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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Impersonal is Personal is Impersonal

The other day I was in a coffee shop when the song Let's Get It On by the late Rhythm and Blues singer, Marvin Gaye, came on. I abandoned the book I was reading and enjoyed the music. What an amazing song!

Later, I pondered over how we all contribute to humanity. Marvin Gaye has long since passed away from the human scene and yet, we are still being blessed with his music. Whether Marvin wrote the music or someone else did, they probably started off from personal experience or observation. Then the songs were put out into the public sphere for all of us to enjoy. In the human experience, things seem to move from the personal to the impersonal.

I wonder who owns the publishing rights? Now that music can be easily accessed on the Internet, it raises the question about copyright. Who owns the ideas? It doesn't matter who has the publishing rights or who enjoys the royalties, we can all enjoy the songs from an impersonal perspective.

In the same way, my stories and articles are based on principles I'm living now. The moment I publish these ideas on the Internet, they are no longer personal but impersonal. I have no control over how they are interpreted nor do I particularly care.

What is personal becomes impersonal. I believe this applies to all human experiences, even those considered to be horrific. There have been many stories from survivors of various wars that were personal at the time but have now become impersonal stories, which many readers have found inspirational.

I believe, ultimately, the originator of all ideas is the Impersonal Self. This Impersonal Self expresses through all in a personal and individual way. Thus, the Impersonal takes form as the personal and as we live our lives and share them with others, our stories and songs become impersonal. Someone inspired by a story or song makes it personal and so it goes on.

No matter how we live our lives, each of us is valuable. Our life stories/songs are always meaningful to others whether we choose to share them or not.

The Impersonal is the Personal is the Impersonal ad infinitum.

Light and Love.