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Thursday, April 28, 2005

When Loss is Gain

"If any man's work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire." (1 Corinthians 3: 15)
"But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ." (Philippians 3: 7)
If there is anything people fear in the search for truth of Self is the loss of individuality. People fear that to know one's true Self one has to give up one's history, one's efforts and one's memories; so you hold on for dear life to the ego that is making your life a misery. It is not like that at all. To lose is gain.

I have written elsewhere that being of the One Mind is like travelling by bus. You are approaching your stop and are about to press the bell but another passenger, who also wants to get off at the same stop, presses the bell. You know the driver has already heard the bell so there's no need for you to bother.

Pressing the bell when it's already been pressed is the equivalent of people who like to be in control of their lives, who believe they have their own mind. "I did it my way." They believe they are their personality self.

Of course, if no one has pressed the bell you're going to have to press it yourself or miss your stop.

For me, losing the small self is realising that my identity is the All That Is. I can therefore relax and let the All That Is do the work whether it is through this personality called Enocia or someone else.

A perfect example is an employer. He has a vision for his company and he employs others to carry this out. Each employee represents the Boss's eyes and ears. He can rest assured that his goals are being accomplished. The employer has expanded his sense of self to include his employees, his business, his clients, his peers and his competition. He has thus lost his little self and gained all

There is nothing to fear in the loss of the ego or the little personality. Loss is always gain.

I am All There Is,

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What is True Guidance?

This happened yesterday on a bus ride.

Here I am minding my own business, or so I think, when I have an idea to get off the bus and catch a different bus. I wonder where I can catch that bus? What am I thinking? Why would I want to get off this bus which is taking me where I want to go?

I hear the same question coming from a boy who is asking the bus driver where to catch the same bus. Stone me! I've picked up on the boy's intention and presumed it is what I should be doing.

This is the snag about being of the One Mind. If you are not careful you'll find yourself being tossed from pillar to post trying to fulfill different thoughts emerging within. This is why it's important to have a purpose, at least one for this Spirit personality called Enocia. This way, when I get an idea that is not part of my plan, I know I am reading the intention of another me. I can then decide whether to act or not.

To avoid getting sidetracked best for me to be in silence; all thoughts are dissolved and one is guided in silence.

I am minding my own business from now on,

For My Forever Friends

"Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
your heart is true you're a pal and a confidant

And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
You would see, the biggest gift would be for me
and the card attached would say,
Thank you for being a friend" Golden Girls Comedy Theme
Every day I meet wonderful people who are in essence me. It matters not whether the encounter lasts for a few minutes, an hour or longer, what matters to me is the love we share during that encounter.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for a bus I got chatting to this woman. She asked me where I was headed and what bus I was waiting for and I told her. She was going to the same place. From that bus stop, you could either use the long-winded route or the shorter route. The long-winded route bus arrived first. She persuaded me to take the bus. We sat upstairs and continued our conversation.

She shared with me her love for travelling on the bus since she can travel for free on public transportation. (In the UK "senior citizens" are given free travel-cards). I said I loved travelling on buses. She said she has a son who still lives at home with her and her husband and he is a workaholic. Her son does research on BSE, mad cow disease. This reminded me of an article I wrote recently called Are the Brits Deprived?. I told her I recently read an article called The Abolition of Work and how I expressed my view in a discussion forum that work should be fun. Our conversation moved on to spirituality. She asked me whether I believed in life after death. She said she's had three major operations and has witnessed family members dying of cancer. She couldn't understand why a God would let this happen. We discussed whether a God of Love is responsible for chaos and disharmony.

We spent an hour travelling together and it was such a joy being with her. I shall always treasure our encounter. It's actually her birthday today as I'm writing this, so Happy Birthday Betty!

Later on during the day, I was just about to cross a traffic light when I saw this man with something between his fingers. It didn't look like a cigarette so I asked him what it was.

"It's a cigar," he said.
"It's a bit skinny for a cigar, innit?"
"It's a special type of cigar," he said. He opened a tin of thin cigars. "Do you want one?"
"No thanks, I'm alright."
"I enjoy smoking them. I've done all the right things and I've been miserable so I'm going to do what we are not supposed to do and see what happens."
"Yeah, why not?" I said. "I see you're not paying any attention to that big sign on your cigar case then?" The sign read "Smoking Kills."
"It actually means smoking kills other people," he said.
"That's a good one," I laughed, liking him immensely.
"I'm a taxi driver and fancied taking a walk for a change that's why I'm here."
"I'm also a guitarist. I figure after I've finished smoking these I can use the container to store my plectrums."
"That's a good idea," I said. "Well have a lovely walk then."
"I will, and thanks for asking me about the cigar."
"No worries."
"You sure you don't want one?"
"Not today thanks. Maybe another time."

And that was our few minutes conversation as we were crossing the road.

Last week on my travels a man came on the bus. I noticed him because he looked wet from walking in the rain. When we got off the bus I spotted him again at the traffic light. He was about to run across but a car was approaching too fast. I tapped him on the shoulder.

"What are you trying to do, mate, get yourself killed?"

He told me a story of once crossing the road and not waiting for the "green man" which indicates that pedestrian should walk across. A young boy told him he was a very naughty man for not waiting. That made me giggle.

We crossed the road and walked into the station. As we were about to get on the escalator he said, "I don't understand these signs that say 'Mind the escalator!' Why would I want to mind the escalator when I want to get on it?"

I cracked up. The man had a point.

"They also tell us to mind the animals. What animals? I only want to get up the escalator!"
"You're so funny," I said laughing.

We got up the escalator and said goodbye. What a sense of humour! Now who does he remind me of? Aha, me!

To all my forever friends thank you for being yourself and making life meaningful.

I love you all.


My One True Love

"When we stand one with the sum of all intelligence, and recognise ourselves as an actual part of that intelligence, and know conclusively that this is the great principle, God, we shall soon find ourselves conscious of the fact that all intelligence throughout the whole cosmic universe is working with us. We also realise quickly that the intelligence of all great genius, as well as the little mentality of the single cell of the body, is working with us in perfect harmony and accord. This is the One Great Intelligent Cosmic Mind that we are positively allied with. Indeed we are that very mind; we are the self-consciousness of the universe. The instant we feel this very thing nothing can keep us from our Godhead." Baird T Spalding
People are constantly looking for the "one" to share their lives with and "grow old with," not that I believe in growing old. You meet someone for the first time and you think "Is she or he the one?" As I believe only One exists as what is appearing as the many, it would seem that people are not searching for the One but wanting to know and be the One. In the human realm, however, this search is translated to a romantic love relationship.

The search is over for me. I have found my own true love - the One.

The One is the sum total of all that is. The One is like being the completed jigsaw puzzle knowing each part matters.

There are no divisions in the One.
There is nothing to oppose the one.

You are outside and there is a sudden gust of wind, do you curse the wind? I used to as I liked everything calm. Now I recognise the wind as me. I see the rain as me, the sun as me, nature as me, people as me, animals as me, everything as me.

You get a twinge of pain, do you immediately want it to go away? I used to as I want to be pain free. How long have I spent wanting to change parts of me instead of accepting what I am being? How long have I spent seeing my body in parts, loving certain parts and resenting other parts? What if my body is seeking approval or even acceptance? I now see my body as me.

You meet someone you can't relate to, or you don't like how someone appears, do you reject that person in thought? I used to. But since there is only the One, rejecting another is dreaming up a reality that there is another apart from the One. I now accept everyone as me.

The One, the All There Is, is my one true love. She supports all my endeavours. She never judges me and is accepting of all that I am. What other love is there?

The search is over. I have found my one true love and it is the One appearing as the many.

The search is over. I have found my one true love and it is me.

All my Love,

No Matter What Version, Truth is Truth

As I was waiting for the bus this morning I heard someone playing the song Walk on By which I love. This one didn't sound like the original version by Dionne Warwick; no doubt, a cover version. It was still very good and close to the original Warwick version.

This made me think about Truth. From time to time, various people express Truth as they see it. Expressing Truth is the equivalent of producing a cover version of a song. Some covers are very close to the original, only the artist is different; while with other versions there are so many twists and turns you hardly recognise the song. I guess cover versions keeps songs alive, introduce songs to a new audience which brings new meaning. Most of all it is an opportunity for the record industry to make more money. However, the lyrics generally stay the same.

Truth is eternal and unchanging. No matter what cover version appears the essence of Truth remains the same.

Truth is Truth.

I am Truth,

Monday, April 25, 2005

How to Avoid a Divided Mind

"I am the totality of all that God is, now and forever more. And the universe reflects back to us that which we are, and we see only shining perfection in every activity of life wherever we are, wherever we go." (The Jesus Code, John Randolph Price)
"There is nothing but Unity; there is nothing but Freedom; there is nothing but Completeness; there is nothing but Totality." (The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes)
There is only One having life. My identity is the totality of all there is which is One. This means there is no other but the One. The One has no opposition, thus, there is only One Power, One Love, and One Truth.

"One love! one heart!
Let’s get together and feel all right." One Love, Bob Marley
In mathematics we say 2+2=4. But once you understand Oneness, i.e. the One being the One, you realise that 2+2=4 is false. The answer is always 1. To put it another way, it doesn't matter whether the world population increases to 10 billion or diminishes to 1 million, there is always only the One having life. Only One exists.

To live as the One it is important for me to see everyone or thing as self. There are various ways the world of forms tries to distract me. Let's say I read something and I immediately find myself resisting the idea. Resisting gives the impression that the idea is separate from self, which is false.

How do I avoid having or dreaming up a divided mind?

I practise staying in stillness when I get to experience my identity as the formless One.

I create rapport with others by focusing on our commonalities. Disagreeing with another implies there is someone else apart from me.

If someone is opposing me, I do not resist; this way I don't dream up a separate mind. So if someone accuses me of doing such and such and I know I haven't, I don't defend myself; I either say nothing or agree to disagree.

I never defend my position or truth, which is another strategy the ego devises to create a divided mind.

I don't judge anything or anyone; judging another suggests there is someone else apart from me to judge. I remember that when I judge others I am judging myself.

No matter what the appearances, right where I am is the only One undivided Source.

I am Source,

Be Still and Know Who You Are

You can talk or write about God or Source till kingdom come; you can listen to or read teachings of truth for eternity; but without experiencing Source words mean nothing. To know who you are as God/Source you have to be still. Stillness is the place without thoughts. Not so long ago, I had the following discussion with my mother. It started with me wondering why she liked getting to church so early.

“So I can meditate,” she said.
“You meditate? You can’t meditate!”
“How do you know I can’t meditate? Of course I can meditate.”
“OK, tell me how you meditate.”
“I meditate on God.”
“I think about God.”
“That’s not meditating, that’s thinking or contemplation.”
“Yes it is.”
“No it isn’t.”
“What’s meditation then?”
“Meditation is when you are in stillness as it is written in Psalm 46: ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ When you are in stillness you have no thoughts.”
“How can you have no thoughts? That’s impossible! You are always thinking.”
“Aha, that’s the secret of knowing and being God: no thoughts,” I said. “What do you think I do when I meditate? I have no thoughts.”
“That’s hard,” my mother said. “So to be still, you have no thoughts?”
“Yup, no thoughts. God is Stillness.”

If you’re not being God in stillness you are like “a sounding brass.” Words don’t cut it. To know yourself you need to go beyond all words, thoughts, forms, concepts, all mediums and those who claim to be God’s representatives. To know yourself and have access to all wisdom, you need to be still. You can then bring that stillness to guide you in your everyday human existence.

Yesterday I decided to have a day of stillness. I saw the day as emerging from Stillness. I came out of the house with the intention of catching a bus into town. A “force” led me in a different direction from the one I usually take to a bus stop half a mile away. As I was walking to the bus stop, I noticed all the buses had been diverted for some reason. I wouldn’t have known this had I done what I always do. The stillness obviously knows all.

Later, I had a thought: “creative day.” I thought that maybe I should stop off at an art gallery but I couldn’t be bothered to get off the bus. At the last stop I went to catch another bus but there were no buses at the station. As I wasn’t far from the Arts centre I decided to see if anything interesting was going on. There was a free festival celebrating Youth arts and some singers on stage. I sat down and enjoyed the music. I marvelled at how talented the kids were. I was very grateful for this blessing.

There is a shortcut method to knowing who you are, but you have to practise being in stillness. Meditation is one technique I recommend until you get to a point when Stillness takes over. Then you find that you are either always in silence or any thoughts that arise are stillness speaking.

”Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46: 10)
I am Stillness,

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Is There Such a Thing as Like-Minds?

"But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." (1 Corinthians 13: 10)
I received an email recently from a friend at another forum where I used to post. She wanted to know why I didn't post there anymore and if anyone had said anything to upset me. I responded that I like to explore other websites and don't have much time to be everywhere at the same time.

My friend's enquiry had presented an opportunity to examine what it means to look for like-minded people to share ideas with. Is there such a thing or is it another illusion?

Later, I discussed with my mother the notion of not having enough time to humanly be at different forums at the same time. Now, my mother has never used the Internet and only knows what I tell her. She said "I thought there was only one Internet!" Exactly! My mother had hit the nail right on the head. There is only ONE Internet.

Let's take the Internet as a metaphor for the One Source. Humans have split the Internet into many different websites. Some websites claim to be different from others; while there are many who acknowledge their commonalities and exchange and share information. But there is only One Internet, therefore, it is the same Intelligence that is appearing in form as the other websites. If you surf the web you will notice that people are usually preoccupied with the same topic whether they are in agreement or in disagreement.

There are zillions of other forums and websites I have not logged into yet I, as Source, am ever present. From time to time, I might choose to register at a particular forum to experience that reality. I may contribute/post or read in silence. Just because I decide to move on or haven't posted for a while doesn't mean I, as Source, am not still present.

This idea of the Internet as Source can be extended to the human experience. Source is formless but can take on forms in order to experience a particular reality. Each of us was born into a family for a purpose. I believe each of us as Source was/is very much aware of what the combination of experiences would produce in that family i.e. the culture you're born into, your gender, sexuality, class and even the country that you live in. Some people emigrate to different countries to suit their purpose. Being in a human form is the equivalent of registering at a particular forum; and when you are no longer in the human form, you are still present but as an invisible guest. As humans, each of us plays a dual role: we are both registered members of family and friends; and we are invisible guests in other human lives. In other words, while everyone is my friend and family, I can only appear as a visible and registered friend and family member of very few humans.

Back to discussion forums, I have found some forums discuss different topics, or so it would seem. When I write a piece I sometimes think about what topic it should be filed under and invariably decide it is spiritual. Everything, in my opinion, is spiritual as there is only One Spirit. I leave it to readers to decide how they wish to compartmentalise my work.

My purpose is to have variable experiences of the One knowing full well that each forum or website is the One in disguise. In whatever capacity I am present, I judge no one because in judging another I am judging myself.

As for being attracted to a website or group because they are of like-minds, I believe this is another illusion. To be of like-mind with someone is to split oneself from another group. All is One. If there is such a thing as like-minds then I am of like-mind with everyone.

No matter what the topic, forum or website, I am always present. I don't have to be physically present. Granted I spend more time in some websites than others simply because of intent. As soon as my intent changes my status reverts to an invisible guest.

I see no parts, no compartments, no divisions, only the One Source. I see only the One Internet.

Never fear, I am always here.

I am Source,

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

What's So Funny About Seeing Someone Fall?

The other day, on the bus, I saw a man at a bus stop who was so eager to catch the bus I was in, he hit his head against the post. I wondered if the man had seen me snigger because he avoided coming in through the front door, near where I was sitting, and sneaked in through the other door. Hehe!

What is it that makes people laugh when you see another stumble and fall or knock yourself out? Television companies are paying loads for videos featuring other people's mishaps. What's so funny about seeing someone tripping down some stairs or tripping in general? I have observed people are a lot more sympathetic when it is serious.

Reminds me of the first and only time I knocked myself out. A friend was chasing me and I didn't see the lamp post until it was too late. In those days, matter was very much real and hard. I saw stars, my legs buckled and I passed out. I reckon that knock must have been responsible for me going on the spiritual path. My theory is the knock spontaneously opened up my ajna chakra on my forehead, which made me see stars. Yeah right! Anyway, my head was resting on a friend's lap, a guy I happened to fancy but nothing came out of it because he was already seeing someone else. My other friends were killing themselves laughing, as per usual.

In the recent past, when I have had minor mishaps like hitting my head against a brick wall, I've quickly reversed the effect by thinking "That didn't happen"; "Love is all there is"; "I am Spirit" or I have laughed at the absurdity of it all; and the result has been no pain.

Maybe we laugh when someone falls because we find it absurd. How can Spirit beings fall let alone experience a fall? Perhaps, deep inside we are trying to dismiss the mishap as the nothing that it is.

As I was pondering over these ideas on another bus journey, our bus drove by a man at a bus stop. He was so engrossed in his mobile conversation he realised too late that our bus was the one he wanted. The expression on his face as the bus drove by was priceless. Like any silly event, it's funnier when you share it. I looked at the young man sitting beside me to check whether he'd been equally entertained. He had. We burst out laughing.

Humans! When will we ever stop laughing at other people's misfortunes.

I like to think as there is only One of us, I'm only laughing at myself. Someone has to.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Friday, April 22, 2005

Like Attracts Like

Earlier today I was pondering over my identity as Source. Everything is Source, therefore, I am Source. On a bus journey I noticed a van with the company name, Source. Heh heh!

This raises the question about "like attracting like." When I pondered over "I am Source," I wonder if the Universe responded by saying: "Jump to it everyone, you heard the lady. Get Source. I said SOURCE, you idiot, not sauce! Let's give it to her any which way." And I received exactly what I had thought of.

Let's say my intention is to be in radiant health and I'm busy thinking or affirming "I am Health." Knowing the Universe, He is bound to reflect health back to me by people around me speaking about health, someone might email me an article with the word "health" or I'll see "health" words everywhere while still feeling unhealthy. This has happened to me lots of times. Once I tried an experiment and thought of the word f**k! Within seconds I heard the word bouncing back and forth around me. That was hilarious!

One must, therefore, be very specific about what one wishes to experience in life as the Universe can be annoyingly literal and never asks for clarification.

The Universe gives you exactly what you believe you are or have.

Light and Love,

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Power of the One

"Numerous bewildered seekers in the West erroneously think that an eloquent speaker or writer on metaphysics must be a master. The rishis, however, have pointed out that the acid test of a master is a man's ability to enter at will the breathless state, and to maintain the unbroken samadhi of nirbikalpa. Only by these achievements can a human being prove that he has "mastered" maya or the dualistic Cosmic Delusion. He alone can say from the depths of realization: "Ekam sat, "—"Only One exists."

"The Vedas declare that the ignorant man who rests content with making the slightest distinction between the individual soul and the Supreme Self is exposed to danger," Shankara the great monist has written. "Where there is duality by virtue of ignorance, one sees all things as distinct from the Self. When everything is seen as the Self, then there is not even an atom other than the Self.

"As soon as the knowledge of the Reality has sprung up, there can be no fruits of past actions to be experienced, owing to the unreality of the body, in the same way as there can be no dream after waking." Autobiography of a Yogi
I believe true power is attained on realising that "only one exists." Before I look at what this means, I'm going to examine two types of power.

One definition of power is exercising control over something, someone or self. For example, if someone can dictate to you how to live your life and you feel as if you have no choice but to obey, the other appears to have power over you. It could also be you have given the other your power because you believe you are incapable of finding the solution yourself and only this person can help you. I have observed this kind of power in religions, spiritual teachers and various cults, where people put their trust in someone else outside of themselves and suffer the consequence.

You may ask, isn't belief in God supposed to be about surrendering all that you think you are to a powerful entity who may or may not exist? That depends on what your idea of God is. If you believe God to be an entity that wants you to worship and adore him in return for his power that will protect you, then I'm saying you are making a "graven image" of God, i.e. you are humanising God. God, as I understand Him, is not a thing or image or form that one can use in exchange for something else. Later I will discuss what I understand to be the power of God.

There is another type of power that involves control but in an insidious manner. This method is used to communicate ideas such as in the media, by politicians and others who wish to gain power over the masses through mental means. Just like a magician will use sleight of hand techniques to distract his audience from discovering how he performs his tricks, a similar technique is used in communication to distract audience from the truth. I believe we are all experts at using this technique where we use examples to emphasise a point or to support an idea, when in actual fact there are hundreds of other examples that will disprove the same idea. Politicians use various forms of propaganda to get their point across and convince prospective voters that they are the right party to be in government. The media uses various forms of manipulation, including subliminal images, to attract their audience, disseminate particular beliefs or convince audience to buy particular products. Power in these examples are achieved through various forms of manipulation.

As I was pondering on these ideas, I was travelling on a long bus journey. I tend to use travel time to either ponder ideas or to be in silence. When I got on this particular bus, there were some school girls on board. As much as I know everyone to be me, I didn't fancy sitting near them so I sat in front. I could still hear them in the background teasing some passengers. As I pondered over how people relinquish their power to others, one of the girls came and sat in a seat in front of me. She was promptly followed by another friend. She told her friend she didn't want to associate herself with her other friends because they were being rude. Soon two more girls joined her. After a while, the same girl got up and decided she was going to sit at the back. Without question, the other three girls followed her. This, to me, was a perfect demonstration of how people can obey someone without question "like lambs to the slaughter." On the other hand, one could argue that the girls' behaviour was a demonstration of how one's thoughts have the power to influence others. Let this be a lesson: you never know who is pulling your strings!

How do you avoid being manipulated? You can seek out truth for yourself and, now that you are now able to see clearly for yourself, you can avoid being manipulated. This is an ongoing battle, however, and one that's difficult to win since manipulation is mostly carried out at the unconscious level. This is why someone wishing to behave in one way can end up doing the opposite as the conscious mind is saying one thing and the subconscious is agreeing with how it is being programmed. As Paul puts it:

"For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do." (Romans 7: 19)
How does one stop fighting others and attain true power? By realising that there is only One having life, that every experience is the One being the One. There is no Father, Son or Holy Spirit, only the One. This One is my definition of God. There is no God and you, only God. There is therefore no longer any need to defend oneself. Who is there to defend oneself against? There is only the One.

Here's a famous Zen koan. Try clapping with one hand and see what happens? Nothing of course as a clap requires two hands. The power of the One is realising that the One has no opposition.

How do I apply the power of the One in other areas of my life? By not trying to convince others of my views. To defend myself is to be drawn into the illusion of seeing another. There is only One. Thus, in every moment I am being the One in my own way.

To judge someone is to believe there is another apart from the One. Only One exists.

I can also apply this principle of oneness, the One being the One, in the way I experience my body. If I have a pain I know that the pain is part of the old belief in duality, and it is tempting me to believe that there can be anyone or thing in opposition to the One. I then affirm that there is only One and no other power exists but the One; "there is no power but of God." Any other power is an illusion, a nothing to be given no attention.

On the same bus, as I was pondering these ideas about there being no opposition to the One, several young men got on. One stood near me. He tried to attract my attention and the way he was doing so was what one might describe as disrespectful. Since I was pondering on the One having no opposition I did nothing. When the man saw that I was paying him no attention he started using expletives that he thought would offend me. As far as I was concerned there was nothing for me to defend myself against and his words were like "water off a duck's back." Then they got off the bus. I was very grateful to the man, who is actually me, for the opportunity to demonstrate that the One needs no defence.

Only One exists. The One needs no defence as it has no opposition. The One is the only Power.

I am Power,

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What is Oneness?

Only One exists.

When the One that is in all is being in any shape or form it is at oneness. Oneness is a state of being OneSelf NOT being at one with something. How can you be at one with something when there is only One? Life is the One being the One.

The One communicates in silence. To be the One is to be still. When one who knows his identity as the One has a thought, he is the One Thinker. As it is written in the scriptures:

"For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." (Isaiah 55: 10-11)
The One Thinker's thoughts are so powerful that not only do they manifest instantly but the thought-forms find various instruments to work through. This is how so many people can be expressing the same thought at the same time, though not necessarily in the same way.

To be the One Thinker is to know you are the One who rests in silence. When the One expresses Self as thought He is at oneness.

I am Oneness,

My Ways are Not Your Ways

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55: 8-9)
I believe life is about making choices, doing it my way, the human way, and having to take responsibility for everything; or doing it My way, the way of Spirit, and being at peace. Here are a few examples of why the human way is not like Spirit.

Humans need to eat to have energy.
Spirit quickens the body without need for sustenance unless you choose to eat.

Humans need to work hard to achieve a goal whether physically or mentally.
Spirit manifests in an instant.

Humans need to take pills and potions to maintain health.
Spirit is perfection; sickness and health are meaningless.

Humans need to travel through time and space.
Spirit is omnipresence; travelling is meaningless.

Humans need to communicate with others using various methods including psychic means.
Spirit is omniscience; communication is meaningless.

Humans need.
Spirit is all there is; need is meaningless.

Humans are born.
Spirit is unborn/undying.

Humans create or dream up many realities.
Spirit unfolds what already is.

Humans believe they have their own mind.
Spirit knows all is One.

Humans believe they have a separate existence.
Spirit knows nothing exists apart from Spirit.

Humans are mortals.
Spirit is immortal.

I don't believe there is any such thing as a mortal. There are only immortals acting like mortals.

I am Spirit,

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Show Me the Evidence!

In a previous article, What is the Purpose of Memory?, I wrote that memory is either a record of human beliefs or memory is "an opportunity to acknowledge Infinite Intelligence at work through all expressions." As I see it, memory is evidence that Infinite Intelligence is the only power and only real.

What does it mean that "Infinite Intelligence is the only power and only real? For me it is realising that there is only Infinite Intelligence/Spirit in all no matter what the appearance or form. Even though I might appear to have flesh and bone, I am pure Spirit. There is nothing but Spirit.

I reject all ideas that I have ever been anything but Spirit.
I have never been matter.
I have never been human.
I was never born.
I have never experienced any lack.
I have never been sick.
I have never been injured in any way.
I have never left my Spirit home.

In the movie, Jerry Maguire, sports agent, Jerry, develops a conscience and decides there must be a better way to represent clients where everybody wins. His optimism is not shared by his colleagues and he ends up losing his job. He has to start all over again. The only client he has in his books is Rod Tidwell, a second-rate footballer, who decides to stay with Maguire. But Tidwell needs to see evidence that he's made the right decision to trust in Jerry. "Show me the money!" is Tidwell's mantra.

Infinite Intelligence, show me the money!

I demand to see and experience evidence of the nothingness of matter.
I demand to see and experience evidence of Infinite Spirit.

No matter what appearances suggest I am Spirit.

Love and Light,

Remember My Name

I'm travelling on a bus. On one level, I see passengers, houses, streets, people etc.

Am I seeing things as they are? Let me try again.

I am travelling on a bus but....

There is no bus,
There is no driver,
There are no passengers,
There are no streets,
There are no houses and buildings,
There are no trees and fauna,
There are no animals,
There are no people,
There is no town, city or country,
There is no earth,
There is no solar system,
There is no universe,
There is no me,
There is no thing.

And yet I feel myself moving.

Who is it that is moving?
Where am I?
Who am I?

It is "I" the only "I"
I am Intelligence
I am Power
I am Being

I am travelling on a bus, but though I appear to be in a human form, I am the one "I." As a matter of fact, though it seems as if I am moving in a bus,I am completely still.

I am "I".

Remember my name.
Remember my name.

When you speak and write and use my name, remember it is "I" speaking. Only "I".

I am "I",

What is the Purpose of Memory?

"It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing." (John 6: 63)
"What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?" (1 Corinthians 6: 19)
A funny thing happened yesterday on my travels on the bus, but it wasn't this me called Enocia, but the me passing off as my mother.

My mother said on her my way to church, because of the London Marathon, her bus was diverted. She ended up having to walk about 2 miles to church. Not too long ago, she was in so much agony she hardly went out and she didn't go to church for several weeks. She couldn't believe she'd walked that distance which for her is a BIG deal. She said while she was walking she felt no pain at all but it was only later in the evening, as she was telling me the story, that she was feeling tired and beginning to ache.

I pondered over my mother's experience and the fact that she had felt no pain as she walked. It seems to me that something was moving her. I call this something: Infinite Intelligence. As she wasn’t the one walking, why then was she feeling tired and her body aching after? Because of the misuse of memory. If you think you've done any form of exercise yourself, your body will say "Prove it. I need evidence." The memory of that exercise is registered on the body as stiffness, fatigue and sometimes pain. I believe this is what was occurring in my mother's body. She believed she had walked all by herself, therefore, her body produced the evidence as pain.

I use buses all the time but I wouldn't dream of taking credit for all the miles I travel. The bus takes care of the journey so I don't need to worry about it. I, therefore, do not expect the evidence of travelling to register on my body, though I do have memory of the actual journey. (There is a way where one can walk for miles and not have any evidence of it, which I shall discuss later).

Years ago, I went on a sponsored walk when I walked 18 miles in one day. As I don't do much physical exercise that, for me, was a big deal. I was so impressed about how good I felt and how I had overtaken teenagers on the way that I started dreaming of taking part in various marathons. Soon after one of my knees gave way. I spent about three years looking for a cure. During that time I must have seen all the therapists known to man: allopathic, complementary and spiritual healers; and I was overwhelmed by the many different explanations why I was in pain. I was even inspired to train in some healing techniques. I also ended up having a relationship with a chiropractor but the knee would still give way. After I had exhausted my resources I turned to God, if there was one, and asked for help. I was promptly shown an image of myself running. Soon enough I had an occasion to run for a bus. I couldn't believe it. For the first time in years I ran without my knee giving way. With the benefit of hindsight, I believe the memory of that sponsored walk had been much too heavy for my body to handle so my knee stopped working for a while.

As humans, we believe if you put too much pressure on the body it is bound to fail at some point. Humans have invented various types of technologies that are supposed to give man more freedom. However, man has programmed these technologies with memory. A car, for instance, has a milometer, which is a kind of memory that measures the distance a car has travelled. It is believed the further a car travels the closer a car is to malfunction. This is why older cars have to go through an MOT in the UK to test for safety on the roads. Otherwise, one can always buy a new car.

As humans, we have become complacent because we believe we have answers for everything. Science seem to have come up with many reasons why the human body, for instance, works in the way it does. Why would we need to look elsewhere or acknowledge another intelligence at work when we already know that our brain and mind does it all? We've got so used to using our memories to record stuff we, humans, have done ourselves. Memories recorded on the body, for instance, result in people getting sick, growing old and dying. Why do you think doctors, healers and various physical therapists are always in demand? Because they are experts at treating people's memories manifesting as various ailments. Our memories are literally killing us!

How do we get round the way we accumulate memories? Is there another way?

What if we were to realise that there is only one Intelligence which is responsible for life? If you knew that when you walk it is the Intelligence working through you, you will never feel tired. It will not matter whether you've walked one mile or 30 miles as you will always feel the same. Does this mean you still won't have memories? I believe you will still accumulate memories but they will be different kinds of memories. Memories will simply be evidence of the Intelligence at work.

Let us look at the way memories are stored in what we collectively call the "past." We talk about staying in the present and yet I know I am constantly recalling experiences from the past. I believe when memories surface it is an opportunity for me to re-write history. In the Vector8 Journals, I am re-writing my life from the perspective of the one Intelligence. Vector8 Journals are reminders of how truly perfect the Infinite Intelligence is and that what He did not create has no reality, a nothing. As it is written in the scriptures:

"All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made." (John 1: 3)
In other words, if the experience is not of Infinite Intelligence it is an illusion and doesn't exist.

This leads to the purpose of spirituality. I believe spirituality is letting go of the beliefs that the human self has any power and acknowledging Infinite Intelligence as the only truth of being; and one's life is the evidence of the Intelligence at work.

I acknowledge that there is only one Intelligence at work in the seen and unseen.
I acknowledge that this Intelligence is the only power responsible for the way my physical body appears.
I acknowledge that I live and move as this Intelligence.
I acknowledge that this Intelligence is my true identity.

What is the purpose of memory? For me, memory is an opportunity to acknowledge Infinite Intelligence at work through all expressions and He, and only He, gets the credit. The only time I get to share the credit is when I merge my "I" with the Infinite Intelligence "I"; in that case, memory is evidence of my identity as Infinite Spirit.

I am Infinite Intelligence,

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Oneness is not Sameness

If there is only the One having life as all, does this mean we're all going to end up looking the same and having the same experience. God forbid!

Take fashion as a perfect example. The moment there is a new fad, people rush off to the shops and get similar outfits. In terms of what I wear, I probably look like a lot of people but I know that I am not the same.

I believe everyone is me and we therefore all share the desire to be happy, have peace of mind, have fulfilment and free to express our joy. But to have all aspects of myself do the same stuff, now that to me is pointless. I believe it's fun meeting another part of me who expresses their joy in her own unique way, just like I write in my own style.

Oneness is a demonstration that there is only One consciousness which creates harmony in all relationships; and it is a demonstration that the universe is always supporting you whatever you do, as the universe is you.

But sameness? Ugh! That to me is torture.

I am One in all but same in all I am not.

Love and Light,

Do Beauty Products Work?

Like a lot of women, I wear makeup. I won't leave home without my lipstick. I've always loved makeup which I think adds colour to my face, not that I need more colour, being a woman of colour already. Haha! Anyway, I love makeup.

But there are many beauty products on the market claiming to remove wrinkles and make you look years younger. I sometimes watch these shopping channels who have women, and sometimes celebrities, endorsing particular skin products, claiming the product made them look years younger. Was it the product or the belief in the product? Do beauty products work?

I have tried different types of products. This was because of where I was in consciousness at the time. When I mostly believed that my body was purely flesh and bones, I relied on pills, potions, physical therapies and lotions to make me look healthy. Then I started seeing myself as a lot more than flesh and bones until I knew myself to be nothing that can be defined or put in a neat box. I am what I am; plain and simple.

While I still play the game of using makeup, I know that how I appear is based on what I am as Perfection, not because of a beauty product.

I read an article this week where they had 2 photos of particular individuals smiling. Readers were invited to guess which smile was genuine. One of the experts claimed that a smile is genuine if you can see the individual's crow's feet. Crow's feet is the wrinkle some people have in the corner of their eyes. Oh yeah, what if you're like me who hasn't got crow's feet? I am in my late thirties right now and I have only a few frown lines but no crow's feet. The rest of my face is free of any lines; I've been told I look like I'm in my twenties. Does this mean my smiles are never going to be genuine? Do me a favour! This is one belief that has no foundation, excuse the pun. Hahaha!

I believe beauty products work if you believe they do. Ultimately, if you depend on beauty products to make you look young, then you probably hold the belief that food products can influence your health, or you need such and such to make you feel stronger. I believe I am perfect whether I eat or don't eat; whether I use beauty products or not. But I still like to play the game of wearing makeup. Why? Because it's fun and I like dreaming I'm a girl.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
I am.

Love and Light,

The Instrument of Torture

A long time ago I paid a visit to Madame Tussauds in London, a place that has celebrities, political and historical figures made of wax. It's a fascinating place that attracts many tourists and locals. I remember the Chamber of Horrors which had many instruments used to torture criminals in the old days. One instrument that fascinated me was the one that was used to stretch a criminal's body to confess to a crime, perhaps? Ouch!

Once I had a vision where I saw myself being pulled apart, rather like the instrument of torture. Though I was being pulled apart, I felt no pain. I saw my arms and legs extending until I became long strands of energy or light filaments. But it didn't end there. The pulling continued until I no longer appeared to have a body. It was as if I was everywhere and nowhere, and yet I was very much conscious that I exist. I then realised I was being given a taster of what it means to have a body and yet be Infinity itself.

Since then, from time to time, I do a ritual of pulling myself apart. In my mind's eye, I feel my body extend until I am no longer visible. I become one with everything. Whenever I feel I'm getting attached to an idea or an experience, I use this technique of pulling myself apart and being no thing.

Whoever said the instrument of torture was terrible? I say it is good to pull yourself apart, be no thing. This is one way to get rid of the ego that is addicted to forms.

Time for a nice stretch, I think.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Full, Half Full or Empty?

"Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear." (Hebrews 11: 3)
You look in your purse and see there's not much cash in there, in fact it looks empty. But is your purse really empty?

You look in your fridge and see the shelves are empty suggesting you have no food. But is your fridge really empty?

When something appears to be empty is this always the case? Are things what they appear? Can you rely on your senses? Is the glass half full, half empty, empty or always full?

Let's take the example of the empty shelves in the fridge. If you see the shelves as empty it is empty and will remain so. You see everything exists as ideas but you might not necessarily know they are present if you expect to perceive them through your senses. You have to see them first in their true spirit forms. Some might see the ideas as particles of light. So you have to see, hear, feel, whatever you feel you lack as light first before it can appear in form.

That doesn't mean it has to necessarily take time for ideas as light to become light form that is discernible by the senses. It could be instant. However, if you are only used to what you can sense which appears to the senses as empty space, this is what registers in your inner state. In other words, when you look in your fridge and think that your fridge is empty and know only emptiness, you're actually saying that the particles of light are empty space, thus you end up having more empty space in your fridge and your purse.

Or you could open your fridge and see the fridge filled with food though in your inner vision you might perceive only light. And then you look forward to light becoming visible that is discernible by the senses.

To sum up, you must see within first before you can experience that seeing without. For what is within already exists without, it's a matter of allowing it to appear through trusting in what is.

Love and Light,

The Spiritual Paradox; To Be or Not To Be?

"To be, or not to be: that is the question." William Shakespeare
"Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better." Emile Coue
It's wonderful to feel oneness with all, knowing that there is only One having life. You experience synchronicities all over the place. But there is something I've observed, a paradox that is the crux of my experience of spirituality.

On the one hand, in order to experience life, we have to ascribe meanings and labels to forms. We identify ourselves as people with names and possessions, families, friends, occupations and interests. It is the very labelling that keeps one limited to forms.

On the other hand, spirituality for me is the practice of letting go of all labels and concepts, realising that I am no concept, label or thing. I like to see the spiritual path as the art of "getting better and better" at letting go of concepts and ideas, knowing that I am no-thing.

Now the challenge is the very act of experiencing life means you have to ascribe labels to things. For instance, here I am trying to transmute ideas from silence into words. Writing is an act of choosing various concepts to express an idea. The very act of choosing is limiting the unlimited. How to get round this problem of wanting to experience concepts and ideas on the one hand, and not wanting to experience concepts on the other?

To have or not to have? To be or not to be? Here lies the paradox.

One can experience life without judgment. While I practise non-judgment, there is the part of me that is constantly judging. For instance, early this morning my mother's voice woke me up. She was on the phone to the company that provides her satellite viewing. She's had problems with the reception and she wasn't a happy bunny. She sounded as if she was getting angry which felt to me like intense heat on one side of my head. While I was listening from the place of silence with no thoughts, I could still feel this "heat" on my temple. I was curious as to why I was being affected by my mother's conversation.

Reality for me is that there is only One having life, therefore, my mother is also me, though I may not always agree with her take on life. Since all is me, nothing can be against me. How come I had a a headache? Then I realised that it was because of the habit of labelling experiences as good/bad; hot/cold etc. It's the equivalent of looking out of the window, seeing that it appears to be gloomy and then expecting it to feel chilly outside. You dress up for the weather and when you go outside you feel cold. This is part of the human programming.

Now, while I don't feel emotions like anger or fear, I still appear to be affected by other people's emotions which manifest in my body in various ways. For example, disharmony registers as heat. Now imagine being at one with the many different thoughts and emotions people have. Some of these thought-forms might register as discomfort, pain even, in one's body, depending on how one interprets various emotions and thoughts. How to get out of this habit of labelling which occurs at the unconscious level? By going back to basics and judging no experiences as having forms or cause. In other words judge all experiences as being no-thing, i.e. without form or cause. Thus, you feel no thing i.e. neither hot/cold, pain/pleasure etc. Ditto all the senses.

So I start from the premise that all is no-thing which some call the "void," "formlessness" or the "silence." Thus all things, seen and unseen, are of the silence, formless and void. They are neither this nor that. Things are what they are without beginning or end.

How do I continue to let go of experiences? By knowing that I am no-thing and this no-thingness is beginningless and endless. Thus, the human experience is an opportunity to express this "no-thing-ness." Therefore,

I think no-thing i.e. I have no thoughts, the mind is still, empty, and therefore judges no experience which leads to me

Feeling no-thing
Seeing no-thing
Hearing no-thing
Smelling no-thing
Tasting no-thing
Experiencing no-thing.

Let us return to my mother's conversation earlier today. It was brought to awareness for me to let go of the way the human mind ascribes labels to various emotions. I/my mother was given me the opportunity to see the experience as a no-thing. There is therefore much work to be done in relinquishing experiences.

It would seem that what we call time is nothing other than an opportunity to practise letting go of ideas and concepts and being no-thing. To live as a spiritual being is to experience life with detachment; to be and not be at the same time.

Love and Light,

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Being the One - A Metaphor

I believe there is only the One principle, power, love appearing as the seen and unseen. The One is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Let's imagine that it is a jigsaw of a farm with all animals. Every piece is necessary in order for the puzzle to be complete.

Now, the writer called Enocia is the equivalent of a jigsaw piece. For argument's sake, I am a cat. As a cat I am infinite catness and perfectly playing my part in the animal farm jigsaw on the one hand; and on the other hand, I am the whole jigsaw puzzle. Thus every being, great or small, is the One with his or her own unique vantage point of being the One.

Though the One appears in many forms, it is always formless. How can this be? Surely I appear to have a body with arms and legs and exist in time and space. That's not how I see reality. I see everything, seen and unseen as me. Let's say I have a headache. I only have a pain because I am identifying myself as a form in time and space. What if I was to realise that I have infinite bodies? With so many heads, which one exactly is aching? Can the One appearing as the many be a form? Of course not, unless you want to look like a being with many arms and legs like the Buddhist deity, Avalokitesvara, who is usually portayed with a thousand arms. But the One can project an holographic idea of itself to appear as a human, animal, bird, a house, a mountain etc. Just because the One can appear as forms doesn't mean the forms are actual forms. They are formless. This is why, for me, reality is formless. What is appearing as forms are mere dreams and shadows of the One that I Am.

There is only the Formless One and it is me, you, everyone.

Love and Light,

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

So I Don't Get Complacent

"There was something formless and perfect
before the universe was born.
It is serene. Empty.
Solitary. Unchanging.
Infinite. Eternally present.
It is the mother of the universe.
For lack of a better name,
I call it the Tao." Tao Te Ching 25
A while back I had a dream. It felt like I was dreaming and still awake. I saw a purple formless entity that was limitless. The entity reached out with what appeared to be its hand and stroked my face. Its touch felt so real it woke me up. It dawned on me that I was that purple entity. The biggest shock of all was realising I'd forgotten who I was. I went back to sleep and had a dream that I was speaking to a man, who resembled an ex-boyfriend. I told him I was purple. I said no one was going to accept me. He said he didn't care.

I said, "how can you love me when I am purple?"
He said, "I love you forever."

Recently I had a vision where I saw myself as this amorphous purple mass. I was surprised to see the universe outside of me. I came out of the vision. I had the vision three times and each time I saw that everything I know to be forms were outside of me. They had no substance in reality. I felt like I was all alone as this purple mass. This purple mass was very still and very much conscious of all it was.

As I pondered over the vision I realised that reality for me was the purple mass. This mass is consciousness and what I was perceiving outside of me were dream realities that we call the universe. Why not treat the universe like all dreams which dissolve when I wake up? So I dissolved the dreams of the universe into nothing. I am to live in what I believe to be reality, be the purple "Self."

The vision is a reminder that I must never get complacent. Life, for me, is a constant dissolution of what I hold to be true. It doesn't matter how good the words sound, how much someone's truth resonates, it is still a dream. If it can be defined, put into words, felt or heard it is not it. Reality is a no-thing, i.e. it cannot be experienced through the human senses or the human mind. Though I perceive reality as purple, I know it is my way of conceptualising it.

I think no thing
I hear no thing
I feel no thing
I smell no thing
I taste no thing
I think no thing
I experience no thing

I am no thing,

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Are the Brits Deprived?

A cousin I've never met before paid a visit from America recently. While she was here, a friend took her to get a Chinese takeaway meal. As she was used to American super-size portions, she thought the portions were so small they must have got her order wrong. Her friend assured her she'd received the correct order. Portions in British restaurants come in small sizes. No wonder, she said, we all look so skinny.

Are the Brits deprived?

I don't think we are deprived at all, I think restaurant portions are a, but deprived we are not. Hahahaha! There are all these offers cropping up all over the place inviting us to "eat as much as you want" for a fixed price. Hmmm! I wonder if that will encourage Brits to eat more or is the small-portion mentality deeply ingrained in our psyche? Perhaps, people look at the offers and think, what about the poor restaurant owner, how can he afford it? What about the poor animals who have sacrificed their existence for me, how can I expect more? What about my poor stomach that is not used to so much rubbish, I mean nourishment? What about CJD and BSE? Can I stuff myself when millions are starving? Guilt, guilt, guilt! Then you end up with just the one portion and, if you're still hungry, on your way home you stop of at your local curry* house for a takeaway.

I love Britain.

Altogether now...

"Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves: Britons never will be slaves." Rule Britannia
Small or large, enjoy your meal!

Best wishes,
Mad Cow, EJ

* Curry has long since usurped "fish and chips" as Britain's number 1 favourite meal but they still come in small portions.

Disclaimer: Please note that the above views are not necessarily those held by the writer. The writer, therefore, accepts no responsibility for offending any readers. Hehe!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

What's the Rush?

"The Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath." (Luke 6: 5)
Rush, rush, rush! Tick tock, tick tock! Come on, time is money! No time for anything. Come on, let's go.

Slow down, will you? What's the rush?

I'm at the supermarket about to do my mother's grocery shopping. I look at the list. I feel like having a moan at her for putting too many things on the list which is going to make the bags too heavy, but I decide against it. What's the point of complaining? There is only me so if I have any grievance about anything, I'm having it about myself. I'm only going to make myself miserable. Besides, there is no rush. I have all the time in the world. Why? Everyone and everything is me, so no one's going to give me any hassles unless I wish it to be the case. Everything is perfect.

I leisurely pick up everything on the list, pack the bags and wait for my bus. Since I have all the time in the world, no time passes. The bus arrives and takes me to the next station. I usually walk from here, which only takes 10 minutes but I decide to wait for another bus. An empty bus arrives to take me home. On the final leg of the journey, the bags feel light as if the grocery is cooperating with me.

After I have sorted out the shopping, I set off out. I notice a bus I want already at the stop but I'm too far off to catch it. So what if I've missed that me appearing as a bus? There will soon be another me. Sure enough there is. On this bus I speak to a girl, aged about 6 or 7, about travelling on buses. We discuss the bendy-bus, a long tram-like bus that moves like a snake. The girl asks me to imagine what it would be like travelling on a double-decker bendy-bus. We laugh at the thought of both parts moving and where the stairs would be located. I tell her that when I travel on the bendy-bus, I sometimes pretend I'm on a train.
"Because it's fun."
"Imagine if it was a double-decker train!"
"I think some countries already have double-decker trains."
The girl is pensive for a moment then she says, "What if the bendy-bus was half loaf of bread and half bus?"

The girl's mother tell her she's being silly but I think it's a question worth considering.

"I would eat the part of it that was bread," I say laughing.
"Yeah I can eat their fingers," she says.

Alas, I've arrived at my bus stop and have to say goodbye to this me. What a laugh we've had about buses. I wonder if the "half bus and half bread" model will ever catch on? Hehehe!

When I see everything as me there is no need to fret. Every moment is an opportunity to experience myself. This means I have all the time in the world to be me.

Tick tock, tick tock! Aw shut up!

Ooops! Sorry! All time is me, right?

It's OK time, I'll get to you/me in a minute.


See the poem Leisure by W.H. Davies

Different Approaches to Problems

Optimist: "A problem shared is a problem halved."

Pessimist: "A problem shared gives me a headache."

A student on the path: "Thank you for sharing your problem. I can learn from your problem."

Metaphysicist: "Problem, what problem? It's all in your imagination."

One who is awake: Hehehe, hahaha, hehehe!


Have a lovely day,

Friday, April 08, 2005

Only One Exists - 2

It seems to me that we've been given two choices. You can either go off and explore the infinite aspects of your being which could take forever. Or you could choose to explore the infinite aspects of all there is. To put it another way, you can either explore your individuality as Source appearing as whoever you are in form, or you could explore the totality of Source that is in all. If you opt for the latter you are the One appearing as all forms in manifestation as well as the infinite unmanifest.

It was a conflict within me when my individual self was fearful of losing herself and her experiences. Little did I know that to lose was to gain. When one submits to the greater whole that is the One, one gets to demonstrate the power and glory of the One

There is only the One appearing as the many. On one level, we appear to come in different shapes and sizes. Some of us appear to have nothing in common. But is this true? What if you were to see your face on everyone you come across such as the tramp on the park bench, the politician you can't trust, the doctor, the lawyer, the baby in the push chair, the disabled woman in the wheel chair, the old lady, everyone? Would you still treat people differently or would you have compassion because they look like you?

Yesterday, as I waited at the bus stop, it started to rain. I have to confess that, at the human level, I don't much care for rain. But this rain was different; it was me. The drops of water looked like sparkles of diamond. I watched entranced for a few moments, loving myself as rain. Then I fancied experiencing myself as warmth. The bus soon arrived. It was lovely and warm inside.

On the way into town, I pondered over the notion of being alone. Surely this is another illusion? When I think about it from a standpoint of "only one exists," everyone, thing and place is me. How can I be alone when I always have me to keep me company? Granted, I might not always engage in conversations with all of me, but I am always communing in silence with all of me's.

Sitting right beside me was another me passing off as an old lady. She reached out to press the bell but I pressed it for her. She told me she was so glad to be going home as she'd been out all day and was pretty tired. I patted her arm and said she should go home, put her feet up and have a nice cup of tea. In the UK, a cup of tea is always the solution to any problem you've dreamed up. Hahaha! The lady said she was all alone and had no one to talk to. I patted her hand and, in thought, I embraced her and assured her she was never alone. I wished her well as she got off the bus.

As the journey continued, another me, a woman, sat beside me. At one point the bus was caught in a traffic. I noticed another me, a man, heading for the corner of a building. I was curious to see what he/me was up to and realised he/me was having a pee, even though there were lots of people walking by. I chuckled to myself. I told the me beside me on the bus what I had just observed. She said she listened to a radio programme the day before where they discussed the drop in standards. People don't care about their environment and they drop litter, have a pee, and spit with no regard for other people. She said it was disgusting. As the bus drove by she also pointed out the new type of marketing where people line Oxford Street with placards advertising certain businesses. We also talked about people who give out flyers. She said she sometimes feels she has to accept them even though she's not interested in the product. I told her I'd written an article about this called Aggressive Marketing. We had a good laugh about marketing in Oxford Street. Then I said goodbye to this me.

Next, I headed off to a bookshop. I spoke to a me, passing off as a man from Spain. He said reading business books helps him to practise his English which he said has gone down the plughole since he's been working in engineering. His colleagues swear all the time, which hasn't improved his English. (Chuckle). He told me a story about sharing something he'd written with a primary school teacher. She told him his English was up to primary standard. We had a good laugh about that. I assured him his English was way above primary level, at least a lot higher than my knowledge of Spanish. Hehe!

I picked up a book which I found interesting and decided to make some notes. In the meantime, another me, a man, was sitting beside me speaking on his mobile phone. I heard him say he was in the library. When he'd finished his conversation I pointed out to him that he was in fact in a bookshop, not in a library. We had a good laugh about this particular bookshop which is so relaxed you could easily be in a library. We also discussed our mutual interests in spirituality.

I could go on and on about the many people I meet who appear to be so different from me and how we seem to have nothing in common. Yet when we always seem to find a commonality because...they are me. As there is only me,

I always have something to say to myself.

I always get on very well with myself.

I always have time for myself.

If there is only One that is me, does this mean everyone has identical experiences? Yes and no. On one level, a cat is not a dog nor a sheep or a rabbit. However, a cat is a dog is a sheep is a rabbit is me, you, this computer, everything. This is the joy of being the One.

Being the One is being the unlimited Self.

I am the One appearing as the many,

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Impersonal Self

I seem to have two selves. There is the me that is the personal, individualised self, appearing in human form as Enocia. This self is further divided into infinite selves that help me to experience life.

There is the Impersonal Self which unites all selves. When I am the Impersonal Self, I see everyone, thing, experiences as me.

Yesterday, I explored being the Impersonal Self. On the bus there was a man sitting in front. His body is my body, therefore, his hair is my hair. I fancied ruffling my hair. The man raised his human hand and ruffled his hair. He ruffled his hair several times during the journey.

Later, I sat in a building that overlooks the River Thames. I observed myself appearing as the river, boats of various shapes and sizes and, in the distance, I could see myself appearing as different vehicles. My attention was drawn to different me's appearing as a man and a woman smoking outside. In thought, I saw both me's move from one spot to another. I also saw me as the woman doing a twirl. I let the thought go. Soon enough, the man grabbed the woman's arm and led her to the exact spot I thought earlier. They continued smoking and chatting. Just before they left, the woman did a 360 twist, which to me looked like a twirl, so she could dump her cigarette butt in the bin, and they walked off.

This morning on my first bus, just as the bus was about to drive off the me, passing off as the bus driver, spotted another me running for the bus. Come on, I thought, you are keeping us all waiting! The me caught the bus, thanked the driver, and said hello to everyone. Ah, bless! I am feeling guilty for keeping us all waiting.

On another bus the drivers changed shift. Great, my other me's are keeping me waiting. As the driver was leaving the bus, I wished him good day in my thoughts. Just as the new driver was about to drive off, another passenger, me again, ran to catch it. I, the driver, let me, the passenger in. Turned out I knew this woman, we've spoken a few times before. She said hello and wished me a good day. I, the driver, drove me, the bus, to our destination.

It is written in the scriptures:

"And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these." (Mark 12: 29-31)
The Impersonal Self is the Lord that is all in all. When I love others, I do so because it is the only way to live. There is only me.

What I do to another I am doing to myself as there is only me.
When I bless another I am blessing myself as there is only me.
When I curse another I am cursing myself as there is only me.

As the Impersonal Self, love is the only way to be.

I am Self,

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Why am I Having this Human Experience?

Sometimes I have experiences that are so wonderful and so much fun that I feel like holding on to the memory for eternity. I mean, why give up something I love? In the realm of infinity, it is very true that this experience is always there to be relived whenever I choose. Thus, if I want to feel joyful I can either access a moment when I felt immense joy and relive that moment, or be still and know my identity as formless Joy.

Since I am already formless Joy, what's the point of experiences? If I only need to think of Love and feel Love, why bother having loving experiences? What is the purpose of human experiences?

Experiences are the formless in expression. Beauty, for instance, can be expressed in nature, art, in someone's facial expression, in architecture etc. One can feel beauty by admiring an object of beauty or one can be still and be beauty. This still doesn't answer my question. Why do I need to express the formless as this human form when I am the formless Infinite Self?

Experiences are purely for our pleasure. At an appearance level, the human realm appears to be inequitable, what with class divide, poverty etc. But the truth is we are all the same. Each of us is Infinite Source. Since Source is what is true about us, then the human realm is nothing but a drama. Earth has been created for us to have experiences. Whatever one does with one's experiences are purely personal, just like someone can do as they please with a gift.

In every experience, I have two choices.

I can choose to cherish the experience. This is great, but my choice will not change the truth that nothing can be added to or taken away from who I am.

I can choose to surrender the experience and dissolve it into nothingness. This is also great, but my choice will not change the truth that nothing can be added to or taken away from who I am.

The British climber George Mallory was once asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest. His response was "Because it's there."

Why am I having this human experience? Because earth is here and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing with my time.

Love and Light,

Boring! Give Us a Challenge!

A few days ago I watched an episode on television of Star Trek TNG called A Fistful of Datas. The crew are given the rare opportunity of pursuing recreational activities. Worf, the security officer, is bored. He is a man of action. He is also of Klingon origin, a race of people who attack first and ask questions later. His son, Alexander, wants them to spend time in the holodeck. The holodeck is a place where one can act out different fantasies. Alexander has written a programme about the "ancient west," that used to be known as the wild west.

Worf reluctantly accompanies his son to the holodeck where they load the programme on the computer. They find themselves in 19th century South Dakota. Worf is supposed to play the role of the local sheriff, Alexander is his deputy and their colleague Troi is a friend who is there to enjoy the ride. Worf's purpose is to capture the local outlaw who has killed many people. Worf finds the outlaw in a bar, where else? Worf announces he's there to arrest him. With a biff, the criminal is out for the count. Alexander is not impressed. He is bored. He tells his father it needs to be more fun. So they ask the computer to re-run the programme at a much higher difficulty level. Worf and Alexander walk into bar again and find the outlaw. This time, the criminal resists and fights Worf. Even though Worf is able to knock him out, he finds the battle exhilarating. Worf says to Alexander "I can see the appeal of this programme." Usually, no one gets hurt in a holodeck simulation unless there is a problem. Soon, there is a technical fault where Worf is injured and Alexander is captured. Worf and the others are stuck in the programme. To cut a long story short, they manage to get out of the programme.

Speaking of which, the other day I watched a documentary about Prince Harry, second son of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. There were all these experts, mostly journalists, who claim to know how Harry is going to live his life as second heir to the throne. Apparently, Princess Diana said she had produced the heir, Prince William, and the spare, Prince Harry. I guess with every role, you need an understudy, right?

Anyway, the programme discussed Prince Harry's scuffles with journalists and other faux pas. He's meant to be even wealthier, in terms of assets, than Prince William. What's a young lad to do with all that cash? The experts said Prince Harry hasn't got much of a role to play and he has to find one or he'll get bored. Right now, Prince Harry is in the army. The experts believe the experience will give him discipline and keep him out of mischief, plus he'll end up looking good in uniform. When he comes out as an officer, he might want to do some charity work, as is expected of royalty. But there's only so much good work one can do before you explode and say "Sod this for a game of soldiers! I need more challenge!"

Prince Harry's apparent dilemma and Alexander's holodeck simulation remind me a lot of the human experience. We crave perfection. Some of us crave wealth so we won't work so hard and we'll have more time to do what we love. Yeah right! There's only so much holiday, shopping, sunbathing, creative pursuits, charity you can do before you get bored and need more challenge. I believe work adds structure to one's day, even though some of us complain about it. If we could have everything we want, would we really be happy?

Why am I having a human experience? Boredom, that's why. In the beginning it was all perfect. Life in forms was to express formless ideas for eternity. There were no weather changes, everyone was filled with love and peaceful and happy exploring ideas. Then one day someone had an idea.

"Hey God!"
"Yes, my beloved."
"Would you mind if we could make a distinction between one day and the next. One day of eternity seems to last forever."
"I've made everything perfect," God said. "What have you got in mind?"
"Well, you don't mind, do you, if we tweak with creation?"
"Not at all. I've given you freewill. Knock yourself out!"

Man came up with the idea to dream up realities. Man dreamed up days and night. Next, there was the problem with point of reference. A typical conversation went as follows:

"Remember when?"
"Just now or right now?"

So man came up with another brilliant idea. Why not divide the nows into before, now and after? Even better, why not create memory so we have a past, present and a future? How about a yesterday, today and tomorrow? And a here, there and everywhere. Moments were defined as time: from seconds, minutes, hours, days to months and years, not forgetting the seasons.

In the meantime, there were a few Spirit beings who were perfectly happy and refused to follow the masses. They became known as the soothsayers. Soothsayer warned others of the "big sleep" where man would not be able to wake up if they didn't stop dreaming. But humans didn't understand. They went on dreaming.

Soon people started noticing strange bodily mutations. Some people had more skin than flesh. This was the beginning of old age. The soothsayers, who stayed the same, warned man about not taking time seriously but they wouldn't listen. People started getting older and got sick. One day someone's body just packed up. Man was afraid that if this great "curse" continued they will be wiped out for ever. They turned to the soothsayers for help. The soothsayers reminded them that man could call forth new species as they'd been given the power to do so. But they didn't know or couldn't remember how. They cried out for help.

God responded by creating two humans: Adam and Eve. Man couldn't understand how two human could continue the race. The soothsayers were not much help either. Then someone who was into observing nature noticed that after animals had mated, they produced new offsprings after a full moon or so. Could humans do the same? Time to put this to the test. Adam and Eve were used as guinea pigs. At first Adam and Eve were reluctant. They found the idea of sex repugnant but they had a go and they loved it. Eve instantly fell pregnant. After a full moon she gave birth to a beautiful son. They produced many more offsprings. Man's future was assured. Humans could safely get sick, age and die knowing they will be replaced by new humans.

After a few generations of giving birth, women got bored. Giving birth was way too easy. You have sex, you get pregnant, you give birth. Where's the fun in that? They dreamed up complicated ways of getting pregnant. They extended the pregnancy period. There was pain during childbirth. This was the origin of paediatrics and gynaecology.

Man was now deliriously happy. He experimented with emotions. He warred against himself and his neighbours. He lived in fear of his former friends, animals, whom he now hunted as food. He procreated, he worked hard, he lived life to the max. He got sick, he dreamed up new cures, got sick, dreamed up better cures, got sick again, grew old and he died. But life was always an adventure.

As for the soothsayers, they were bored because no one took them seriously. They were locked away in caves because humans thought they were mad. This period marked the birth of mental illness and psychiatry.

After generations of the same old, same old, a few humans got restless. There's got to be more to life than working hard, going to war, and being happy one minute and depressed the next. They searched historical records for answers and discovered that their ancestors prayed to an unknown entity called God. A few people cried out "I am a spiritual being. Get me out of here!"

God heard their prayers and sent prophets to teach them about reality. These prophets reminded mankind that life is already perfect but man dreamed up realities because they were bored. It took man a long time to grasp this truth, which suited the prophets as they would have been bored otherwise. Soon one person remembered who he was. The one became the few and the few became the many. The ones who were awake could now experience life as it was meant to be lived without pain, sickness and suffering.

The rest of humanity were curious to know how a few people could be living the "life of Riley" while they were still struggling. They wanted to know their secret. Awakened humans shared their wisdom. Eventually everyone was awake. Life on earth was peaceful and perfect. There were no sickness, aging or death. This lasted for a thousand years.

One day someone got restless. He was bored. He needed a challenge, something to get him out of this complacency of always being happy. The one became the few and the few became the many. They wanted more out of life. They cried out to God; "I am a spiritual being, get me out of here!" Some humans reminded them of what life was like when people lived in fear and anger. But they wouldn't listen, they got angry. "Who are you to tell us how to live?" They were glad to be able to experience rage again. They were alive. Soon there was a critical mass of people who wished to lead adventurous lives. They broke away from the boring spiritual brigade.

Thus started another cycle of thousands of years of human challenges.

So there you have it. Humans want to have it all but when they have it all they need a challenge.

If you'll excuse me I'm off to seek out new adventures.

Love and Light,
Enocia, The Adventurer

Monday, April 04, 2005

On Channelling

Two days ago, I met a guy on the bus. The experience inspired me to write an article the next day called Personal Power is Relinquishing all Responsibility. Later while I was in town, an ice cream van was brought to my attention. Did I fancy one? No. I let it pass. I decided to buy a sandwich. I noticed a tub of Banoffee pie and was very tempted but I didn't fancy it. After I had paid for my sandwich, I found two 5 pence pieces on the floor. They reminded me of my friend who I tease about finding pennies. I call him the 5p millionnaire.

This morning when I checked my email, there was one from the same friend. He had read yesterday's article which I had forwarded to him. He wrote:

"So... busy being a man magnet again huh? Doesn’t surprise me... warmth, charm, brains and sex appeal, you're going to have men buzzing round you like flies to... ice cream."
Aha! That's why I was drawn to the ice cream van. I had been channelling my friend's email.

The popular idea of channelling is someone who makes himself available so that he can channel truth, spiritual teachings or ideas. Someone goes into a trance and channels lots of nice ideas from entities known or unknown and you get excited about this. The truth is we are channelling each other all the time, we just call them by different names.

I believe Source has given us an easy way to experience life. I mean, who has the time to experience everything? But there is a way one can live vicariously through another. This process is what I call channelling. Do you ever wonder why televisions have channels? Each channel gives the viewer the opportunity to experience different realities.

You want to engage in some titillation and have no one to play with? Watch an erotic channel.

You want to experience how people get on (or not) when a camera is pointed at them? Watch a reality TV show.

You want to be told how to live your life? Watch a religious channel.

You want to listen to modern fairytales? Watch the news. Only kidding...or am I?

Etc etc.

I believe there are many types of channelling. Here are a few examples.

When I have thoughts and words and read the identical words in someone's email, a book or a website, it is usually referred to as telepathy. I call it channelling.

When I have insights about events to come, it is usually referred to as clairvoyance. I call it channelling.

When I feel another's pain as my own, it is usually referred to as empathy. I call it channelling.

When I am in total harmony or oneness with another, it is usually referred to as love or rapport. I call it channelling.

When another's experience has such a huge impact that I apply that truth to my life, it is referred to as inspiration. I call it channelling.

When I am communing with All There Is, it is usually referred to as meditation or being in inner silence. I call it channelling.

The list is endless.

I love humour. When I fancy having a laugh I either channel humour direct from Source and receive funny ideas, or I channel people around me. Last night while waiting for a bus, a boy bumped into me. "Look where you're going!" his mother shouted at him as her handbag bashed my arm. Don't mind me! Haha!

Earlier today on the bus, a man got on with his two young children. The bus driver drove off before they could sit down. Their father was furious. He confronted the driver, accusing him of not caring about his passengers. He said his kids could have been injured. It never occurred to the man that speaking to the driver while he's driving is encouraging him to put his passengers at risk. The man said he didn't like the driver's attitude and wanted to have a fight. Here you have a man who loves his kids so much he will get into a fight to protect them. This is classic humour; and you won't find it on any comedy sketch. For me, there's nothing funnier than human contradictions, mine included. Hehe!

I sometimes watch shopping channels. I'm amazed how many different exercise gadgets there are. I've noticed an exercise machine called Vector! No kidding! I get knackered watching men and women flex their muscles. Here's an idea. If you want the physique of a body builder and can't be bothered to do the workout, why not channel the physique? Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former actor and current mayor of California, has a wonderful physique. Why not channel his physique and watch your body transform into the body you've always dreamed of? Who knows, you might end up starring in the movie Terminator 4. If you prefer to kill yourself at the gym, at least channelling will inspire you to attend the gym more often instead of wasting your membership fee.

After I came from the Internet cafe yesterday, I felt some tightness around my thighs, as if I'd been working out. I instantly channelled radiant health back knowing that Health was my legs. I forgot about it and I was back to normal.

I am only beginning to realise the infinite potential of channelling. It makes life so much easier. You can channel attributes you wish to express like joy, peace, love, or aspects of people you admire. Maybe I should channel Bill Gates' bank account without the hard work or hassle. Hahaha!

I have observed that while there are various types of channelling, people use two methods: conscious and unconscious channelling. Most people channel at an unconscious level. When you have a thought about something or wish to experience something and you get ideas, this is channelling at an unconscious level. To channel at a conscious level is to feel your body or personality as the conduit for whatever you want to experience. When I consciously channel, I see whatever I wish to experience as light pouring through my crown chakra. That's all there is to it.

I believe there is an ultimate purpose for channelling. I'll let part of a dear friend's email explain:

"One time in prayer I asked the Father. "What is heaven like?" An answer came, "My heaven is being with you." That just knocked my socks off, so to speak! God enjoys being all of us just as we are and as we are all together. Not so easy to get our finite minds around that!"
What better way for Source to experience Self than channelling all of life's infinite expressions?

Everyone should channel. It's a shortcut to experience life in its many forms; it makes life a lot simpler; and it's a lot of fun.

Channelling Love and Light,

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Personal Power is Relinquishing all Responsibility

"Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." (1 John 4: 4)
I have to say I've done the rounds. I've tried awakening your inner power, creating your destiny etc, and where did that get me? I won't bore anyone with unnecessary details. I'm now living in a paradigm of trusting in Self. This means relinquishing responsibility over all areas of my life to the Infinite Self. That was scary at first. Me, the biggest control freak going, having to surrender and let God. Pah! Pah! I don't have much of a choice, really. There is no other choice for me.

One day the Inner Voice said to me "You do know you can do nothing by yourself, don't you?" Huh! What poppycock! Who cuts my hair? Who dresses me up in the morning? Who brushes my teeth? Who bathes me? Who cooks my meals? (OK I don't cook, but I was trying to make a point, OK). I soon learned what the voice meant. It took a lot of getting used to relying on the only Power there is. It's something I have to remember to do. Then the Voice said that the act of remembering is not my responsibility either. Whoa! You mean you're even taking away the little pleasure I have in life? If I can't fret over nothing, if I can't blame myself, what is the purpose of life?

The biggest bombshell, which broke the little ego I had into smithereens, was when the Voice gave the following insight. Apparently, when I appear to ponder Truth, it is not I, Enocia, pondering Truth but Truth pondering me. That's it! I'm off for a long sulk!

OK, I'm back.

In a previous article, Putting the Under-Utilised Workers to Work, I said I have infinite selves responsible for all areas of my lives. These selves exist outside time/space and forever being different aspects of Self. I find the paradigm of surrendering all to Self takes a lot of getting used to. It's like emigrating to a new country but still carrying the old habits of the old country, which I can relate to. I lived in London from a baby to aged four, then we moved to Sierra Leone. I returned to England when I was sixteen. While I was mentally prepared to live in London, it took a lot of adjustment to get used to the new pace, language and culture. To get into the new culture I had to give up the old. Saying that, I know many people who are living in the UK but they might as well be living back in their old country. They eat the same food, speak the same language, and have the same friends; the only difference is they work and live in the UK. Everyone to their own. For me it was important to totally immerse myself in the new way of life.

The paradigm of surrendering to Self is pretty similar to my experiences in London. While I am already at one with Self, I still have some old habits like always trying to do things for myself. But now I've been told that I don't even need to worry about the habits as the Self takes care of everything. I only need to relax and enjoy the scenery. Sounds good to me.

Let's take an example of surrendering to the self that is harmony. When I studied personal development, we were taught how to get on with anyone by learning to speak their language, read an individual's body language etc. In the paradigm where everything is done for you, you don't have to worry about rapport. You do nothing and trust in the self that is harmony.

Last night while travelling on the bus, a young man got on. He asked a guy to move over so he could sit beside him. I had a thought that he didn't like that seat. Me and my big "mouth!" The next thing I knew he had swapped seat and right beside me. It was as if we'd known each other for ages, which of course we do. He launched into a description of his day. He met his mother whom he hadn't seen for a while. He said it was quite stressful but he was glad they met. I asked him whether he planned to see her again. He said she was off to Australia; he was raised in Australia and been living in the UK for some time. Funny, he reminded me of an ex-boyfriend who was also Australian. He told me about his love for sports and his desire to be a sports trainer. We discussed a sports competition for celebrities that was currently on television. I asked him why he'd swapped seats. He said he didn't like that seat, he liked sitting at the back. When a seat further back became available he asked whether we could sit there. I told him there wasn't much point as the bus was terminating at the next stop. He said it was a shame it was getting too late as he would have liked to take me out for a drink. I said it was a damn shame. Yeah right! Well he wasn't really my type. We exchanged hugs. I offered my cheek for a peck but he planted a smacker on my lips. He whispered in my ear "You're soooo sexy!" Blimey! I was only being a good listener. And I was only wearing jeans and a hoodie.

Did I plan for the experience on the bus to happen? No way. I was just going about my business, getting a bus to one station so I could catch another; while the harmonious self was doing what She does best. How people interpret harmony is another matter. I swear if I was into one night stands, I will be "getting me some" all the time. I picked up this expression from the American comedy, Sex and the City. (cheeky grin)

I relinquish responsibility over all areas of my life to Self.

I trust in Self.

This, for me, is real personal power.

Love and Light,