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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Kingdom is Yours For Free

"Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." (Luke 12: 32)
"We shall live henceforth without the strain of personal effort, without anxious forethought, knowing that our Father, the Overself, will make all the necessary effort and forethought on our behalf, itself working either through us or through others." ("The Quest of the Overself" by Paul Brunton, p.304)
I believe we can have all our needs met for free which include perfect health, love, peace, joy, wisdom, fulfilment, and all good that makes one's life worthwhile. While the Source did not create a barter system of exchange, Source is very much aware of the human way and can work around it to give one the Kingdom for free. To make this into a reality we must realise that we are all being helped every step of the way, whether one is aware of this or not.

How do I know all our needs can be met for free? I know because these ideas I'm spouting off are free. I didn't pay for them. I simply pondered and let the ideas flow through which I find useful and I'm including them here because others might find them useful too. Ask any artist or writer and they will confirm that they never have to pay for ideas, they are constantly pouring through them. Energy is also for free. Alas, people have come up with the idea that energy is also a system of exchange, thus perpetuating a reality based on lack where everything has to be bought or that you have to earn a living.

I'm not saying that one doesn't need to work, but there's a whole lot of difference between working and earning a living. Working is what gives one joy and what makes one's life meaningful; it is the expression of one's passion for life whether one is paid or not. Earning a living is based on the belief that it is the only way one can have one’s needs met, which is simply not true.

I maintain that one can enjoy all good for free as the very substance of the universe is free. You only need to ask, believing it already exists and watch it come to pass. Universal Intelligence is like those automatic doors that sense when someone is about to enter and open automatically. Universal Intelligence senses what your needs are and goes about making this happen in three ways: it might seem to come through the individual; through others; or mysteriously appear.

What do I mean by "it might seem to come through the individual?" Let's say you fancy cooking yourself a lovely meal. You buy the ingredients and prepare the meal. Once you've finished you feel proud that you've cooked it all by yourself. From the bigger picture perspective where there is only the one "I" of course You did and a fabulous job you did too. But at the human level, I say you are deluded. You had a lot of help preparing that meal. How? If it was a vegetarian meal you prepared, did you grow the vegetables? Did you stack the vegetables on the supermarket shelf? What about the other cooking ingredients, did you prepare the spices you used? Did you originate the idea for the recipe you used? Thus, you the individual is only an instrumental through which ideas were channelled through to prepare the meal.

The next way Universal Intelligence meets our needs is through others. We are all agents for the Intelligence to work through. The omnipresent Intelligence goes about influencing situations and people to help bring your desire into manifestation. How this happens is a mystery on the human level and there is no use speculating. All you can do is expect the unexpected.

Yesterday evening I witnessed the Universal Intelligence at work. A man on the bus asked another passenger how long it would take to get to his destination, as he was worried he was going to arrive late. The other passenger assured him he would make it. I also knew he would make it as I was going to the same place. The man was also very new to London and was anxious about finding another job. The passenger he was speaking to got off the bus and was replaced by a female passenger. The man started a conversation with her. She was very sympathetic with the man's situation as she's only been living in the UK for two months and has already got a job. She advised him about how to go about getting his national insurance number. She even wrote down the address of an agency where the man could find work in a restaurants as soon as possible. When she got off at her stop I knew it was my turn. Sure enough the man turned round and asked me how much further to his stop. I told him. When we arrived at the bus stop, I directed him to the station.

In this example Universal Intelligence used different instruments to have the man's needs met according to his beliefs. They were all for free. What I found interesting was the instruments were more than happy to share their information. I wonder if this is why people say "It's my pleasure," after they've helped someone? Perhaps it's because they don't mind doing what they love to help another person feel loved. Just this morning I ran an errand for my mother. It was a long bus journey which gave me an opportunity to ponder on these ideas I'm now writing. When I returned she said she felt guilty for taking up my time. I said it was my pleasure. Why would I mind when I love travelling by bus?

The third way Universal Intelligence meets one's needs is when the Intelligence manifests the answer instantly. No instrument is required just a belief that all things are possible. Only last week, I booked a computer at the local library for an hour. At the end of the session I thought of extending it for another hour. There is usually a reminder on screen telling you when you have five minutes remaining which prompts you to ask for more time if you need it, but it didn't appear. It then occurred to me that my time had been extended automatically by Universal Intelligence. This has happened several times and it's becoming a habit. How this works, I haven't got a clue.

A while back when I was helping a friend move a table in his house, there wasn't enough space to move it through the door. After a few attempts I sent out a "help" in thought. We witnessed the wall melt away which created enough space for the table to go through.

I believe in order that for this third way to become habitual it's about getting used to depending on the Source Energy directly. Maybe you start off by depending on Source for healing. You don't look outside for healing nor do you get tempted to give yourself self-healing, you simply know you are already perfect and observe perfect health manifested. And perhaps with more practice you start to trust in this method and expect it to happen automatically, though you never know how or when it works. You only know that it is the Intelligence doing the work.

This paradigm where all our needs are free is like working for a particular employer. This is an equal opportunity employer where everyone is both director and equal share-holder; thus, each employee is Self-employed. As you take on more responsibilities, i.e. trust in the power of Source, you get to express that reality. Naturally, it looks good for the company when you express greater parts of Self. This company really knows how to look after its employees which attracts lots of prospective employees. There are zillions of vacancies available and the company accepts anyone that is interested. All you have to do is say you are available, willing and agree with the company's mission.

The company's mission is to promote the truth that infinite Love is the only power and all there is. In this company everyone is doing what s/he loves on the one hand, while promoting the company's mission. Your job is dual: be the company's representative while playing your part in the human drama. Your job is effectively your life. My part is living a life that demonstrates Love as the only power and sharing my truth which others might find helpful.

This company is your Source and supply and you NEVER look to the human realm (other employment). You then trust in Source to meet your needs in the material form however it comes, but for free. If Source manifests the material in a form that needs to be bought in the human realm, the money will come for free.

Alas, not many people are willing to take up employment in this company. To do so one has to agree with the company's mission and trusting that it can meet your needs. As far as I am aware, the company never gives up on anyone and will always accept former employees and new employees.

The Kingdom is ours for free. We just need to trust in Source. Trusting in Source is trusting in ourselves.

Love and Light,