Vector8 Journals

Monday, March 07, 2005

Time, Space and Waiting

You have heard that time is an illusion, right? Have you ever wondered why there seems to be a delay for such and such to occur? It has to do with perception as human as opposed to one's true identity as the Infinite Spirit. By the way you don't stop being human when you move away from this earth plane. If space is very much real for you, you are still human. Thus, human in this context refers to a state of consciousness.

Humans love having space. Look around you, do you notice all that lovely space? You need space to live in; space between you and your neighbours; space between your car and other cars; space between you when you walk; space to be. What is this space exactly? Is space real? Does space exist?

Space appears to be that which is empty. How can something be empty when the universe is filled to the brim with life? You may not be able to perceive what is in the space but that doesn't mean there's nothing there. Empty space is therefore an illusion. The illusion of space, as perceived by humans, has an important purpose on the one hand, but serves to perpetuate the illusion of emptiness on the other.

As an example, look at your human hand. Without space would you have fingers? It is the space that makes you appear to have five fingers on each hand. Here's another example: as you read these words look closer at your computer screen. Notice the colour of the words and the background. What if the words were the same colour as the background, would you be able to decipher what has been written?

Do you see that light is an essential ingredient to experience life? Light creates the illusion of space in order for objects and forms to appear as discrete entities. Light makes the One appear as the many.

Within the human consciousness, space gives you the impression that you have your own body which you can use to experience life. Through those experiences you formulate an identity about yourself. What if you were to treat the space you see around you like the background on a page or computer screen that makes words appear? What if you were to perceive space as a tool only to give you a semblance of individuality so life can be more meaningful, while knowing full well that there is only One appearing as the many? Does this change your perspective? Can you now see that to think of yourself as "only human" is doing yourself a disservice? You are not human, animals, birds, nature, stuff, sun, moon, stars, planets, universe, angels, thoughts, emotions, light you are ALL there is.

What you perceive as space is filled to capacity with life. Where there is no space, can there be time? You only believe it takes time for such and such to occur because you are accustomed to experiencing space and intervals. In actuality, life is in continuous motion: passive or active. Translated in human terms, if you are involved in an experience that is active, such as writing, it is a continuous movement. All your thoughts and actions are focused on writing. If you are involved in a passive activity such as meditation, it is also an ongoing movement. Life is an ongoing movement.

There is a saying: "nature abhors a vacuum." When there is no space or intervals, when you know that life is filled to capacity, can there be a vacuum? When life is an ongoing movement, is there a need to wait? Waiting is an illusion. Space is an illusion.

How do you live with the reality of no time, no space and no waiting?

Accept that your identity is the One appearing as the ALL.
Know that there is no space, as what appears as space is filled to capacity.
Realise life is in continuous motion and as there is continuous motion there are no gaps between one event and another, which can be measured as time; thus, no time.

Realisations are meaningless unless you put them into practice. How? By trusting in the process. For instance, someone recommends a wonder-pill. The only way to find out whether the pill works is to take the pill and let the pill do its work. If you are someone who believes in prayer, you pray, release the prayer and expect your answer to manifest. In the same way, the only way to find out whether these realisations are true is to let go and trust.

There is no space, no time, and waiting is an illusion. Test this out by knowing who you are, and trusting in the One.

With love,