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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Are You Doing It For Yourself?

"Now there was a time when we used to say
That behind every great man
There had to be a great woman
Oh, in these times of change
You know that it's no longer true
So we're coming out of the kitchen
'cause there's something we forgot to say to you

It's that sisters are doin' it for themselves
Standing on their own two feet, and ringing on their own bells
We said sisters are doing it for themselves" Aretha Franklin and Eurythmics
Is it possible to do it all by yourself? That rather depends on whether we are speaking from the human or spiritual perspective.

The Human Perspective

There's a myth one can buy into that you are doing it all by yourself. This myth has given rise to another myth of the modern "superwoman." As women we believe we are inherently able to think and do many things at once which derives from the belief that you are doing everything by yourself, "standing on your own two feet" etc. You feel you are on your own and not being helped, even though in reality you are, as we are all interconnected. Everyone is playing his or her part.

Let's take the myth of the "superwoman" able to juggle her career, family and social life. If her life is successful she is obviously being helped. Her partner and kids are obviously co-operating, each doing their part to bring harmony into the family life; her colleagues are obviously helping her at work; and her friends and society are obviously co-operating with her. But the myth would have you believe that she is doing it all by herself.

The danger is if you buy into that myth of doing it yourself then you will end up manifesting it in this reality. It will seem as if everyone is against you. You will even feel tired, irritable and unhappy. You will experience your world as conflicting parts where people you attract have the view of "Nothing is for free, everything has to be earned, even love." With this reality people are fearful of losing what they believe they've achieved on their own and resentful of others who they perceive as trying to deprive them of what they've worked so hard to achieve. Your body will even appear to be against you; the different parts/organs will appear to be in constant battle resulting in disease. And so it continues. What I'm describing is the typical example of a life lived on the ego-consciousness, one dominated by the five senses which convinces you that you are doing things by yourself. There is little or no harmony in this reality.

The truth is you are NEVER doing it by yourself. We are all being helped. No matter what you are doing, there is always someone who has helped in the process. As I write this I am aware of the help I'm receiving from the Internet, the computer resource centre, the ideas I'm writing, my body, the consciousness that is in all that makes this happens. So I am being helped and I am very grateful.

The Spiritual Perspective

You are someone who has realised that there is only One Consciousness unfolding in ALL. You have merged your consciousness with the one "I" and know that you are the one perfect "I." When you are coming from that level of Perfection your thoughts of Truth will instantly find channels to make them appear as forms, or they will manifest instantly. You are also aware, however, that you create nothing as all of creation already exists as formless. Your intention is simply unfolding thoughts into form. You are still being helped by Consciousness to make this happen.

Whichever way you look at it, one is always being helped. You are never doing anything by yourself.

Doesn't stop me loving that song though. Come on, let's have a sing-song.

"We said sisters are doin' it for themselves (oh yes we are!)
Standing on their own two feet, and ringing on their own bells.
Sisters are doin' it for themselves" Aretha Franklin and Eurythmics
Love and Light,

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