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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Trust is a Transferable Skill

Have you ever reached a point in your career when you want to branch off in a new direction, yet you believe you do not have the necessary skills? You get a second opinion from a friend who happens to work in Human Resources. She points out that you have transferable skills that you can highlight in order to move into the new profession. This gives you the confidence to apply for the relevant job.

Being on the spiritual path involves trusting in a power that is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. We might argue over whether this power is God or whether God exists but we all know Love exists. We may have different ways of expressing Love but we all know Love is very much real. If you've ever been in love you know it feels like you can be anything because you are loved. We are Love.

Some people find it very hard to trust in what is considered to be an unknown entity, even if we call it Love or God. Some have said you need to have child-like trust. Nonsense! Most people have tons of trust in the unknown already. It is a matter of transferring those skills to trusting in Love.

I am now going to put my Human Resources hat on and peruse your CV (curriculum vitae)/resume and point out examples of trusting in the unknown that are transferable skills.

The meteorologist predicts it's going to rain in the next few days and you get your mack out.

The economists predict another recession and you start panicking about your future.

A shampoo commercial promise you will have smooth and silky hair after a few washes with this brand so you buy the product.

A nutritionist expert recommends that if you follow a certain diet for a week you will lose weight, so you rush off to your local supermarket to buy the ingredients.

The doctor says you've got a few months to live and you start putting your affairs in order.

You might argue that trust, in the above examples, is based on the known. The doctor has the xray as evidence; the nutritionist has tested her diet on others who have lost weight; the model in the shampoo advert looks like she's got healthy hair; interest rates have gone up so the economists are right; and the weather forecasts are often right.

The above examples show that people know how to trust in other people's beliefs. Business works on the basis of persuading people to swap beliefs which lead to different experiences. Beliefs are as real as Mickey Mouse is real.

Why not transfer those skills of trust we already have to the Love that we all are? Trusting in Love is trusting in our true Self.

Trusting in Love is a transferable skill. If you want a reminder, just trust the way you trust in the weather forecast.

I am Trust,