Vector8 Journals

Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Ingenuity of God

"Ever-new Joy is God. He is inexhaustible; as you continue your meditations during the years, He will beguile you with an infinite ingenuity. Devotees like yourself who have found the way to God never dream of exchanging Him for any other happiness; He is seductive beyond thought of competition.

"How quickly we weary of earthly pleasures! Desire for material things is endless; man is never satisfied completely, and pursues one goal after another. The 'something else' he seeks is the Lord, who alone can grant lasting joy." Autobiography of a Yogi
Yesterday I met a woman at a bus stop. We exchanged smiles. I said she had a wonderful smile. She said, "Well if you have it you've got to spend it." I thought that was lovely. I've never had the Light described in that way before.

Later on my way home on a bus I saw a young woman with her push chair. There was a passenger standing in the space reserved for buggies. He moved out of the way. Another woman's hands reached out to help the woman secure the buggy in the space. The baby in the buggy was fast asleep and oblivious to what was going on around him.

This reminded me of how I see the Infinite Spirit: the Divine Mother with infinite arms meeting everyone's needs. We are to trust in the Infinite the way a baby does; at peace knowing that he is being looked after.

A man got on the bus and sat beside me. He had two boxes of pizza. I decided to tease him. "Is one of them for me?" He smiled and explained that a friend who runs a pizza shop gave him the pizzas. He asked me whether I cooked. I said occasionally. I had already decided I didn't fancy a meal that evening, maybe toast or a bowl of cereal. The man offered me one box of pizza. "Take it," he said. "One box is enough for me." He insisted and I graciously accepted.

When I went home, my mother and I shared God's pizza.

Another day of the ingenuity of God. I wonder what God has in store for all of us today?

All my love,