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Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm Only Playing With My Food!

On the bus yesterday I spoke to a young Australian man who was complaining about the weather. He said he wasn't enjoying it - he's been in the UK for three months. He'd exchanged the heat of Canberra for the wonderful British winter. He handed me and another passenger a free day-pass to the gym where he works so we could have free health checks. I politely accepted. The other passenger said he needed to work on his upper body strength. The Aussie guy said he was working on his stomach paunch, which was the result of kegs of beer. I teased him about how in Australia they have drive-in off-licences. I remember being both shocked and amused to discover that one could buy alcohol while still in one's car. This doesn't exist in the UK.

Later on, I pondered over what the Australian man had said about his tummy. He believed beer he consumed in the past has accumulated over time to form excess fat around his midriff. It's the same reason why people go on diets because they believe what you eat accumulates to form fatty tissues around you. If you don't put on weight you are considered to have a high metabolism which burns off the fat.

Conventional science would have us believe that most of our body is empty space. Of course what is empty needs to be filled which takes time. As the body continuously recycles what we eat and rejects what is not needed, the empty space needs to be filled otherwise we end up suffering from a lack in a particular nutrient.

But what about another perspective? I know there is no space, that all apparent space is filled with universal energy. Since there is nothing but energy where is the space for food? This suggests that whether we eat or don't eat, we are always the same. In other words, you can't take away from or add anything to infinity.

To eat is to pretend universal energy doesn't exist.

To eat is to pretend you are lacking in something.

To eat is to pretend you have lots of space which needs filling.

To eat is to pretend that it takes time for the space to be filled and that there are always consequences; either you end up getting fat, or your body creates more empty space so you end up losing weight.

We have kept this illusion going on because many people benefit. This illusion creates jobs for people in the food industry including supermarkets and farmers, medicine, gym instructors, nutritionists, restaurants etc. So we have to keep this illusion going that what you eat or drink has consequences in time. When you know there is no space to fill, there is no time arising out of this.

Does this mean one who is aware that there is no space can't play the game? Yes one can choose to eat with the awareness that they are only playing and that the food does nothing and is nothing. At least I choose to play that game.

Later in the evening on another bus, five Polish guys got on. They sat next to me. Two of them started drinking vodkas. One guy told me the Polish equivalent for "cheers" but I forget now what it is. They even asked me to join them at the local pub but I politely declined. Maybe, I should have given one of the guys the free day gym pass I was given earlier. (Smile)

In Light and Love,

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