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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Walking With Love

"I walk with Love along the way,
And O, it is a holy day;
No more I suffer cruel fear,
I feel God's presence with me here;
The joy that none can take away
Is mine; I walk with Love today." I Walk With Love
In the above hymn "I walk with Love along the way" I prefer seeing myself as walking with the footsteps of Love as there is no other reality or power but Love. There is the tendency for us to believe we are walking with God beside us, or that God is our partner. If you have God alongside you then you can choose to do your own thing or revert to God. This is where the notion of "co-creating with God" comes from. Is there such a thing as "co-creating with God?"

First of all, I believe no one creates anything, it's a matter of unfolding what already exists. (See a previous article I wrote called Creation is a Reaction To What Already Is). Secondly, if there is any creation, would an omnipotent being co-create with a clueless mortal who finds it difficult to see Reality as it is? I think not. Mortals only know how to dream realities that have nothing to do with truth. In my view, there is only the uncaused Universal Energy or Love which is everywhere.

I see my job as remembering that there is only Love and nothing else and then trust in Love to unfold reality as it is, not the illusion humans are "creating." So to walk with Love is realising that every step I take is Love's step; every vision is Love's vision; every feeling is Love's feeling; etc.

I once read a wonderful testimony of healing in the book "As "I" See It" by John Hargreaves. A woman is about to start her own business but she has a lot of pain in her legs which make it difficult for her to stand up. She asks John, a Christian Science Practitioner, for assistance. He reminds her that she has never stood on her own two feet. The woman accepts this truth and she is instantly healed.

In order for me to walk with love, I need to understand omnipresence. Divine Love is everywhere. This means that there isn't a single step where Love is not already present. There isn't a single space where Divine Love is not. Since there is only Divine Love, every decision I make is Divine Love in action. I understand Divine Love to be uncaused, beginningless, endless, infinite, harmony, freedom, truth, life, perfection and peace. Everywhere is the totality of this Presence. Why fear when Divine Love is always present?

Let me put it another way. In order to bring the Presence to life as I have written in a previous article (see footnote), I visualise perfect Enocia's everywhere. Whatever I plan to do there is already an Enocia doing it perfectly. If I need to meet someone to work with, there is already an Enocia on the case making this happen. Everywhere I hear Enocia reminding me that "I am Love." Imagine what your life would be like if you knew only you existed. Wouldn't you expect your life to be harmonious, since you wouldn't expect to oppose yourself?

Walking with Love is twofold. First, it is about constantly remembering that there is only Love. Second, constantly remembering animates the Presence of Love into action which manifests into visible forms.

Love is all there is. I trust in the power of Love.

I am Love,

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