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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Peace Is

"Forget the self and you will fear nothing, in whatever level of awareness you find yourself to be." Don Juan Matus, The Active Side of Infinity
Imagine you are travelling on the bus and someone behind you is gasbagging on her mobile phone. Her voice is so loud, you can feel a headache coming on. You wish you can have some peace. Then you hear the Voice within, which I sometimes call Clever Clogs (CC).

CC: What if this woman wasn't sitting behind you, would you feel peace?

EJ: Maybe.

CC: Imagine she's not here, disconnect from her voice. Do you feel peace?

EJ: A bit, but I still feel a bit funny, can't describe the feeling but I feel kind of strange.

CC: What if you didn't have any emotions to feel, would you have peace?

EJ: Let me, my thoughts are all over the place. I can't think straight.

CC: OK, what if you didn't have a mind to think? What if you had no thoughts, would you still have peace?

EJ: Hmmm! I see where you're going with this CC.

CC: What if you didn't exist as a human, would you have peace?

EJ: Yeah, I would have would be peace because peace exists independent of the human experience, right?

CC: Correct.

EJ: Peace has no beginning or end, it is forever formless.

CC: Correct. Peace is.

EJ: I remember having the following insight: "The world will appear to be in pieces until we realise peace is."

CC: Who do you think gave you that insight?

EJ: Clever Clogs, naturally.

CC: The one and only.

EJ: Since peace already exists as the formless, this means love already exists without end as the formless, right?

CC: Correct.

EJ: This also means that no one can bring more love into the world. Hang on a minute...what about those teachers who claim they are here to bring more love into the world?

CC: Pure delusion! All There Is exists as formlessness. It is who you are. Before you appeared as the human form you were and always are the formless.

EJ: Since all exists as the formless, how is the formless made manifest?

CC: By first of all realising that Love, Peace, Wisdom, Perfection, Harmony, Power, All Good is and who you are. You are to constantly remember who you are. In fact, that is what it means to be spiritual - a practice or ritual of remembering that one is Spirit.

The Intelligence of All There Is works perfectly, but if you believe you know better or can help as a human, you lose sight of what is already present and perfect.

Once you are aware of the ever-existing Presence of All There Is, you trust in It to work through you, the human. Let's say you're contemplating the formless Love which is infinite. This Love will be translated in the human realm according to your expectation. Never presume that the Intelligence works through all in an identical manner. For example, people tend to interpret someone smiling as expressing affection, admiration or friendship. There are times when someone is smiling at you but having not so nice thoughts about you. So never presume what is right for you is always right for everyone. The Intelligence of All There Is manifests according to your preference as a human. The same applies for all species. Thus, the Intelligence works on an individual basis. Remember that the Intelligence is not under any law humans have dreamed up laws of nature, physics, material, and cause and effect. All There Is is causeless. Expect the unexpected.

EJ: So what you're saying is that the Formless, such as peace, has always existed. It is causeless i.e. not under any laws and can thus appear in a human form if we let it.

CC: Correct. Your job is to rest in the truth, trust in who you are and let the formless Love, Peace, Wisdom etc be without laws and rules. The Intelligence already knows you more than you know yourself. You can't force it. Don't try to heal or make things happen. All Good exists and will manifest if you get out of the way. This is what I mean when I spoke through Don Juan Matus: "Forget the self and you will fear nothing." Trust and let the All There Is work through you, through others or appear as It will.

EJ: Thank you CC.

CC: My pleasure.

With love,

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