Vector8 Journals

Friday, February 11, 2005

Who Are My Friends?

I am a Lucid Dreamer meaning that I am aware that I live in a dream and am consciously dreaming.

I have two types of friends: my dreamer friends and my lucid dreamer friends.

My dreamer friends are limitless. They are dreaming and not aware they are dreaming. They could be anyone I meet in the street, on the bus, exchange smiles with, have a conversation with, provide a service for (or vice versa), work with, study with, exchange ideas with on the Internet, or have fun with. When I dream up a situation the appropriate dreamer friend(s) appear(s). They are dreams because they are based on the dream life of humans that have no basis on reality but interesting all the same. I have to say that majority of the people I meet are dreamer friends. These relationships soon fizzle out into nothing like dreams usually do.

And then there are my lucid dreamer friends who are aware they are living in a dream. Their intention is to stay awake. They may choose to dream or help others become lucid dreamers. These are my true forever friends.

You might be a dreamer who wants to be awake but to be my friend you have to pass the test. It is not that I consciously set a test but it happens that way. A dreamer might be attracted to a lucid dreamer and want to develop a friendship until the dreamer realises that the lucid dreamer has a different standard to the one s/he is used to. For instance, dreamers don't like to be reminded that they're dreaming. It stops being fun for them. But for the lucid dreamer it is very serious business, and fun, staying awake. The dreamer soon withdraws from the lucid dreamer's reality preferring to be with other dreamers.

For the dreamer, ignorance is bliss. For the lucid dreamer, being awake is also bliss.

As a lucid dreamer, true friendship for me is based on practicality and choice. I choose to have friends who are awake or are focused on staying awake. A fellow lucid dreamer is free to be herSelf without expectations. You don't need to be with your lucid dreamer friend to care about her. Nor do you need to explain your lifestyle, which might seem bizarre to dreamers. A lucid dreamer doesn't mind if you remind her when she is dreaming as she understands that staying awake requires constant vigilance and discipline. A lucid dreamer friend understands if you simply want to be in silence or go into retreat. Lucid dreamer friends simply know how to be.

In the same respect, my partner/boy friend has to be a lucid dreamer. There's simply no point having a relationship with a dreamer who can't relate to me. I would rather remain single.

I reckon cats are lucid dreamers. They seem to live independent lifestyles, following their truth. I've only had one kitten as a pet when I was a child. She lived for a few weeks and then she passed on into another dream realm. The rest of the cats I've loved have been my neighbours' or flatmate's cats. They have all been very affectionate but always based on choice. I believe dogs are dreamers; you have to be to be trained to round up sheep or fetch sticks. Can you imagine training a cat to round up sheep? Get real! Cats are lucid dreamers, alright!

You will always find me around dreamers who are interested in becoming lucid dreamers. If you are focused and disciplined in wanting to be a lucid dreamer we might even become friends. Naturally, you will more than grab my attention if you are already a lucid dreamer.

In truth, we are all lucid dreamers who are already forever friends. It is just that sometimes we forget who we are and act like we are dreamers.

With love to all my friends,