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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Judging No One's Path

"There are two main lines of evolution, that which concerns matter and form, and that which concerns the soul, the unconsciousness aspect, the thinker in manifestation. For each of these the path of progress differs and each pursues its course. As has been noted, for a long period of time, the soul identifies itself with the form aspect and endeavours to follow the "Path of Death" for that is what the dark path is in fact to the thinker. Later, through strenuous effort, this identification ceases; the soul becomes aware of itself, and of its own path, or dharma, and follows then the way of light and of life." (The Light of the Soul: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, with commentary by Alice A Bailey)
You know it can be so tempting to instruct others how to live their lives. You hear someone saying what you consider to be lies, what do you do? Do you tell him outright that what he is saying is not Truth as you understand Truth or do you honour the person's right to "evolve" in the way that is right for him?

I have observed that many people identify themselves as their bodies, family background, race, class, gender, nationality, education, occupation, religious beliefs, intellect or emotions. Someone whose world-view is dominated by forms is not going to understand a reality where the individual sees herself as a no-thing, the formless Spirit. I used to experienced the world through forms. Much of what I'm experiencing now will be gobbledygook to the old me. Amazing how people change. I'm not saying it's a change for the good, it is simply a reality that works for me now.

Someone who identifies herself as Spirit finds human thoughts and beliefs meaningless. When you know you are Spirit that is unborn/undying, you are not going to engage in a debate about what kinds of food can make you sick or kill you. It is meaningless.

When you know you are One with all life, all forms of discrimination or separatist doctrines are meaningless.

When you know that you are Truth, you are not going to go looking for a teacher. If you so choose, you could commune with like-minded people to share experiences, but you never defend your experiences. You appreciate that Truth has infinite forms of expressions. You respect other people's paths and don't impose your way on others.

A personal example is that I find the study of human DNA to understand the origin of diseases and to discover various cures meaningless. From my perspective, there is no cause, only Spirit which is causeless. Why study that which is an illusion? Trying to explain this view to someone who has a different world view is pointless. Truth has to be experienced not proselytised.

It would seem that there are two dominant paths: those on the path of forms who believe they are evolving and getting better and better; and those who know that reality is formless and is now, therefore, there is no evolution, life is simply an expression of what is.

It is not up to me to show others how to live their lives. All is unfolding perfectly according to people's beliefs.

I accept people are what they are.
I judge no one's path.

Light and Love,