Vector8 Journals

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Game of Asking and Receiving

I'm waiting for a bus at the station. There are four double-decker buses already parked in the tiny space. A single-decker bus, the one I'm waiting for, pulls in. I am wondering how the driver is going to manoeuvre itself around the others but he does a fine job. I turn to the man beside me.

"Hey, do you know what the noun is for a collection of buses? There is a word for everything so there's got to be one."
"I don't know, mate," he says.

I let it slide. It's not important.

It's the next day and I'm back at the same station. I hear a passenger complaining that there are too many buses for the tiny space. "There is a whole convoy here!"

Aha, "convoy" sounds like the noun I was looking for.

I got to thinking, when you release a thought does the thought follow you around until it attracts an appropriate response? Or does it hang around where you had the thought?

On second thought, the question and the answer always arise as one. Asking is simply a game one plays; one pretends that one does not know. Then someone comes along willing to play the game and away we go.

I have lots more questions I want answered. I guess I'm saying I'm looking for more people to play with.

First things first. I wonder what the proper noun is for a whole load of questions?