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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Who are the Lightworkers?

"Ye are the light of the world." (Matthew 5: 14)
"He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." (John 14: 12)
It has become very popular within the new age community to talk about Lightworkers. Apparently, many Lightworkers have come from various parts of the universe to help heal the earth and its inhabitants, act as spiritual guides and raise the vibration of earth. Is there such a thing as a Lightworker?

I believe there are Lightworkers on earth right now. As a matter of fact, there have always been Lightworkers on earth. We are all Lightworkers for we are of the Light, aren’t we? Why should some people be Lightworkers and others not? The Source is no respecter of persons.

But this can’t be true, I hear you say. What about those kids being born now, the "Indigo" children with special gifts? What about kids who have special gifts but have been misunderstood by society and labelled as having attention deficit disorders? Surely, there are special kids here to bring more light into the world? I say it’s a fabrication, a myth that has nothing to do with Reality. No one is more special than another.

In my view, the reason why we’ve become more open to these "special" kids is because there are simply more of us who are open and aware of who we are. We are awakening to the truth that kids generally remember who they are. I have come across many babies who know who they are. I have even had telepathic conversations with some of them who have “recognised” me because they haven’t been fully plugged into the system as yet. These "special" kids still hold on to their truth. And if you are "awake" to your true nature, you recognise another who is "awake"; baby or adult.

I remember my sister-in-law used to tell me how compassionate my nephew was when he was younger. He would give his pocket money away to homeless people. He seemed very much interested in the welfare of others. I could easily have regarded him as "special" but I believe my nephew remembered his truth until the programmes kicked in. He is being raised as a Catholic and he's now a chorister. He's now eleven years old. I observe that he's already been indoctrinated into the beliefs of society, his peers and his parents. I don’t see much of him and I prefer to stay very much in the background. But I know all is unfolding perfectly and he will resume his "journey" in due course.

As a child, my mother was very clairvoyant. She said her parents were so scared she would one day "see" something that would harm her, they arranged for her sight to be "removed." I believe my mother is still very intuitive and it’s a matter of trusting in herself, but she is of the belief that she no longer has it; and what you believe to be true, you experience as your truth. If my mother had been born to parents of this age who are very much open, they would have encouraged her to develop that skill.

I have to confess that the spiritual path takes discipline and total surrender to the Light but it doesn’t mean it is only for the minority. I believe if we continue to regard some people as "special" the likelihood is we will, if we haven't already, create a two-tier system of Lightworkers versus ignorant earthlings. Earthlings are going to believe they cannot achieve what the Lightworkers are achieving. Earthlings are either going to be in awe of or afraid of Lightworkers.

I am a Lightworker who is aware that I am Light.

I am a Lightworker who knows Light is the substance of all creation.

I am a Lightworker who knows Light is how the formless Spirit clothes Him-Herself but there is a whole lot more of the Infinite Spirit.

I am a Lightworker who knows every single entity in the universe is also a Lightworker no matter what type of body s/he is clothed.

Who are the Lightworkers? We all are!

Light and Love,

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