Vector8 Journals

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Yesterday morning on the bus a young man smiled at me and I smiled back. He sat behind me. He asked me where I was going. I said I was off to do some grocery shopping.

He said, "Is it possible for me to get to know you better?"

There are times when I'm in a mood to play along but at that moment I said, "You already know me."
"You already know me. There is a place where we are all connected, and in that place you already know all there is to know about me."
"But I want to get to know you."
"You already do. We are One"
"OK, I see what you mean. Is it possible to get to know you another way?"
"It's not possible," I said. "I am not available."

He said he understood and it was fine.

"You know, I see so much good in your life," I said. "What else can there be but good in your life."
"Yeah, but it doesn't matter whether my life is good or bad, I know God is there."
"Reminds me of my favourite song, Let's Stay Together."

I sang part of the song for him,

"Loving you whether, whether times are good or bad, happy or sad."
He smiled. "It's like a marriage, innit?" he said. "God loves you no matter what's going on in my life."
"God knows why my life has turned out the way it has, but I know He is walking with me every step of the way."
"Yeah He is."

Soon, it was time for me to get off. With a final wave he was gone. He didn't get a girlfriend that morning but we remembered our eternal friendship and marriage in Heaven.

With love,