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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Secret of Eternal Youth By Bus?

"I Am is the present tense for all time." Christ in You
Life is so simple. The answers are always right under your nose if you can be bothered to stay still for a moment. If you're looking for complicated answers, you will miss the simple answers. It has been my observation that the answer to every imagined problem lies in one's immediate experience.

As you probably know by now if you have read any of my writings, I travel a lot by bus. There is a particular bus route where a female voice announces when the doors are about to open or close: "Doors opening!" or "Doors closing!" I believe this is London Transport's way of taking into account the needs of blind people. I'm sure other buses have this facility but they probably have them switched off; this bus route is the only one I've been in that has it on. I was curious to find out what other people thought about the announcement throughout their journey, particularly if it's a long one. I asked my mother. She said the voice got on her nerves. Imagine having to listen to that for thirty minutes!

I have a different perspective. I don't find the announcer's voice annoying at all. As I see it, every time the voice is activated it is always new. How can I get fed up with listening to something when I'm only hearing it for the first time? This may sound strange to some of you who are experiencing life as cumulative, where time passes. I don't. I see every moment as emerging from the Eternal Now and therefore new. This is why I don't get bored travelling by bus. I actually get really excited as I know every journey is new and never been experienced before. I feel the same way when I travel by tube (underground) train or car. I feel a buzz like it's my first ever journey.

You might be wondering what this has to do with eternal youth. It has everything to do with eternal youth, health, happiness and all that one's heart desires. Let's take another thing I do every day, eat. I might only eat once, sometimes twice a day, but to me it doesn't matter what I eat or how frequent I eat as food makes no difference to my life. Every mouthful is new. I relish every spoonful and when I've finished chewing, I forget about it and have some more. Eventually my plate is empty. The empty plate is evidence that I have had a meal but within me I feel empty as if I've had nothing. I could get some more food but it's pretty pointless because I'll feel the same way again - empty. Why is this? Because I don't see eating as a cumulative process. Let's say it takes 20 spoonfuls for me to finish a meal, thus:
At the end of the meal my stomach should either feel so full that another mouthful will make me sick; or I might feel I have enough space for a few more mouthfuls. This is the cumulative process.

Since I experience every moment as emerging from the Eternal Now, I treat every moment as new. This is the result of a plate of meal:

This means I am never adding to or taking away from what I already am. Nothing ever changes. I am neither hungry nor full after a meal. I'm at the same place where I started before the meal and at the same place I was after finishing the meal. If what I am eating is not changing me in any way, it means I can neither put on weight nor lose weight as I am always the same. Why, you may wonder, do I eat? Indeed why? I guess I eat out of habit and out of being sociable not out of necessity.

In respect of aging, I see every day as emerging from the Eternal Now. While for those who measure time, today 21 February might be the 52nd day of the year 2005, the way I see it no time has passed. I am the same whether it's day 345 of the year 2001 or it's day 200 of 2010. I never change.

I believe the reason people age and feel sick is because time is very much real in their reality. They see experiences as adding to or taking away from who they think they are. Is it any wonder people go from looking so pure and innocent as kids to hassled and stressed as they get older? Wouldn't you look stressed if you kept piling on memories? This is not to say I don't retain memories. I remember what is good and what is not so good. For instance, I have it in memory that I love raisins though I haven't had any in a very long time. At the same time I have it in memory that I don't care much for avocados and so I don't eat them. It's all about what I choose to experience in the here and now. I choose to experience chocolates every day. If I choose not to experience them for longer moments, I will still have my love for chocolate in my memory.

It is the very same reason why I don't get tired when I walk whether it's a mile or ten miles. If you're one who measures every step with a pedometer, you shouldn't be surprised if you feel pain or get tired, because time for you is very real. Thus, every step you take is cumulative. On the other hand, since every step emerges from the Eternal Now, I have only really taken one step in my walk. I therefore cannot get tired.

There is no reason why one should age, put on weight or lose weight or get sick unless one wishes to have this experience. It's all about remembering to stay in the moment, thus:

Every moment emerges from the Infinite Now and is ever new.
Every moment is a standalone moment which has no connection whatsoever with the previous moment.
Every moment is a new opportunity to experience another aspect of Self, yet, no experience can ever add to or take away from Infinite Self.

I am the Unchanging Self,

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