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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How One Can Make Something Out of Nothing

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." (John 7: 24)
You've arranged to meet up with a friend at a particular time. You don't have a mobile phone so your friend can't reach you. You wait and wait and your friend doesn't arrive. After forty five minutes you decide you've had enough and you leave. You are very angry with your friend for letting you down. You return home in a foul mood. There is a message on your answer phone. It's your friend wondering if you're OK as she'd arrived as planned and you hadn't turned up. You are too angry to listen to your friend's lies. You wipe off her message.

To calm down, you turn the television on. As you watch the news you have a thought that it's on at the wrong time. It is then you realise that the clocks have gone forward and you had forgotten to change your watch. You had arrived at the right time in your reality, of course, but an hour late for your friend. You phone your friend to apologise. You have a good laugh about it and you arrange to meet up later.

A similar thing happened to my mother the other day. She got dressed to go to church. It was only after she'd left that I realised the clock had gone forward. I wondered whether she would realise on her way to church. In her reality she was still early. She arrived at church around 10.20 am expecting the church to be empty. She was stunned to find so many people in the church and that the service had already started. Then she realised it was actually 11.20 am and she was late.

The above example is how one can make something out of nothing. In your mind you can create situations that have nothing to do with reality. You can even make yourself ill based on your interpretation of reality and all because of nothing.

Never judge according to appearances. You never know when someone's living in another time zone and making something out of nothing.

Love and Light,