Vector8 Journals

Monday, March 14, 2005

Expect Nothing But the Best

From my experiences, I have observed two constants about reality. First, I exist. Second, the universe is forever supporting EVERYONE in their choices, beliefs or expectations.

I know I exist as consciousness which I call Love and my real Self; and this Self knows nothing of human discords. I love the way this Self is described thus:

"I will share with you what the Ascended Masters have said about it but suffice it to say that in the unascended lifestream the Mighty I AM Presence is blissfully unaware of what is going on here of discord. I can recall, and those of you who have had children will also recall, times in your own life maybe when you were very burdened by what was going on in your experience and your little two-year old toddler with the golden curls would come into the room bubbling, happy as could be, and in that sense blissfully unaware of the world in which you lived, totally free of whatever the burdens and the consciousness of your life might be. And thank goodness there really wasn’t any way for that little two-year old to ever really appreciate the crisis that you were going through. That is the closest approximation I can give you of the consciousness of the God Self that is too pure to behold inequity.Co-Creating With God
Does this mean anything that is unlike the God Self is not experienced? It would seem that there is an in-built mechanism that rejects anything that is not in harmony with Its frequency. For instance, when I have had an experience that was not in harmony with the Love that I am, I either dismissed it as nothing or I laughed at it, which reduced it to nothing.

But why have experiences of disharmony at all? Don't we get outraged when we hear of babies being abused or living in "unsafe" environments? How could anyone consider harming an innocent child? Do we not do all we can to have the baby removed from that situation and placed in a loving environment? Do we not do the same to protect our animals? Well, I am innocent too. Why should I expect to be around situations that are not in line with who I am? Why would the pure I Am Presence expect me in situations that are unlike Itself? Unless it is because of my beliefs. Bear in mind that the universe supports everyone in their choices, beliefs or expectations.

I believe there is a dominant paradigm within the spiritual community which I call the "crucifixion complex." It is a belief that many on the spiritual "path" have bought into. This is when you go round expecting to have experiences that will teach you about love, or that will enable you to demonstrate love. So you have someone behaving badly, as we all agree on that term, and you think "How wonderful! This is a perfect opportunity for me to be myself and demonstrate that I am Love. I can prove to myself that I don't judge anyone as people are doing the best they can. I am being given the opportunity to practise forgiveness."

Incidentally, in today's Metro Newspaper (14 March) a survey was carried out in a city called Luton in Bedfordshire, UK, to find the most popular quote/saying. The one that came on top was "All you need is love," from the Beatles song. That just shows how programmed we are to need love rather than be love. No doubt if you need love, the universe will find someone to love you. At least number 2 was "To thine own self be true."

Society reveres someone who has experienced dire situations and come out victorious because, as majority perceive the experience, s/he was able to find the inner strength to conquer that situation. It's all very well, but does one have to go through challenges to demonstrate who you are? I guess it's a matter of one's expectations.

So many have bought into the idea that you have to either suffer so you realise who you truly are; or you have to attract experiences that will enable you to express who you are. I don't see this as good or bad, it's up to the individual. It is up to me to choose what I wish to experience. I've definitely been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. It's time for a change of scenery.

Another belief within the spiritual community is that earth is a place that needs lots of light and light workers are here to bring light through healing and teaching. From my experience I have witnessed that more and more healing techniques are being dreamed up. Doesn't it make sense that more and more people are going to require healing? Even good old Mother-Earth is bound to throw the occasional tantrum so we would have the opportunity to practise our wonderful healing techniques on Her. The universe supports our beliefs, right?

This is the way I see life on earth. Let's take water as an example. The formless Spirit exists as various forms of water. There is water as idea; water as energy; water as solid (ice); water as liquid (fluid); water as gas (hydrogen and oxygen). In the same way, Spirit takes different forms or planes of reality; thus, earth is concretised Spirit. Earth is perfect just like ice is perfect. Earth is simply a place where once can experience all good ideas as forms. How you do this is based on choice.

Since the universe is supporting everyone in every way, why not choose a different expectation? You can choose to go with the dominant view of reality that expects challenges to express love; or you can expect experiences that are all good, as you perceive good, right Now.

I now choose right here on earth only effortless experiences and relationships that are loving, harmonious, peaceful, truthful, unlimited, beautiful and abundant.

There is nothing to prove. I expect nothing but the best.

In Love and Light,