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Monday, February 07, 2005

Why It is Necessary For Me to Stay Awake

In a previous article, Are You Dreaming Again?, I discussed what it means to be dreaming versus being awake. What do I mean by "awake?" I mean being aware that my identity is Spirit/Source/Love which is formless and that this formless being is expressing through this body appearing as Enocia.

In this article, I am proposing that waking up is not only necessary on a personal level to be free of limiting beliefs, but staying awake also helps to erase thoughts of disharmony we have all contributed to within the human collective consciousness.

Two nights ago I thought I would go to sleep by staying awake, if that makes any sense. I had no intention of meditating but I wanted to have the benefit of inner silence without the effort. I know that Self never sleeps. I can be one with Self all day but when it comes to bedtime, this is when we part company. Hahaha! You see, I love sleeping. I could sleep for days if giving the chance. How to reconcile my love for sleep and staying permanently awake where I don't start dreaming again? This is a tricky dilemma. I stayed in inner silence while lying down. The old habit of falling asleep while lying down kicked in. I felt as if I was fighting myself. The moment I fell asleep and started dreaming, a part of me woke myself up. After some time I surrendered and said to Self to keep me awake as I know I'm already awake. I promptly fell asleep. I dreamt I was awake while I was asleep. What an odd dream. I had other dreams too which I can't recall now. I woke up to find my eyes open and I was in total bliss. Could I be in two states at the same time? Not likely. One is real and the other is illusion. While I was lying in blissful silence with my eyes open, a part of me had been dreaming. Remind you of something? This is what life is about, isn't it? Our real Self is awake while we are dreaming ourselves into all sorts of situations. (smile)

Lying blissfully awake while I was supposedly sleeping reminds me of babies. A baby might be perfectly happy lying in his cot gurgling away or nibbling at his toes. Only when he is in need of something will you hear him cry. I was like a baby in complete bliss while someone else was dreaming. That state of being in bliss is staying awake.

Have you ever had a thought of someone and had an emotional reaction? The reaction could be pleasant or unpleasant? I have. It's a habit I have formed based on memory. The person could have changed but in my thoughts the person remains the same and behaves in the same old way. One way I have devised to free myself from this habit is to be in silence. The moment I have a thought and I'm tempted to react in the old way I escape into silence. Sometimes it takes several attempts for the habit to disappear but persistence achieves the objective. When I am in silence I am free from memory - pleasant or unpleasant.

I used to suffer with eczema. I used all sorts of skin products and sometimes they disappeared for a few months and then they were back again. I would find the product was no longer effective and get my doctor to prescribe a stronger dose, which worked until it stopped working...etc. I then tried another version of healing by denying the belief. When I no longer had the belief in eczema, it disappeared. One thing that plagued me from time to time was itching. It was like getting rid of the visible effects while still having the symptoms. The way I see it, to deny the belief of something is replacing one belief with another. Beliefs are thoughts. Beliefs are dreams. I now use inner silence because in silence there is no cause. In silence there are no thoughts, beliefs or dreams. Where there are no dreams in thought there can be no thoughts in forms.

For those who use Truth to heal, you find that if you, the one upholding Truth on behalf of the patient, have the form very much in your thought, the healing will not work. In the scriptures, Jesus puts it this way:

"For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses." (Matthew 6: 14-15)
In other words, if you haven't let go of the form in your own thought, if the disease is very real for you, there's no chance of letting it go on behalf of another because Universal Energy can only express through you what you believe to be true. But when you are in silence, there are no thoughts to let go of. It is a short-cut method if you have the discipline. The Father principle/Universal Energy can then flow through you and heal your patient with the human equivalent of no thoughts, which is no manifestation of the disease.

On a much wider scale, when one is awake and stays awake i.e. in silence, the state of no thoughts is made manifest in the human realm. You have an intention of what dreams you wish to erase. Then you retreat into inner silence. Silence flows out as pure Energy which erases the dream effects. Silence is Love therefore this Energy will be experienced by those who are open to it and will be inspired to dream new dreams. As always everyone has freewill. You can choose to dream new blissful dreams or you can continue to dream fearful dreams. I like how this is explained in the following excerpts from "Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East:"

"The divinity that shapes your destinies is not a mighty person molding you as a potter molds his clay but a Mighty Divine Power—within and all around you and around and in all substance—which is yours to use as you will. If you do not realize this, you cannot have confidence in yourselves. The greatest cure for inharmony is the knowledge that it is not from God and that God never did create it.

"The brain has the quality of receiving and recording the vibrations of any object that the eye conveys to it. The vibrations of the lights and shades and colors are all recorded. It also has the quality of reproducing these vibrations and projecting them out again, this time through the inner vision; then we again see the picture the eye has conveyed. You are reproducing this in your camera every time you expose a sensitized plate. That plate receives and records the vibrations that the object you wish to photograph sends out. After the vibrations are received and recorded on the plate, you must fix the results on the plate, if they are to become permanent so that you can see them. It will be only a short time before you will find that the movements and colors of the objects that you photograph can be recorded and projected by first fixing and then returning or projecting the lights and colors at the same rate of vibration at which they were received and fixed.

"It is the same with thought and word and act. Each selective set of brain cells takes up and records its corresponding set of vibrations and, when these vibrations are repeated and projected, they can be reproduced just as they took place, if the cells are held directly to their duty.

"There is also another set of selective brain cells that can receive, record, and fix the vibrations of the thoughts, acts, motions, and pictures that other bodies or forms send out. These vibrations can be again reproduced and projected and you can so arrange these cells that you can reproduce the words and motions of these bodies or objects and even the thoughts of those that send them out. Through these cells you can assist others as well as yourself to control their thoughts. It is through these cells that accidents and calamities are brought about, such as wars, earthquakes, floods, fires and all the trouble that mortal man is heir to. Someone either sees a thing happen or images it as happening; the corresponding vibration is fixed in the cells, sent out to be impressed on the corresponding cells of other brains, then again projected back, until the thing is so fixed that it happens.

"All these things can be avoided if the thought that sustains them is immediately withdrawn and the vibrations are not allowed to be fixed upon those brain cells, so that those particular vibrations cannot be again projected. It is through this set of cells that all calamities are foretold." Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Volume 2

So you can see how staying awake can help manifest harmonious human experience so long as it is with the awareness that harmony already is. In other words, I cannot create what already exists.

Ultimately, being in silence is going beyond the human realm of thoughts and cause/effects. It is being what we truly are - awareness. Awareness is self-sustaining. Actually, there is no need for sustenance as awareness is infinity i.e. limitless. Only when one is dreaming that one is apart from infinity does one need to be sustained.

Humanity is and has always been one with the Infinite. It is only our beliefs that have fooled us into dreaming we are finite beings. What happens when you're dreaming something you don't wish to experience? You wake up and it's gone. Even when it is a pleasant dream, and there is not enough energy to sustain the dream, you wake up and it's gone. I'm saying all experiences are dreams. You could choose to dream lovely dreams or not. Being in the silence gives you unlimited energy so you can dream impossible dreams, if that's what you choose. Or you can choose to stay in silence and channel that pure energy to help others dream impossible dreams.

Another thing about being in silence is that when you have access to unlimited energy, you can dream effortlessly. There is no need to struggle. You observe as Energy is manifested as the very thing needed. When Energy is doing the work, all things are possible.

I have discussed that being awake means being in silence. How do I stay awake? I remind myself when I am dreaming. I either say "You're dreaming again!" or "Wakey, wakey!" The most important thing for me to remember is to be fully conscious when I am dreaming; that I am choosing to have that experience.

Staying awake is the purpose of my life.

I am Silence,

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