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Friday, February 11, 2005

Some Thoughts About Giving

These writings are copyrighted to acknowledge that I am the author of these writings but they are for free. They are free because they are mine to give away.

Each article is the equivalent of a master class I have with my expert self. All of the writings are reminders to myself of who I am and what I know. In essence, they are my life unfolding. Plagiarising what I have written is the equivalent of someone else pretending to live my life. That is impossible! There is only one Enocia just as there is only one of whoever you are. So these writings are my gift because they are truly mine to give away.

To give away is to give what I already have. I can't give what I don't have. It has occurred to me that giving from a place of transaction is based on giving and expecting something in return. That's fine if that is what you believe.

In the previous article, It Is All Nothing I wrote that all comes from nothing. We are mostly making things up as we go along. If we can dream experiences out of nothing, surely we can dream having something that we can give away. My life is a dream as the real me is total awareness. If I can dream up experiences which are mine to give away as the writings on this website, what's to stop me dreaming up something else so I can give it away?

I could dream I have Zillions of Pounds to give away where I give £1 million to every single person on earth. It doesn't matter if I don't actually have the money in form now, I only need to dream that I have it and then dream myself giving it away. Thus, what I have to give away I already have. There is no expectation whatsoever how the gift is received in my dream. In my dream, I am giving out of choice.

A final reminder is that to give away to someone else is a dream because there's nothing stopping someone else from dreaming. In truth, the power to dream belongs to everyone.

With all my love,