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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Who is Pulling Your Strings?

"As I’ve said before: You’re always the puppet of something. Either you’re the unresistant Presence of God Expressing Himself. Or you’re the unresistant presence of the definitions you and everyone else have made up – … either privately, or together.

You’re either being the expression of memory – or you are letting yourself Be the Expression of That Which Is Forever New – which is God Moving – God Being – which is Creation.

There’s no middle ground. You’re never independent. You’re never not the puppet of a master." Raj, NWFFACIM, 30.1.05
It's yesterday evening. I'm on the bus on my way into town. At some point the bus stops. The bus driver announces that the road ahead is blocked by ambulances and police cars and we're not going to get through. He advises passengers to get out and walk. Majority of the passengers get off and start walking. I have no intention of getting off the bus, besides I have miles yet to go. I affirm in thought that there is no cause.

What do I mean by "no cause?" It means I pay no attention to appearances. I could choose to wonder about what is going on, add fuel to the fire by imagining worse case scenarios, but I'm no longer playing that game. I'm only interested in affirming that there is no cause, therefore, the uncaused/Love/God is all there is.

A man sits beside me. He asks the driver what he thinks is going on.

"Maybe there's been an accident. It could be a bomb for all I know."
The passenger says, "that's good. At least the police will be able to sort it out."

I know that Love is on the case so I relax knowing all is well. The driver announces he's taking another route. Just as he's about to turn off, another passenger points out to him that the road is clear. We drive by and I notice several police cars and a couple of ambulances parked on the side of the road.

In the above quote, Raj teaches we are all puppets on a string of either God/Love or of beliefs and memory. In other words, in every situation you have a choice how to act. I choose to see the world as having no cause.

Now for those who live by beliefs and memories, my way might be regarded as incomprehensible. I might even be perceived as not caring about what goes on in the world. The way I see it, I would rather see reality as God being the substance of all, therefore, all is well. What would have happened if I had joined the conversation and speculated about what was going on? I would be "creating" more fear. Why would I want to frighten myself? If I want a good fright, I either get a horror movie or go on a roller-coaster ride. I choose to stay in the presence of Love where all is well. And what happens is when you realise that all is Love, circumstances change accordingly that makes things harmonious for all concerned. I have no interest in seeking causes for events. I leave that to the experts.

I don't mind being a puppet at all. As long as I know that every moment Love is pulling my strings.

All my love,