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Monday, April 11, 2005

Are the Brits Deprived?

A cousin I've never met before paid a visit from America recently. While she was here, a friend took her to get a Chinese takeaway meal. As she was used to American super-size portions, she thought the portions were so small they must have got her order wrong. Her friend assured her she'd received the correct order. Portions in British restaurants come in small sizes. No wonder, she said, we all look so skinny.

Are the Brits deprived?

I don't think we are deprived at all, I think restaurant portions are a, but deprived we are not. Hahahaha! There are all these offers cropping up all over the place inviting us to "eat as much as you want" for a fixed price. Hmmm! I wonder if that will encourage Brits to eat more or is the small-portion mentality deeply ingrained in our psyche? Perhaps, people look at the offers and think, what about the poor restaurant owner, how can he afford it? What about the poor animals who have sacrificed their existence for me, how can I expect more? What about my poor stomach that is not used to so much rubbish, I mean nourishment? What about CJD and BSE? Can I stuff myself when millions are starving? Guilt, guilt, guilt! Then you end up with just the one portion and, if you're still hungry, on your way home you stop of at your local curry* house for a takeaway.

I love Britain.

Altogether now...

"Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves: Britons never will be slaves." Rule Britannia
Small or large, enjoy your meal!

Best wishes,
Mad Cow, EJ

* Curry has long since usurped "fish and chips" as Britain's number 1 favourite meal but they still come in small portions.

Disclaimer: Please note that the above views are not necessarily those held by the writer. The writer, therefore, accepts no responsibility for offending any readers. Hehe!