness is irrelevant when you understand everyone's true identity. Forgiveness is only relevant if I believe someone has done me "wrong." How can someone hurt me when the ego doing the injury doesn't exist?"
Actually, both are different aspects of Truth; forgiveness is relative truth and non-forgiveness is absolute truth. You see, if someone still experiences reality as being separate from Self and that someone has offended her, absolute truth is meaningless. It is the equivalent of buying a car for a five year old child and expecting him to drive the car. Even if the child knows how to drive, his feet wouldn't reach the pedals, nor would society allow him to drive until much later. Thus, absolute truth is not always relevant for some people who have just started on the "path."

Let's take another example of truth in action - healing. On the one hand, healing is necessary if time, space, cause and effect are very real to you. With cause/effect what you think of in one moment is manifested as effect in another moment. Thus, to be healed of the effect you need to get back to the root or cause of the problem. Ultimately, healing is about recognising Divine Love as the cause of all life. Healing is Divine Love in action.

On the other hand, healing is totally unnecessary. The way I see it, since Love is all in all, there is no cause and effect. Love is uncaused. Where is the need to heal when Love is the only one appearing? Every moment is a new opportunity to express Love which is whole and perfect. This is absolute truth.

Relative truth is like a bridge leading to absolute truth. Years ago when I first started exploring spirituality, I came across some books that seemed way too advanced for me to understand. The irony was that they were speaking simple truth but I wasn't open to them at the time. Put another way, the me of ten years ago was trying to understand the me that I am now. The gap was too wide.

The human experience for many occurs in evolutionary leaps. You can't force a teaching on another who is not ready or open. You have to meet the individual exactly where s/he is. Like I said earlier, you can't expect a five year old to drive a car. Relative truth is Love accommodating all manners of beliefs and techniques in order to express Self. Relative truth is therefore an act of grace.

If one is meeting someone else where s/he is, does this mean one is misleading another? Absolutely not! Truth is always about expressing love. From the relative perspective it is about teaching/reminding another to forgive and love without judging another. When one is ready for absolute truth, one realises that Love is all there is and where there is Love, there is no need for forgiveness or healing. What is not of Love can be dismissed as the nothing that it is.

In my articles I'm either addressing relative or absolute truth. There are times when according to my level of consciousness or what I'm inspired to experience at the time, I am demonstrating relative truth; and other times I am expressing absolute truth.

So the individual who has asked me for help is being met exactly where she is at. In fact, I have nothing to do with her healing. I recognise that she is the Presence of Love. As she gains more trust and understanding in Self, she unfolds more truth. I am only acting as her guide.

Whatever truth is required, relative or absolute truth, it is always about being the Love that one is.

I am Truth,

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