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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Power of Prayer

"Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks." (1 Thessalonians 5: 17-18)
From time to time, I practice telekinesis i.e. moving objects with thought, at least I try to. (smile) While I was at the bookshop yesterday, I lifted a book in thought and dropped it on the floor. What I was effectively doing was playing with light/energy. In my mind's eye, I saw the book as light moving to the floor which was also light. A woman came along and picked up a book from the pile of books where I had been playing with light, but didn't drop it on the floor. Then I had a thought. What if someone came and picked up a book and dropped it on the floor and I wasn't around to witness this with my senses, would the experiment have been a failure or a success? Is an experiment successful only when there is an observer?

On the way home on the bus, I felt cramped as there wasn't enough leg room between me and the passenger sitting in front of me. I wished I could travel in comfort. I closed my eyes and instantly felt comfortable. I had entered the formless state of being that is not limited by time or space. After a while I had a thought: "Is a prayer answered only when you can discern the evidence through your senses?" I opened my eyes and realised the passenger had moved to another seat. I now had ample leg room. I wouldn't have known my prayer had been answered if my eyes were still closed. Put another way, just because the wish hadn't manifested instantly doesn't mean the wish wasn't answered. The moment the thought went out it was so, but in the invisible Spirit.

Now, what do I mean by prayer? A prayer is an acknowledgement of or merging with the omnipotent Spirit within and without. Prayer is being in silence when I am being Spirit or putting out a wish or intent. Spirit doesn't operate the way we do as humans. For instance, yesterday evening I had a stomach ache. I acknowledged in thought that I am perfect health. Based on the physical senses, my prayer didn't appear to have been answered. But I knew I was already perfect. How? By going beyond the senses. Spirit has no feelings or sensations, otherwise it will be material. I know I am one with Spirit when I am still and feel blissful. This stillness is then translated into the human realm as "no pain." or health. To look for evidence first in the human with the senses is not spiritual prayer but the human idea of prayer. The irony is that when you see, feel, taste, hear and smell nothing, you are actually being Spirit. But your senses will have you believe there is nothing there because your prayer has not been answered. What a paradox!

I believe all prayers are answered in Spirit but how they are manifested depends on one's expectation. The following is a summary of the different levels of manifestation.

Manifesting at different densities
In simplicity, this is how it works in the densities most pertinent for our purposes:

3D: Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Effort -> Materialization
4D: Spirit -> Thought -> Emotion -> Materialization
5D: Spirit -> Thought -> Materialization
6D: Spirit -> Materialization

Moving into the 4th density it becomes important to clarify one's feelings, because one will get whatever one feels. So, the necessary processing is about getting to feel what one really wants to feel. Moving into the 5th density, the issue would be to think what one really intends. Materialization
Let's say someone who only believes in what she can sense prays for healing. While she might know what it feels like to be in perfect health, which she already is in Spirit, because she believes she has to do something, she will never expect instant manifestation. This individual might go to a doctor, take pills, have therapy, etc and expect healing that way.

There are those who believe that one has to feel the emotional state as evidence that you have healing. "How would you feel if you were in perfect health?" People in this paradigm believe emotion is a vital part of manifestation.

There are people who need to visualise the result of prayer. Others ponder on truth principles and once one realises the truth, the realisation is what brings about the manifestation.

And there are those who have realised that there is only one reality, and it is Spirit. As it is written in the scriptures:

"Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit." (Zechariah 4: 6)
Praying is simply acknowledging what already exists as formless Spirit and it is so without having to do, use your will power, or realise any truth.

I believe one can delay or prevent manifestations by one's belief. Some of the obstacles to instant manifestations are: believing that nothing comes for free; believing that you have to play your part; and believing in cause and effect.

If you believe nothing comes for free, it's going to be pretty difficult to accept instant manifestation when you're so used to exchange. If you believe in God, what will you exchange for healing? What do you give someone who has everything?

The second belief that you have to play your part is the biggest obstacle of all. If you believe the omnipotent One needs help to heal you, and you have to play your part by using your powers, the Intelligence will let you get on with it. Once you have exhausted all your resources and your fancy techniques, you can then turn to the Intelligence within you. You soon realise that the Intelligence works perfectly without mortal help. You only need to trust in Spirit.

The third obstacle is the belief in cause and effect. If you are always looking for a cause for something, you will expect to root out the cause or exchange one cause for another which is manifested as the effect. If you are sick you look for a physical cause from your doctor, emotional and mental cause from your psychiatrist, or spiritual cause from your priest. I believe Spirit is causeless. By this I mean all Good already exists as the formless without beginning or end. You only need to know it is present. Thus, if you are ill you don't bother looking for a cause you simply know who you are as health and let it happen. Looking for causes and rooting out causes might delay or even prevent manifestations.

Incidentally, last night I watched an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation called True Q. A young crew member, Amanda, discovers she has developed powers to change and create reality instantly. A Q ambassador, from the Q-Continuum of omnipotent beings, is sent to investigate whether Amanda is a true Q. Q creates situations to test Amanda's powers out which confirm she is a Q. Q decides he must guide Amanda as to how to use her powers.

At one point, Amanda is assisting the doctor with an experiment to see how long it will take to grow some specimens. Q decides to use this as an opportunity to teach Amanda how to speed up the process. She completes the experiment in no time. The doctor is not happy with the result as she had expected it in human time. Q tells Amanda she shouldn't waste her time with human effort; she is a Q and should act like one.

Amanda discovers that her parents were also Qs. Apparently, her parents had agreed that while they were living on earth they will not use their powers. But they broke their agreement and were killed by a vortex of Energy while they were living in Kansas. (Hmmm! Reminds me of how the wicked witch of the East was killed in the movie, The Wizard of Oz.) Q tells Amanda that the Qs have decided to let her live but she also has to make a decision: she can live as a mortal and not use her powers, or she can move to the Q-Continuum and live as a Q. Amanda decides to stay on the ship. Soon there is an ecological emergency where a planet close by faces destruction. Amanda instantly uses her powers to save the planet and its inhabitants. This makes her realise that she should stop denying who she is. She is a Q. She has to say goodbye to her friends.

Being a Q is rather like living in the realm of Spirit, I reckon.

By the way, there is much talk within the spiritual community about what it means to ascend. I believe ascension is simply a shift of perspective or operating from a new paradigm. Right now on earth there are people living from different paradigms. Each time your world view changes you have "ascended" into another "dimension." When you live as Spirit, you no longer or can no longer act in the way you used to. While you might still look the same in human form, your perspective of the world makes you have different experiences which others might consider miraculous. This is one reason why one should never judge another's "path," nor impose one's beliefs and expectations on another.

When I pray I am thankful for what already is. I do or think nothing and let it happen.

Light and Love,

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