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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What is Oneness?

It has become very popular for people to acknowledge oneness: "we are one." What is oneness?

My understanding of oneness is that there is only the One, formless Infinite Source/Universal Energy expressing as all. The Infinite One has individuated into infinite other Ones. Here's an analogy that describes the One. Let's say someone has recommended to you a fabulous website like Vector8 Journals. You tell your friends Tom, Dick and Harry about the same site. Each of you has equal access to the same website. You only need to login to the Internet with an appropriate browser and you are viewing the same site. From my end, I can see everything on the site. I already have all, therefore, there is really no need to ask Tom, Dick or Harry to describe to me what is on the website. Only if my browser is faulty will I ask Tom, Dick or Harry to confirm what is on the website.

Oneness with Tom, Dick and Harry is our commonality and unity that we are viewing and sharing the same website. In this respect, we are One. Oneness doesn't mean that we are in parts. We are united in respect of sharing the same Source, but completely self-contained. How each of us interprets the website is up to the individual. (I may exchange views with Tom, Dick or Harry about what we think about the website).

This self-contained individuated Self is referred to as the I Am Presence:

"God has individualized - not once but limitless times - each time stepping forth as a distinct God Identity, unique in and of itself, yet inseparably One with the totality of the Godhead. Each Presence expresses its own supremely divine, permanent sense of Selfhood. It is an "1 AM" Presence. This is the one and only, true, complete and utterly REAL Self each of us can ever express here or in the hereafter."Your Divine God Presence
The problem is when some perceive oneness as one in form, for instance humanity. They see humanity as one and each of us as part of that one. Therefore, in order to be experience oneness or be the One you need to recognise that you are all that is good in humanity. I accept that in the game of life we appear to be playing our parts. In a recent article, In Deepest Gratitude, I expressed my gratitude to every human for playing their part. But I know that it is only a game. Each one passing off as human is actually the Mighty I Am Presence that is self-contained and infinite. Every human is the equivalent of Tom, Dick and Harry browsing the same website where all three can view everything on that website. The notion of oneness as a jigsaw puzzle, where every part makes the whole complete, is false; it is collective consciousness not oneness as I understand and experience oneness.

This notion of oneness as completion of the jigsaw puzzle is what leads people to believe that humanity will destroy itself unless they learn to share the natural resources, be more loving etc. Sharing is irrelevant when you realise that you are already complete and that you already share the One Infinite Source. The only sharing I accept as truth is one when you choose to remind others of who they are - that they are also complete, that everyone is already what they seek.

Oneness is a recognition that, while we all share the same Source, each of us is self-contained, complete and perfect in our own right

I am Source,